July 27, 2021
Our dedication was a success!
On Sunday morning July 25th, over 110 people gathered at the new permanent home and first synagogue of the WRJC. 

Organized by co-chairwomen Judith Meyer and Gail Stern, WRJC members, friends, and community supporters had the chance to see the space at 95 Badeyana, in Elkhorn Village, where our new home will be.

The morning began with breakfast and conversation and a brief welcome and introduction from present Sue Green and Building Co-Chairs Jeff Rose and Marty Lyon. Lyon, who is spearheading the project's construction phase, told the story of how the building came to be. Rose, who is leading fundraising efforts, thanked all the donors and specifically thanked Founding Benefactors Ken Lewis and Joyce Hart. The building will be named "The Lewis Family Building" and Ken has offered to share those naming rights with other Benefactor Donors.

Rabbi Robbi lead us in special prayers of gratefulness and wrote a new song,:“We’re Going to Build God’s House,' in honor of this occasion.  

Also present were the Patron Donors Judith Teller Kaye and David Kaye and the
family of Naomi Fine Sloan, who donated the funding to name the sanctuary in
honor of their mother and family. And at the event, Marshall and Judith Meyer
increased their donation to the Patron donor level. Also, new WRJC members Andy Fradkin and Jill Grossman committed to giving at the Leader Donor level.

Thank you to all you attended and are donating to support this cause. If you would like to increase your donation with 2021 giving or are a new donor, please get in touch with Jeff Rose or Marty Lyon for additional information or DONATE ON LINE.


5:00 Greeting of old friends and new
5:30 Shabbat Service & Blessings
6:00 Dinner is served!

Free to members with a suggested donation of $25. 
BBQ Dinner and drinks will be provided
Please bring your favorite dessert for 8 people

Sponsorship available:
Maître D: $500 Chef: $250  Cook: $100  Server: $50 Dinner: $25
Event Chair: Juli Roos
Torah Study will resume on Wednesday, August 4 at 7:00 PM at the office. Join this lively discussion on Parasha Re’eh, where God gives the Israelite people the choice between blessings and curses.
The Jewish Bike Brigade
on Wednesday 7/28 

Let’s explore Greenhorn Gulch. Meet at Gimlet Rd and the bike path at 9:30am.

Come ride with us!
Marshall (meyer@upenn.edu) 
There is great Jewish content in podcasts that transcend the spectrum of religion, culture and Israel. We will be offering podcast ideas from time to time, with the following from the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem as a great place to start!

"What I love most about about Zionism is the recognition that we as a people, coming home, is only the beginning of the process."
Donniel Hartman
No. 28: Land of Contradictions: Navigating the Arab-Israeli/Jewish-Israeli Divide 

How can we understand a country that one moment finds itself at war with Hamas and the next week forms a coalition government with an Arab Islamist party? On the For Heaven's Sake podcast, Donniel Hartman, Yossi Klein Halevi, and Elana Stein Hain explore what it means to live in a country of contradictions, and the role religion can play in healing deep wounds. 

No. 62 What is Foundational Judaism, and How Do We Teach It?

 How would you explain the foundations of Judaism?
Elana Stein Hain joins host Yehuda Kurtzer on the Identity/Crisis podcast to explore that complicated question and introduce a sophisticated yet accessible new curriculum from the Shalom Hartman Institute, Foundations for a Thoughtful Judaism, including a sample podcast featuring Sara Labaton and Tomer Persico discussing the role of Jewish practice. “

Ekev (“Because”)
Deuteronomy 7:12–11:25

Moses tells the anxious Israelite people waiting to cross the Jordan River that the land ahead of them is filled with milk and honey and to remember that was God who brought them here. As long as they don’t take credit for the miracles God gave them, and obey God’s Commandments, they will prosper in the land.

Moses says to the people: “circumsize the foreskin of your hearts.” What might he have meant by this? All of us have an inclination to be protective – to close ourselves off from the world. Perhaps Moses was referring to this inclination. Sometimes we don’t want to expose ourselves to others. We meet people and want to keep it on a shallow level. Or we start to get close to someone, but fear getting hurt. We harden our hearts to strangers: the new person in our community, or someone that looks different than we do. And we also do it to those that we love – we fight the hardest with the people we care about the most. But, the deepest relationships happen when we show people the real us, even though it means being vulnerable. We all have deep spiritual potential inside of us - all we have to do is find the place of doubt within our hearts and work on cutting it away.

Rabbi Robbi
Ron and Susan Green
Paul Wolff and Rhea Schwartz
Bunker and Larry Frank
Alan Freedman
Laurie Moser and Steward Barmen
Richard and Kathleen Capalbo

Stuart and Toni Holden

Penny Leopold in honor of Claudie Goldstein
Penny Leopold in honor of Steve and Amy Kroll's new granddaughter
Elaine Caplow in memory of Elliott Caplow
Al and Brenda Hackel in memory of Chaster Pinckard

Judy and Marshall Meyer
Jill Grossman
Robert Rand
George Shapiro and Ray Ann Kremer
Etienne and Judy Blumberg in memory of Topper Blumberg
Ron Frankel and Marissa Levin
Alvin Block
Marty and Leslie Kaplan
Matt Alban, Son of Susan Alban
Sonya Baker
Beth Clement, Mother-in-Law of Sanford Bernbaum
Reba Cohen, Mother of Leonard Cohen
Mollie Cooper, Mother of Jay Cooper
Ruth E. Taylor, Mother of Judy Firtel
Florence Green, Mother of Ronald Green
Charles Samuel Hall, Father of Darryl Hall
Board of Directors 2020-2021
Josh Kleinman, Co-President
Susan Green, Co-President
Jeff Rose, Vice-President
Dana Berntson, Co-Vice President
Noa Ries, Co-Vice President
Judy Teller Kaye, Treasurer
Coni Foster, Secretary
Linda Cooper
Phil Goldstein
Ron Greenspan
Amy Kroll
Marshall Meyer
Juli Roos
Bob Safron
Rabbi Robbi Sherwin
Claudie Goldstein, Executive Director