WPS Increases R0070 Reimbursement in 6 States

Due to the advocacy work of APDA and Cornerstone Government Affairs, along with NASL and TridentCare, including multiple meetings with congressional offices and conversations directly with the MAC, WPS recently announced substantial r-code rate increases for all six states in its jurisdiction. This announcement follows the r-code rate modifications announced by Novitas at the end of 2020, which impacted the twelve states in its jurisdictions.
We are encouraged by the continued recognition received by the MACs and CMS of the value our services provide. This recognition is reflected not only in the numerous rate increases, but also in the opportunity to resurvey in states where decreases are proposed. We will continue the ongoing dialogue with Novitas and remain dedicated to advancing similar changes in other regions determined to be a priority by APDA membership

*The Novitas rate increases were immediately effective. The rate decreases, however, are frozen until after the end of the Public Health Emergency, at which time Novitas commits to resurveying the industry prior to instituting additional changes.
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