"The Wood River Jewish Community is a gathering place that strives to perpetuate Jewish tradition through worship, fellowship and learning. Founded in 1976, we seek to provide a welcoming and caring community in the Wood River Valley."

Join us as we begin our Summer Season Services with congratulations and blessings for our two B’nai Mitzvah this weekend,
Sofia Delgado and Jack Margolin,
who will both participate in the service.

Oneg to follow

Parents/grandparents and students all ages, please join us for a family friendly game and fun and celebrate the end of the year and meet everyone in person, followed by a nosh and schmooze!

on Claudie's lawn in Eastfork
(Please call Dana for directions: 208-720-7595)
Sh’lach Lecha (Send for Yourself) Num. 13:1-15:31

Moses sends out 12 spies to check out the land before them, and they come back with frightening stories of giants that scare the Israelite people. Only two of the spies, who are to later lead the Israelites through the promised land, Joshua and Caleb, agree the land can be taken. The Israelites weep, get angry at Moses and Aaron, and declare that they will head back to Egypt and slavery rather than continue into danger. God expresses his anger to Moses and Aaron against this wicked community, and the 10 spies who spread exaggerations about the land die of plague. And God, unhappy that these again stubborn people whom he freed from bondage are losing faith in Him, decrees that Israel’s entry into the Land shall be delayed forty years, during which time that entire generation will die out in the desert. Let the 40 years of wandering ensue.

God is not a happy Deity when the Israelites lose faith. Many times over in the Torah, God punishes God’s children for acting like children. When we complain in the desert after we have eaten all the food we brought with us from Egypt, God gives us manna from heaven, but we are not grateful because we miss the fruits and vegetables of Egypt. When we grow impatient with Moses not returning from Mt. Sinai, we build a golden calf, and God kills all that were involved. We have a fraught relationship with God. The Eternal is our God and we are The Eternal’s people, but we disappoint in so many ways. Joshua began the Jews’ conquest of the land, but our possession of Israel has always been framed in terms of a moral trust: Israel would keep the land only so long as the nation kept faith with God. Only a righteous Israel was entitled to inhabit the land, because it was God’s and was itself holy.

Rabbi Robbi

NOTE: Happy to be back in the Valley for the week! Looking forward to dinner, coffee and walks – contact me at rabbirobbi@wrjc.org and let’s find some time to catch up. I will be here through June 7. 
Patrons of the Month June
Bob and Lynda Safron
Sun Valley Jewish Film Festival
Joel Klein
David Kaye and Judy Teller Kaye
Bob and Lynda Safron
Jay and Linda Cooper
Paul Wolff and Rhea Schwartz wishing Ron Green a good recovery
Fred and Eileen Prager wishing Ron Green a good recovery
Woody and Margery Friedlander wishing Ron Green a good recovery
Norm and Penny Leopold
Jay and Debra Platt
Lee and Joan Belshin
Melinda Lebowitz
Garry and Connie Hoffman
Jack and Debra Levin
Joyce Marcus
Lew and Barbara Brown
Ken and Vonnie Molkner
Josh and Rowena Kleinman
Mina Solomon
Glen and Vicki Shapiro
Flora Mason
Myra Friedman
Stan and Harriet Joseph
Coni Foster
Myrna Koffman
Elliott and Joanne Mercer
Al and Brenda Hackel
Lee and Jill Pollock
Stuart and Rivian Glickman
Richard and Lorraine Gilden
Lionel and Annette Paskoff
Bing and Carolyn Olbum
Elaine Caplow
Jewish life/ Rabbi Fund
Stuart and Rivian Glickman in honor of the birth of Margaux Glickman
Irv and Trudy Littman
Margery Friedlander

Mazel Tov to our graduates:
Gabe Delgado, son of Jami and Rick, brother of DJ and Sofia, 2021 graduate of The Community School, attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Eden Rose, daughter of Jeff and Elana, sister of Auggie, 2021 graduate of The Community School, attending Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana
Bruce Green
Claudie Goldstein
Steve Haims
David Hoffman

Mazel tov to Sofia Delgado, daughter of Jami and Rick, sister of Gabe and DJ, as she becomes Bat Mitzvah this weekend in a private family ceremony.

Mazel tov to Jack Margolin, son of Alex Margolin and Deanna Harned, as he becomes Bar Mitzvah this weekend in a private family ceremony.
Evelyn Freilich, Mother-in-Law of Cecelia Freilich
Marion Lowenberg Ring, Mother of Carlyn Ring
Alan Mendelsohn, Brother of Darrel Mendelsohn
Sam Seligman, Father of Peter Seligman
Judy Silverman, Wife  of Arthur Silverman
Selma Vinmont, Mother of Penny Coe
Marvin Yaeger, Husband of Marilyn Yeager
Board of Directors 2020-2021
Josh Kleinman, Co-President
Susan Green, Co-President
Jeff Rose, Vice-President
Dana Berntson, Co-Vice President
Noa Ries, Co-Vice President
Judy Teller Kaye, Treasurer
Coni Foster, Secretary
Linda Cooper
Jami Delgado
Phil Goldstein
Ron Greenspan
Marshall Meyer
Juli Roos
Bob Safron
Rabbi Robbi Sherwin
Claudie Goldstein, Executive Director