MARCH 2021
From The Director
Planning Needs in the Upcoming Return to Something Like Normal
With the promise of a return to something like normal with the vaccination of the population, what are your planning priorities? We’d like to know so we can think ahead about how we can be of help. The extent to which town planning commissions have continued work through the pandemic has been inspiring! But we also know that some work has been deferred until face-to-face meetings can resume. Planning needs may have also evolved. Innovation in the provision of commercial services, including outdoor dining and sales space, may prompt revisiting of zoning bylaws. Changes in the real estate market, and related changes in ownership of property, may result in new subdivision and development demands. You may be exploring how to return to face-to-face meetings while also retaining and improving your capacity to include robust remote participation (the WRC will be addressing this within our operations). And you might be exploring means by which to make your planning processes and plans more inclusive, equitable, and just (the WRC will be addressing this within our operations as well).

Soon we’ll be reaching out to you with a simple survey to ask what you think you’ll be working on in the months and year to come, and what help you might need. Chances are some shared interests and needs will emerge that will inform the creation of peer groups and discussion forums that we can organize. We’re always happy to work with towns individually, but we also find value in peer-to-peer engagement to learn from one another and to create a stronger sense of community among planning commissions and their members within the region. That need may be greater than ever.
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