The World Peace Prayer Society
Supports The Fuji Declaration & Soul of WoMen
Celebrating the Second Anniversary of
The Fuji Declaration &
The 13th Annual Symphony of Peace Prayers
May 14th, 2017 ~ Fuji Sanctuary, Japan

Just after dawn on May 14th, Fuji Sanctuary opened its gate to welcome hundreds of people who were already waiting to attend Symphony of Peace Prayers 2017.  Close to 10,000 people walked through those gates that morning from every prefecture in Japan and abroad to attend the outdoor event at the foot of Mt. Fuji to celebrate the oneness of humanity and its cultural diversity, while still more joined through the live internet broadcast.

The Fuji Declaration was honored during Symphony of Peace Prayers as Hiroo and Masami Saionji welcomed all international guests onto stage. Mr. Saionji shared highlights from the Fuji Declaration Tokyo Symposium and introduced each of the 24 guests who shared their impressions.  The participants applauded warmly after each message was delivered by the guests who spoke from their heart in the spirit of the divine spark.  Click Here to Read More.

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WPPS Supports Young People

20th Annual ~ 2017
Peace Pals International
Art Exhibition & Awards

Nature for All ~ Loving the Earth

Inspire Love of Nature by connecting with
and sharing your love of nature.

Contest is Open for Registration
Deadline to Receive Artwork: July 31, 2017

Youth age 5 - 16 are invited to submit their artwork to the 20th Annual 
Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards.