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APRIL 23, 2018


Thanks for coming back for another week. We hope you enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend, and that the snow has melted away in your region almost entirely.

As always, this week will bring you our weekly Property Taxpayer of the Week, News from the Capitol and around Wisconsin, circulating legislation, your weekly poll responses, and an all new Weekly Member Poll.

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Last week, the legislative session officially adjourned in its entirety, meaning the actual legislative calendar has ended. Now, only a special or extraordinary session of the legislature can be called, which is highly unlikely considering we have already gone through several of those- one on school safety, and another on welfare reform.

Each article below will focus on bills that were signed into law last week, including new laws relating to rental regulations, employer agreements, the sales tax holiday, child tax rebate, and more.

But for now, I want to focus on some of the legislative statistics for this past session, which began in January of 2017. After a member wrote in and asked questions about how many bills are introduced or passed each session, I thought I would take this opportunity to share a bit of that information.

It's easy to get some of the terminology confused, so let's go through a brief recap on some of that.

When a bill is being "circulated," that means it's out for "co-sponsorship" and has been sent around to all of the legislature for an opportunity for lawmakers to sign on and add their name to the proposal.

Once the deadline for that passes, it moves to the Assembly or Senate Chief Clerk's office, where the bill is assigned a bill number. The bill is then sent to the Assembly Speaker or Senate President, and the bill is "introduced" after being sent to a standing legislative committee (e.g. Assembly Committee on Agriculture).

In other words, just because a bill is being circulated through the legislature for "co-sponsorship" does not necessarily mean the bill has been "introduced."

The Senate introduced 1000 proposals and had 124 signed into law. The Assembly introduced 1215 proposals and 193 were signed into law. Senate Republicans introduced 640 proposals, Senate Democrats 350. Assembly Republicans introduced 758 proposals, Assembly Democrats 452.

The reason some of the totals might not line up is because sometimes bills are introduced in a certain chamber that come from a committee, rather than an individual.

In the Assembly, Rep. Joan Ballweg had the most number of bills signed into law, with a total of 13. In the Senate, Sen. Patrick Testin had 12 bills signed into law.

If there is any additional or specific information I can offer on any session information, or on any particular bills or proposals, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at jjacobson@wptonline.org or by calling 608-255-7473.


Governor Walker last week signed into law the child tax credit and sales tax holiday legislation that has seen a legislative back-and-forth for over a year since he first introduced the idea in the State Budget last March. In a surprise move, the governor also used his veto power to extend the sales tax holiday for Wisconsin residents.

Originally slated for two days in August, the back-to-school sales tax holiday for all Wisconsin residents will now last five days from August 1st through August 5th, costing an estimated $14.8 million. In doing so, Walker said he objected to limiting the holiday to only two days.

Now, between those dates, Wisconsin shoppers will be able to purchase sales tax free all clothing that costs less than $75, computers costing $750 or less, and computer accessories that cost no more than $250.

Walker also used his broad veto powers to extend the $100 per child tax rebate to grandparents and legal guardians of children, who will be able to apply for the rebate beginning on May 15th through the Department of Revenue. WPT will provide more information to members as that date approaches.

Legislation designed to protect landlords by narrowing the scope of local government inspection powers was signed into law last week.

The new law says that local unites of government are allowed to inspect rental properties only in certain areas. Among those are "blighted" regions, and also areas with property values on the decline. It can also apply to areas where single-owner homes are being converted into rental properties.

Under the law, if inspectors are unable to find any code violations with the properties, or if prior code violations have been corrected with a month's time, local inspectors are barred from returning to the property for five years. The law also says that local governments cannot inspect rental properties that are less than eight years old, or pass new ordinances based on the way or a building looks aesthetically.

Mere months after being slashed to $500,000 by the state legislature, the popular Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit was increased by Governor Walker last week, as he signed legislation that boosted the amount to $3.5 million.

During the end of the legislative session. lawmakers approved the measure by near-unanimous margins.

The cut from the legislature last year heard a bipartisan cry in the Capitol, arguing that the cut in the tax credit would result in less historic preservation projects around the state, particularly in rural and smaller communities. A coalition formed around boosting the credit amount, and were successful in their efforts.
Under a new law singed by Governor Walker last week, local governments would be barred from passing widespread employment regulations.

The new law would effectively ban local government bodies from setting requirements for benefits, overtime, or minimum wages for government employees. It would also ban them from setting requirements on employment discrimination, and labor peace agreements.

The bill was passed along party lines, with all Republicans in favor, and all Democrats voting against. The local government would instead follow current state standards, which could be amended or enacted by the state legislature.    
A piece of legislation designed to lure young workers to Wisconsin has received the signature of Governor Walker, and in doing so, granted $6.8 million to the advertisement campaign.

The new campaign will attempt to promote Wisconsin to millennials living in the Twin Cities and in the Detroit media markets, in the hopes of convincing them to consider Wisconsin for professional opportunities. With Wisconsin's unemployment rate at an all-time low, the need for filling job openings is growing larger by the day.

According to some sources, the ad campaign was created to highlight amenities in Wisconsin that are attractive to younger workers, such as fun outdoors and less traffic congestion.

Barely, just barely, Wisconsin's milk production in March beat out the numbers from one year earlier, according to the USDA's monthly milk production report. This means that Wisconsin's production has risen 45 out of the last 46 months, according to the Wisconsin Ag Connection's estimations.

Dairy cows produced 2.599 billion pounds last month, with March of 2017 seeing 2.598, a mere fraction of a percent.

Nationally, 17.8 billion pounds of milk were produced in the 23 major dairy states in March, up 1.5 percent from 2017. California came in with the highest at 3.59 billion pounds.

The 23 major dairy states had a total of 8.74 million head, which was up nearly 30,000 from March 2017, with the average number of milk cows in Wisconsin at 1.27 million, down 1,000 from last month and 6,000 less than last year.

Governor Walker signed into law his welfare reform initiative known as "Wisconsin Works for Everyone." After reading the article...
1/3 work,1/3 receive a form of entitlements,1/3 receive earned retirement

Some people have a child with special needs.That may limit their employment opportunities.

welfare shouldn't be a lifestyle, this will help with job skills & getting people back on thier own two feet

About time we sever the umbilical cord for those leeching off the govt

Welfare should not be a career path!

I think its a great idea to get people off welfare

While I know many people who are legitimately in need of assistance... I know far more who simply don't want to work, like having the free everything, and stay home and play games and watch movies all day. And are teaching their children to do the same. THAT is not okay.

Too many people on the dole.

Let's get the freeloaders off their butts and get them working

Marathon County became the first in Wisconsin to pass local sulfide mining ordinances. What are your thoughts?
It puts some power back to local neighbors not distant politicians controlled by lobbyist

I'm not sure what to think. Concerned about losing our ecology. I mean, I like the outdoors... let's not lose it... I hope it's done right.

Let the local people decide, they have to live with it.
Senator Ron Johnson is urging President Trump to rejoin the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which Trump earlier removed American from, and campaigned against. Good idea or bad idea?  
Rejoin & negotiate some changes.

I think its a good idea. trade is very important but it has to be fair

I need more info. Ron Johnson seems to really be fighting for what's good for the US and for Wisconsin.

Trump is cleaning up the past trade imbalances other Presidents have allowed.

redo...and re-join

Agriculture needs TPP.

Rejoin if some changes are made to level the playing field.

We need to export. Joining is ok as long as it is fair and doesn't add to our trade deficit.

Governor Walker signed into law a large youth apprenticeship program for the state. Good idea or bad idea?
helps kids find thier career path - not every kid is college bound, this helps the hands-on kids as well as keeping the trades alive
Its a good idea instead of always saying people need to go to college
The trades are horribly under staffed, and it's getting worse. This was needed in the 90's.
Great idea. Not everyone needs college to make a good living.
We need to have kids acquire skills that are in demand. It beats having them unemployed or underemployed saddled with a ton of college debt.

Most of the state saw a ton of snow over the weekend. Did you get snow?   
North of SunPrairie. 8 inches wet and slippery. Enough already!!

northern Wisconsin, yes, yes, and yes
# Local Cooling!
April (snow) showers bring May flowers, we hope!
Turtle Lake, too much
Snow removal costs for our company are astronomical in an industry with razor-thin margins.
Sheboygan County, 5 inches
I live in western Dane county, 4" to me it seems like a long winter
16-18 inches
Jefferson County, about 6 inches.
It's going to be a late spring for the farmers.
We got about 5 inches and everything is a big mess. I feel sorry for those who got a lot more. Spring will hopefully get here by July or so-Maybe! 

SB-798  Child Tax Rebate (Fitzgerald, Scott) A sales and use tax rebate for certain dependent children and making an appropriation. Partial Veto ( Link) ( Act 367) Walker's partial veto changes the dates for the sales tax holiday from two days to five days, August 1-5, 2018.  The veto message says extending the holiday is estimated to reduce tax collections by an additional $3 million relative to the bills original fiscal estimate of $11.8 million. 

AB-029  Social Worker Licensure (JCRAR) Practice requirement for licensure as a clinical social worker. Signed ( Act 356)

AB-030  Certification Examinations (JCRAR) Examinations for certification or licensure by the Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling, and Social Work Examining Board and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority. Signed ( Act 357)

AB-085  Election Officials (Subeck, Lisa) Allowing a local public official to serve as an election official. Signed ( Act 326)

AB-112  Treatment and Diversion Grants (Legislative Council) Grants for treatment and diversion programs. Signed ( Act 351)

AB-114  Battery of a Tribal Judge (Legislative Council) Battery of a tribal judge, tribal prosecutor, or tribal law enforcement officer and providing criminal penalties. Signed ( Act 352)

AB-120  Legal Notices (Legislative Council) Information required to be included in class 2 and class 3 legal notices. Signed ( Act 353)

AB-332  School Board Candidate Signatures (Thiesfeldt, Jeremy) The signature requirement for nomination of candidates to school board in school districts that contain territory lying within a second class city. Signed ( Act 321)

AB-342  Taking Commercial Vehicle (Spiros, John) Taking, driving, or operating a commercial vehicle without consent and providing criminal penalties. Signed ( Act 287)

AB-355  Child Neglect (Horlacher, Cody) Neglect of a child and providing criminal penalties. Signed ( Act 283)

AB-356  EMS Certificate Renewal (Kremer, Jesse) Licensure or certificate renewal for certain emergency medical services personnel and ambulance service providers. Signed ( Act 350)

AB-469  Enforcing Liens on Stored Personal Property (Barca, Peter) Enforcing liens on personal property stored in self-service storage facilities and units, towing a vehicle of a lessee in default, authorizing the sale of self-service storage limited lines insurance, and providing a penalty. Signed ( Act 325)

AB-477  Large Area School Districts (Mursau, Jeffrey) Supplemental aid for school districts with a large area. Signed ( Act 300)

AB-488  Pupil Assessment Access (Jagler, John) Access to pupil assessments that are required to be administered by school boards, operators of independent charter schools, and private schools participating in a parental choice program and repealing rules related to accessing pupil assessments. Signed ( Act 335)

AB-518  Condo Disclosures (Tusler, Ron) Condominium disclosure materials and payoff statements. Signed ( Act 303)

AB-552  Red Arrow Clubs (Skowronski, Ken) Incorporation of Red Arrow Clubs. Signed ( Act 275)

AB-581  Venue Requirements (Tusler, Ron) Venue requirements for domestic abuse, child abuse, and harassment cases. Signed ( Act 302)

AB-583  Disaster Tax Exemption (Quinn, Romaine) A sale and use tax exemption for electric cooperative services performed during a disaster period by electric cooperatives or telecommunications utilities. Signed ( Act 290)

AB-584  Fees Waiver (Quinn, Romaine) Waiver of certain fees during a declared state of emergency. Signed ( Act 291)

AB-595  Highway Sign Removal (Vorpagel, Tyler) The removal of nonconforming outdoor advertising signs along highways. Signed ( Act 320)

AB-600  Town of Cable TIF (Quinn, Romaine) Allowing the Town of Cable in Bayfield County to create a tax incremental district in the same manner as a city or village. Signed ( Act 292)

AB-601  GPS Contracts (Brooks, Ed) Length of contracts for GPS devices for tracking sex offenders and persons who violated injunctions. Signed ( Act 346)

AB-605  Youth Trapping (Quinn, Romaine) Youth trapping, creating a mentoring trapping license, restrictions on taking or appropriating a trap of its contents, and requirements for tagging traps. Signed ( Act 343)

AB-607  Real Estate Transfers (Ballweg, Joan) Nonprobate transfers of real estate, the transfer of affidavit procedure for small estates, and the payoff amount in a mortgage payoff statement. Signed ( Act 332)

AB-608  Pharmacy Practice (Rohrkaste, Michael) Delegation of the practice of pharmacy and granting rule-making authority. Signed ( Act 293)

AB-617  Business Initiatives Program (Joint Audit) The supervised business initiatives program. Signed ( Act 354)

AB-618  LAB Audits (Joint Audit) Audits performed by the Legislative Audit Bureau. Signed ( Act 355)

AB-626  Apostle Islands Deer Hunt (Meyers, Beth) Establishing an open season for hunting deer with muzzle-loading firearms within the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Signed ( Act 298)

AB-627  Dental Reimbursement Pilot (Bernier, Kathy) Dental reimbursement pilot project in the Medical Assistance program. Signed ( Act 344)

AB-650  Restitution Reports (Novak, Todd) Reports on restitution to crime victims. Signed ( Act 337)

AB-654  Dispatcher Assisted CPR (Pronschinske, Treig) Dispatcher assisted bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation and making an appropriation. Signed ( Act 296)

AB-655  Decision-Making Agreements (Bernier, Kathy) Supported decision-making agreements. Signed ( Act 345)

AB-668  Bike Lights (Tusler, Ron) Modifying rules related to lighting requirements for bicycles and motor bicycles operating on certain trails designated by the Department of Natural Resources. Signed ( Act 301)

AB-678  Emergency Vehicle Obedience (Kleefisch, Joel) Obedience to authorized emergency vehicles operated by law enforcement officers. Signed ( Act 347)

AB-691  Foreclosure Bidders (Katsma, Terry) Eligible bidders at foreclosure sales, eligible purchasers of foreclosed property, and providing a penalty. Signed ( Act 339)

AB-699  Memorial Bridge Marking (Nygren, John) Designating and marking a bridge across the Oconto River in the city of Oconto as the PFC Valentine T. Warrichaiet Memorial Bridge. Signed ( Act 276)

AB-731  Legal Notices (Kitchens, Joel) Qualification of newspapers to receive compensation for publication of legal notice. Signed ( Act 282)

AB-732  Veteran Mental Health Pilot (Felzkowoski, Mary) Pilot program to provide outreach, support, and mental health and substance abuse services for veterans and making an appropriation. Signed ( Act 295)

AB-733  Credential Fee Waivers (Novak, Todd) Fee waivers for certain occupational credentials. Signed ( Act 319)

AB-735  Tax Collection Error Penalty (Loudenbeck, Amy) Creating a penalty applicable to a seller that continues to collect sales tax erroneously on a product after receiving two or more written notices that the product is not taxable; certification of property assessors; use of social security numbers on certain tax documents; electronic delivery of notices by the Department of Revenue; and the responsibility for fees and disbursements in garnishment actions. Signed ( Act 324)

AB-748  Collective Bargaining Preemption (Hutton, Rob) Preventing the state or local governments from requiring any person to accept certain collective bargaining provisions or waive its rights under the National Labor Relations Act or state labor law; prohibiting local regulation of employee hours and overtime, employment benefits, wage claims and collections, an employer's right to solicit salary information of prospective employees, employment discrimination, and professions regulated by the state; and providing a criminal penalty. Signed ( Act 327)

AB-752  Beverage License Applications (Ballweg, Joan) Applications for alcohol beverage licenses and permits and for cigarette and tobacco products retailer licenses, appointment of corporate agents of alcohol beverage licensees and permittee, and providing a penalty. Signed ( Act 289)

AB-754  Weight Limits (Swearingen, Robert) Vehicle weight limits, and permits for vehicles transporting certain loads, on certain state trunk highways in Ashland County and Vilas County. Signed ( Act 299)

AB-766  Physician License Exemption (Neylon, Adam) A licensure exemption for sports medicine physicians licensed outside this state and granting rule-making authority. Signed ( Act 341)

AB-768  Housing Authority Property (Kooyenga, Dale) Tax-exempt property of housing authorities. Signed ( Act 316)

AB-771  Rental Properties (Brooks, Robert) The authority of political subdivisions to regulate rental properties and historic properties and of municipalities to inspect dwellings, public utility service to rental dwelling units, landlord and tenant regulations, fees imposed by a political subdivision, certain levy limit reductions, certain procedural changes in eviction actions, information available on the consolidated court automated Internet site, discrimination in housing against individuals who keep certain animals, falsely claiming an animal to be a service animal, municipal administrative procedure, enforcement of the rental unit energy efficiency program, and providing penalties. Signed ( Act 317)

AB-774  Milwaukee Sewerage District (Sanfelippo, Joe) The charges, rules, and practices of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Signed ( Act 312)

AB-789  Waste Facility Exemptions (Tittl, Paul) Exempting certain facilities from solid waste facility regulations. Signed ( Act 284)

AB-804  Merit Scholarships (August, Tyler) Merit scholarships for certain University of Wisconsin System students and making an appropriation. Signed ( Act 314)

AB-805  College Credit in High School (Kooyenga, Dale) Excluding certain college credit in high school programs from the Early College Credit Program. Signed ( Act 307)

AB-809  WHEDA Programs (Loudenbeck, Amy) Notes, bonds, and economic development programs of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, homeownership mortgage loans used to refinance existing mortgages, and uses of the housing rehabilitation loan fund. Signed ( Act 277)

AB-811  Talent Attraction (Rohrkaste, Michael) Talent attraction and retention initiatives and making an appropriation. Signed ( Act 318)

AB-812  Real Estate Reports (Horlacher, Cody) Real estate disclosure reports, the written reports of home inspectors, and providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures. Signed ( Act 338)

AB-818  Condo Law Changes (Ballweg, Joan) Various changes to condominium law and rights related to first mortgage security interests in condominium units. Signed ( Act 333)

AB-819  Individuals with Disabilities Employment (Macco, John) Employment of individuals with disabilities enrolled in long-term care programs and making an appropriation. Signed ( Act 323)

AB-822  Financial Institution Reforms (Katsma, Terry) Confidentiality of financial institution information maintained by the Department of Financial Institutions; periodic examinations of financial institutions; savings bank loan limitations; interest on residential mortgage loan escrow accounts; capital of state banks; security provided by public depositories; insurance company liquidation proceedings; and modifying an administrative rule of the Department of Workforce Development related to an exemption from overtime pay requirements for outside salespersons. Signed ( Act 340)

AB-829  License Discrimination (Petryk, Warren) Discrimination based on arrest or conviction record under the fair employment law. Signed ( Act 278)

AB-834  Chiro Exam Scores (Kooyenga, Dale) The score required for successful completion of chiropractic examinations. Signed ( Act 288)

AB-837  Funeral Director Apprenticeships (VanderMeer, Nancy) Funeral director apprenticeships. Signed ( Act 304)

AB-838  Board of Review Changes (Law Revision Committee) Changes to board of review proceedings and elimination of the property tax assessment freeze (suggested as remedial legislation by the Department of Revenue). Signed ( Act 358)

AB-839  Indigency Determinations (Law Revision Committee) The determination of indigency prior to the state public defender appointing an attorney to represent a parent in a proceeding under chapters 48 and 938, the description of defendant indigency for public defender fees, and recusal from juvenile justice proceedings (suggested as remedial legislation by the State Public Defender). Signed ( Act 359)

AB-840  Municipal Boundary Information (Law Revision Committee) Municipal boundary information (suggested as remedial legislation by the Legislative Technology Services Bureau). Signed ( Act 360)

AB-841  Bingo and Raffles (Law Revision Committee) Various changes to bingo and raffles (suggested as remedial legislation by the Department of Administration). Signed ( Act 361)

AB-842  WRS Changes (Law Revision Committee) Various changes to the Wisconsin Retirement System, cancelling coverage under the Wisconsin Public Employers Group Life Insurance Program, and income continuation insurance premiums for certain teachers employed by the University of Wisconsin System (suggested as remedial legislation by the Department of Employee Trust Funds). Signed ( Act 362)

AB-844  Highway Money Distribution (Law Revision Committee) Planning for certain federal highway money distribution transfers; correcting a cross-reference related to penalties for drunk driving; penalties for violations of motor vehicle mileage disclosure requirements; certain references to obsolete federal motor carrier law; and providing a criminal penalty (suggested as remedial legislation by the Department of Transportation). Signed ( Act 363)

AB-845  Correction Bill (Law Revision Committee) Revising various provisions of the statutes for the purpose of making corrections and reconciling conflicts (Correction Bill). Signed ( Act 364)

AB-846  Correction Bill (Law Revision Committee) Revising various provisions of the statutes for the purpose of making corrections and reconciling conflicts (Correction Bill). Signed ( Act 365)

AB-847  Correction Bill (Law Revision Committee) Revising various provisions of the statutes for the purpose of making corrections and reconciling conflicts (Correction Bill). Signed ( Act 366)

AB-855  Drone Regulation (Schraa, Michael) The operation and regulation of unmanned aircraft and providing a penalty. Signed ( Act 322)

AB-871  Medical Assistance (Rodriguez, Jessie) Intensive care coordination program in the Medical Assistance program. Signed ( Act 279)

AB-872  Career and Tech Ed Grants (Loudenbeck, Amy) Career and technical education incentive grants for school districts and completion awards for pupils and making an appropriation. Signed ( Act 336)

AB-876  Eye Drop Refills (Jagler, John) Coverage of prescription eye drop refills. Signed ( Act 305)

AB-877  OCI Disclosures (Duchow, Cindi) Disclosures to the commissioner of insurance and other changes to the insurance laws, extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures, providing an exemption from emergency rule-making procedures, and granting rule-making authority. Signed ( Act 313)

AB-882  Nonmoving Violation Vehicle Removal (Spiros, John) The immobilization or removal, impoundment, and disposal of motor vehicles for multiple nonmoving traffic violations. Signed ( Act 286)

AB-898  Vital Records (Ballweg, Joan) Changes to vital records references and procedures. Signed ( Act 334)

AB-902  DSPS Authority (Ballweg, Joan) Wholesale distributors subject to Pharmacy Examining Board requirements and enforcement and disciplinary authority of the Department of Safety and Professional Services and attached boards and credentialing boards. Signed ( Act 328)

AB-903  DSPS Statute Changes (Ballweg, Joan) Various changes to statutes administered by the Department of Safety and Professional Services and attached credentialing boards. Signed ( Act 329)

AB-904  Commercial Building Code (Ballweg, Joan) Commercial building code administration; county authority regarding certain buildings and safety requirements; carbon monoxide detection in commercial residential buildings; examination requirements for marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, and social work credentials; social worker training certificate term; and granting rule-making authority. Signed ( Act 330)

AB-905  DSPS Statutes Changes (Ballweg, Joan) Various changes to statutes Administered by the Department of Safety and Professional Services and attached credentialing boards and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority. Signed ( Act 331)

AB-911  Fox River Commission Funding (Wichgers, Chuck) Funding for the Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission and making an appropriation. Signed ( Act 348)

AB-913  Bowfishing Catfish (Pronschinske, Treig) Taking rough fish or catfish by hand or with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Signed ( Act 297)

AB-917  Telecommuter Forward (Quinn, Romaine) Telecommuter Forward! community certification and creating a Telecommuter Forward! council. Signed ( Act 342)

AB-926  Shoreline Maintenance (Nygren, John) Shoreline maintenance in outlying waters. Signed ( Act 281)

AB-941  Steel Slag (Tittl, Paul) Iron or steel slag managed as an item of value. Signed ( Act 285)

AB-952  TID 1 and 4 Caledonia Village (Weatherston, Thomas) Lengthening the time during which tax increments may be allocated and expenditures for project costs may be made and extending the maximum life for Tax Incremental Districts Number One and Four in the village of Caledonia. Signed ( Act 349)

SB-052  Custody Sanction Time Limit (Vukmir, Leah) Time limit on a restrictive custody sanction under the Serious Juvenile Offender Program. Signed ( Act 308)

SB-055  Crimes Subject to Mandatory Minimum (Vukmir, Leah) Crimes subject to a mandatory minimum sentence. Signed ( Act 309)

SB-056  Mandatory Minimum Firearm Possession (Vukmir, Leah) Mandatory minimum incarceration period following illegal possession of a firearm. Signed ( Act 310)

SB-058  Carjacking Offenses (Vukmir, Leah) Carjacking offenses and providing criminal penalties. Signed ( Act 311)

SB-381  Complex Rehab Tech (Vukmir, Leah) Complex rehabilitation technology for complex needs patients in the Medical Assistance program and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority. Signed ( Act 306)

SB-483  Robotics League Grants (Nass, Stephen) Robotics league participation grants. Signed ( Act 315)

SB-668  Historic Rehab Tax Credit (Darling, Alberta) The limit on tax credits that may be certified under the historic rehabilitation tax credit. Signed ( Act 280)

SB-695  Vehicle Following Distance (Petrowski, Jerry) Distances between motor vehicles. Signed ( Act 294)

AB-943  Reemployment Rights (Skowronski, Ken) Reemployment rights, death benefits, and continuation pay benefits of national guard and state defense force members on state active duty and making an appropriation. Signed ( Act 274)

No bills to report.