Flagship: Florida Medical schools expand an online journal to help their faculty, residents and students publish. 
Deborah DeWaay, MD, FACP
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
Associate Professor, Medical Education & Internal Medicine
USF Health, Morsani College of Medicine

Have you ever been frustrated because you had to submit an article multiple times to have it accepted for publication? Have you ever been frustrated at the cost to publish in some journals? The seven Florida Medical Schools have come together to address these challenges. USF Morsani College of Medicine and five others have joined with the University of Central Florida College of Medicine’s online journal, Flagship: Medical Scholarly Proceedings,  published by Cureus, and a project of the Undergraduate Medical Education Working Group, the latter sponsored by the Florida Council of Medical School Deans. The Undergraduate Medical Education Working Group is comprised of representatives of all participating Florida Medical Schools which oversee the peer-review process for publishing in this Journal.
Likewise, if you plan a poster presentation, especially at a USF academic event, it too can be published. However, posters are not peer-reviewed, nor are they PubMed searchable. A web link is provided so that the poster can be cited on your curriculum vitae. 
Flagship is PubMed searchable with no publishing fees. The turnaround time is minimal. Since Flagship is online, there are no major space limitations. Publication is based on the quality of the scientific article submitted.    
In summary, Flagship is a wonderful innovation for medical students, residents, and faculty to collaborate on a variety of different kinds of scientific publications. Flagship and its editorial staff are looking forward to receiving manuscripts to consider for publication. Please visit: www.cureus.com/channels/flagship. Thank you!