Wednesday 18 March, 2020
No doubt like us your stress levels at the moment are complex and multi-layered. Please know that we are here to continue to support our We Rock families however we can.
As a Mother and highly involved Uncle of a highly active and sensory seeking child with Autism and ADHD, we understand more than most how difficult a proposed home isolation period will be for some families and the kiddos that they care for.
Working with the NDIS, Health Authorities and Australian Disability groups, we have made moves to determine the best way to continue some services in order to offer sensory play for kids and respite for you, their carers. See below for more info.
Open Play to cease, Private Bookings and Respite Programs offered only
In light of the escalation in the COVID-19 situation in Australia and in an effort to help flatten the curve, we have decided to cease offering Open Play (general entry) to the public until further notice. Any memberships or multi-visit passes will have their validity dates extended by 3 months.
After consultation with Health Authorities and Disability Groups we have determined however that it is necessary for us to continue running our Breaktime & Holiday (Respite) Programs and to offer Private Booking opportunities for families or small groups in order for children to meet their sensory needs and families and carers to receive support and respite in a safe, controlled environment.
Even in the event of a total State lockdown, these services will most likely be exempt given they are for children with extraordinary needs and delivered in an NDIS Registered Facility with exceptional hygiene standards and health procedures.
As always, the wellbeing of our families and staff remain our top priority. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will be following advice from the Australian Government Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and instructions from the NDIS. We will keep you updated regarding any changes.
Continuing Vigilant Hygiene Standards - With Some Additions
Due to the nature of our clientele, We Rock the Spectrum Gyms always uphold a high standard of hygiene and have strict cleaning and sanitisation procedures to ensure the health and safety of our sometimes vulnerable client base and staff.

To further ensure we minimise the risk to children, their families and our staff, we will be continuing these practices and enhancing some, as outlined below:

  • All members of the public entering the gym will continue to be asked to use our sanitising dispensers on their hands

  • Staff will be washing their hands before and after their shifts, hourly while in the gym and as required in between

  • Our gyms receive a deep clean 7 nights per week and toys, services, swing handles, climbing frames and exercise equipment is wiped down regularly throughout the day 

  • We have now introduced a sanitising steam service to all surfaces, toys and equipment twice per day 

  • All small toys have been removed from the toddler areas, with sanitised items provided upon request

  • All door handles, balustrades, windows, benches and tables are cleaned twice daily and between sessions

  • Where possible, coaches will keep physical contact with kids to a minimum (you might see some air 5’s or elbow bumps)

  • Staff will continue to support children though, as required, in the interest of safety, emotional regulation and comfort

  • Where possible we will introduce a zero personal touch policy between children and will introduce other positive ways of interacting

  • For our Drop Off programs, including our School Holiday Program, children will be taken to wash their hands regularly, including after drop off and before pick up

  • Children’s drink bottles will be left in bags or private lockers, rather than on benches 

  • No entry for anyone showing cold or flu symptoms, has had known contact with a person infected with COVID-19 or who has travelled overseas within the past 2 weeks

  • Regular airflow strategies are being employed throughout the gyms

  • Our strict, low capacity limits will remain for general entry, events and programs

  • Social Distancing practices will be taught and encouraged
Private Bookings
We are now offering Private Hourly bookings for families or small groups of friends to use our fully sanitised facility for sensory-beneficial play. Bookings are open for sessions across this week and will be available between 4PM - 7PM each day from Monday 23rd of March.
We Rock Care (Respite Programs) - Drop your Kids with Us
We have an abundance of our most popular We Rock Coaches standing by to support your children should you wish to increase drop off sessions for them at We Rock the Spectrum, Preston.

Please ensure you allow 48 hours for booking your child into these services, where possible.
We Rock the Spectrum Australia is an NDIS Registered Provider.
School Holiday Program
Our March/April Holiday Program will continue with some modifications. We are making some changes to the planned activities to ensure they meet our enhanced health procedures. Our COMBO days will also be adjusted. We will be in contact directly with Holiday Program participants regarding these changes over the next 24 hours.
Respite Program - Available from Monday 23rd March
Whilst not all schools have been directed to close as yet, we appreciate that many families from independent schools and those choosing to keep their kids home are scrambling for care and activities to keep their children regulated. After careful consultation with the NDIS, Special Schools and Disability Groups, we have put together a small group Respite Program that will operate throughout this period. The program will be extended, as needed. See info on the graphic below.

Bookings will open at 9am Thursday 19th March.
FREE Respite Services for Healthcare Workers
We Rock the Spectrum, through our Foundation, My Brother Rocks the Spectrum, will be funding all booked Respite Services, including Holiday Program for Healthcare workers whose children do not have access to NDIS funding and are self funding any participation.
There is no limit on the service. We want to help the people who are helping our community. Please spread the word to your networks. See our Corporate Statement below.
NDIS Funding Update
The NDIS is making changes daily to their policies for Providers and Participants.
Their advice is for participants to continue to receive services and for additional services like our additional Respite services be claimed flexibly using Core Budgets. Should a participant need additional support not included in their plan, the NDIS can make changes to participant budgets through an unscheduled plan review process, so that expenses incurred in the delivery of disability supports can be claimed on the basis of changed circumstances. More Info.
Upcoming Events & Birthday Parties
Our Rockin' Friends Clubs, Teen Only Event and Birthday Parties will be operating as normal, with extra hygiene precautions taken, as outlined above. Should you wish to cancel, please see our cancellation policy below.
Recommended Resources for Families
WRTS Cancellation Policy
We appreciate that some families will want to cancel bookings with us at this time. We are hoping that you may be invested in the longevity of our business enough to consider keeping any payments already made in our system, as a credit for future programs or play with us across the next 12 months. 

As a thank you for doing so, we will add a further 1 Hour’s Breaktime credit to your child’s account for every session you have booked.

• Additional credit will be matched to your child’s Ratio Level ($20 1:4 Support, $50 1:1 Support)
• Additional credit can be redeemed against any of our services 

Thank you for your support.

Otherwise, the NDIS & Health Authorities have determined that our regular cancellation policy will apply.
Cancellations 7+ days out receive full refund
Cancellations 2-7 days out receive 50% refund
Cancellations less than 48 hours out receive 10% refund.
Cancellations within 48 hours - 0% refund.

Birthday Party Cancellation Policy
Loss of deposit for cancellation or open-ended change of date allowed.
We know that there are a lot of families concerned about how to support their children during this trying time and we are here to help.
Please let your network know of our additional services too. We don’t want anyone to feel that they are alone in this.
With our best wishes for your health and anxiety levels, 
Sally and Marcus
We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gyms, Australia