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Newsletter:   August,
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WRS pool party and pot luck is always such a fun event --
bring a towel,  we'd love you to join us this year!

Date:  Sunday, August 19th
Time: 11:30 - 3:30
Place:   501 San Pedro Cove in San Rafael
Community Room and Cabana of Toni Golbus' pool 

Please bring according to your last name initial: 

A-F    Desserts
G-L    Salads/Sides
M-S   Main dish
T-Z     Hor d'oeuvres

When you come through the gate take a right and then a quick left into the parking lot.  The pool and cabana will be straight ahead.  
If lost on the day of event, Toni can be reached at 415-816-1089

Buy your Rosh Hashana Honey NOW
Rosh Hashana Honey for Sale

  • Cost $12 per jar
  • Rosh Hashana begins evening of Sept. 9th; honey is guaranteed to arrive by then
  • ORT Honey is True Source Honey and can be tracked from hive to table
  • Shipping fee is $5 per jar, but it's still a great deal and so lovely to receive.

Cards and postage are expensive!  For only a little bit more cost, your family and friends will receive a beautiful jar of honey with your New Year's greetings! 

All proceeds support WRS Tikkun Olam Fund 

Questions or problem ordering contact:
8/7 and 8/21
Monthly Mah Jongg, 1-3pm - Temple Social Hall

Monthly open Mahj play is the first and third Tuesday of every month, 1-3 pm in Congregation Rodef Sholom's Social Hall.   Bring  your sets, your cards and your Mahj friends.  Let's have fun!

For more info contact:
Book Club, 7:15-8:15   
Usually the third Wednesday of each month, we meet in the JCC Library
     Books for upcoming months:
August 15th - Forest Dark by Nicole Krauss

To RSVP CLICK HERE   Call Alice Miller with questions: 415-381-6792
WRS OPENING EVENT - Sat, Sept. 29th

Anat Hoffman at Rosh Codesh Service, October, 2017
Shabbaton with:
Anat Hoffman
Sponsored by WRS, CRS and the JCC

3:00 Welcome & Nosh
4:00 Shabbaton in the             Sanctuary 
5:30 Havdallah service

$18 Members of WRS
$36 Prospective Members and Guests

Anat Hoffman is Executive Director of the Israeli Religious Action Center (IRAC), and is a founding member and Chairwoman of Women of the Wall.

Before she became Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center in 2002, Anat served as a Jerusalem City Councilwoman for 14 years. She became known as an inexhaustible warrior for justice and equality. She worked to ensure that the powerful Orthodox bloc in the City Council did not dictate lifestyle choices for Jerusalem's secular population; she fought for women's equal pay for equal work; she sought to guarantee adequate municipal services for the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem; and even in this city divided by religious disagreement, she has struggled for recognition of religious pluralism. Anat specialized in attending to the details of municipal administration, where big decisions are often hidden away in the fine print. She became a familiar figure in the Supreme Court, as she pursued her quest for information that the bureaucracy preferred to keep secret.  

Anat was born in Jerusalem and in her teens was an Israeli swimming champion. After army service, she received her BSc in Psychology at the University of California in Los Angeles and pursued graduate studies at Bar Ilan University.  She served on the Boards of the Israel Women's Network, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and many other Israeli organizations for social change.

Anat is a sought-after l ecturer, addressing audiences in Israel and in the United States on subjects close to her heart: gender segregation in the public sphere and the struggle for Jews to be able to practice a broad spectrum of Judaism in Israel,   social justice, and equal rights for women and minorities.  Anat guides IRAC in its work to promote Jewish pluralism, tolerance, and equality, and to combat racism and religious coercion.   Anat   expanded IRAC's mission to go beyond the courts and the Knesset, and to engage in helping people directly through social action.

Social Justice Group from Rodef Sholom Oct. 2017

Anat Hoffman and Judi Sheppard
Rabbi Stacy at Rosh Codesh Service with Women of the Wall

October 18-21, 2018
Open to all and especially great for up and coming leaders who want to learn and study and work with women from sisterhoods from all over our District, this convention is bound to be a great opportunity to really dig in and learn about Women of Reform Judaism, our Pacific District and how to make our own Sisterhood even better than it is. 

Please let Rhonda Daniels know if you are interested in attending.  Rhonda Daniels  415-302-4614. 

Large selection of elegant men's and women's Rosh Hashana

Wrap yourself in holiness this New Year. 

Stop by in the lobby of the JCC and have a look!

Gift Shop hours:
Monday through Friday and Sunday, 11:30 am - 2:00 pm
COMING in 2019 . . .

Will return next year!   

We are collecting  your new and gently used jewelry and accessories: scarfs, belts, purses, wallets.


Bring your items to the Temple Office marked "WRS"

Can you help us organize for the sale?   If interested, contact Barbara Merino
WRJ Pacific District AREA DAY     7/15

WRJ Pacific District
 It was a fabulous Day of learning, connecting and enjoying Sisterhood!

WRJ PD Area Dir. Barbara Merino
New WRS President, Lucy Schneidman

Lucy Schneidman, Judi Sheppard, Susan Goldwasser, R.Julie Saxe-Taller, Joanne Saxe, Harriot Schneitzer, Fanny Stein, Aviva Shane, Ronna Voorsanger, Alissa Ralston, Barbara Merino, Claudia Belshaw, Jennifer Levine and Sheri Langer

WRS had a very dedicated and large delegation   
We are Stronger Together!
Without you, we are one woman short!
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A Note From Our President
Dear Sisters,

I love the phrase,  If you see something, say something. After returning from a party and finding spinach wedged between my teeth when I went to brush them, I have BEGGED my husband to follow this adage! I personally like to extend this habit to include,  If you see something, do something. This process is a two part effort that involves paying attention to what we're observing and what we're feeling, and then being guided to action by our natural instincts. 

One day when I picked my daughter up from kindergarten, another mom, Marty, approached me. Marty had tears of gratitude in her eyes as she told me that my daughter, Katie, had just brightened her day immensely by a simple act of kindness. Marty had gotten a poor haircut earlier in the day and was feeling upset and self conscious. When Marty arrived at school pick up, a few children pointed her out to her daughter, and commented on the "weird" new haircut. Apparently, Katie, who tends to read social situations quickly, went over, squeezed Marty's hand, and said, "I think your haircut looks nice." 

I love how Katie saw Marty's distress and immediately reached out to provide support. Most people have excellent instincts that will lead them in the best direction, but we often ignore our inner voice or our first inclination..."She probably doesn't need my help... I don't know that person, and if I say something it may be weird...Maybe I should have that looked at by my doctor, but I'm probably fine."

Let's try and trust our instincts. Spread small acts of kindness, do simple mitzvot, and move in the truest direction. Help someone with their grocery cart, share a smile with a stranger, pick up a piece of trash on the sidewalk, call your friend who you've been thinking about, or get the freckle that seems a bit different checked by your doctor. You'll feel better and have more reasons to smile at the end of the day. Some may say that our inner voice is G-d speaking. 

With Love,

Lucy Schneidman, WRS President
Comments From the Clergy

On August 11 we will chant from parashat, Reei from the book of Deuteronomy.  See, I set before you today the blessing and the curse, choose the blessing, that you may live. You shall not add to it and you shall not subtract from it.

That's a lot to take in.  First we must see.  We must open our eyes, and look up or out.  Once we see, how will, we act?  Moses and God are concerned that once the Israelites enter the promised land they will forget or neglect the teachings and commandments of the Torah.   Do not hearken to the words of the dreamer or false prophet.  Obey Hashem your God, be moral and just and fair.

Lately there is much to see, especially with the constant media attention and multitudes of ways information reaches us.   It is hard not to see, yet there is the temptation to give in to the fatigue and turn our gaze away.

We must not look away.  We must speak out and be a light to the nations, messengers of God's word.  Our country and our planet need our voice and our vision at this time.

Perhaps Isaiah said it best (51): 
Listen to Me, you who pursue justice,
You who seek the Lord:
Look to the rock you were hewn,
to the quarry you were dug from.

May we open our eyes and in so doing help others to do the same.

Cantor David Margules
In the bin this month... (in the Temple Lobby)
August: School supplies for students in the county in need.
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