Creating A Child-Centered Environment
Stating that 2020, thus far, has been an interesting year is an understatement. Presidential elections, the COVID-19 pandemic, the social unrest, hurricanes, and forest fires around the world. This is just a summary of a long list of events that have impacted many this year. Our “normal” day to day life already includes a certain amount of stress. We all feel it and we all look for ways to deal with. I’m not immune to it either. I feel it and many of the events of late also impact my family and the way we live our lives. It is tough, at times, but we do our best to work with these challenges. There are certain things we can control, and others, unfortunately are not fully within our control. 

It is easy to lose sight of things when you deal with so many different challenges. So many stressors that impact how you live your life. So many things that impact how we feel as well. We have been fortunate to be out on the field and we are on track to finish our Fall season as scheduled. This is a positive development, of course. I know that all our members enjoy their time out on the field. They want and need these kinds of outlets. It benefits them physically, mentally as well as socially. 

In this specific newsletter we will focus on how we together (coaches, parents & administrators) can create a child-centered environment. An environment in which the needs of the children are central to all that we do. It should always be about the children. We are building on content discussed during our last general meeting. During this virtual meeting back in October we discussed why children participate in sports (what makes it fun). If we know what makes it fun for children, we can use this information to help us create a child centered environment. To ensure it is truly about their needs, not about the needs of the adults involved. 

The recording of the general meeting is available through this newsletter. You’ll also find links to several books that are worth reading, podcasts and a few other informative forms of media that can help us all better understand what the children seek out of the experience and how we can work together to create a true child centered environment. 
"Let The Play"
By Jerry Lynch

The title says it all in this intriguing and thought provoking book by Jerry Lynch
"Every Moment Matters" by John O'Sullivan

Dive into this book that looks at how the world's best coaches inspire their athletes and teams
by Carol S. Dweck

A great read on the psychology of success and how we can learn to fulfill our potential
"Way Of Champions"

Check out this podcast hosted by Changing The Game Project Founder and CEO John O'Sullivan

Listen to Patrick Ianni and
Seth Taylor on solving youth sports biggest problem
"Stanford Connects"

Get wrapped in this Podcast by Carol Dweck on developing a "growth mindset"
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