WSA-OC The Whistle
August 2018
Chatting With The Commodore
Melanie Green,
WSA-OC Commodore
Hello Everyone!
Could we possibly have had any more fun at our Catalina Rendezvous?! The weekend was epic with the ton of fun and good times had by all! A huge thank you to our Vice Commodore Karen Pacella and Long Beach Commodore Tracey Brown for all their efforts put forth in planning an amazing weekend! We are excited to continue this cruisers weekend on an annual basis. Sharing the weekend with WSA Long Beach truly enhanced our experience. I just love all the networking and extended friendships and opportunities that arise when we all come together. It just shows that the benefit of membership doesn't end at our doorstep; it's constantly evolving and expanding within our yachting community. 
More fun is still to come this summer. Our popular Moonlight Sail will push off the dock Saturday, August 25th in Newport Harbor. It's hard to beat sailing under dreamy moonlight on a warm summer's night. And as we start to fall into another season, we have Oktoberfest fun planned for our general meeting on Tuesday, September 11th. Come join us at Aventura for Boats, Brats & Bingo! A great opportunity to enhance your sailing and boating skills is by attending SCYA's Women's Boating Clinic. The event takes place September 23rd at Del Rey YC in Marina Del Rey. Information and sign up information can be found at
I look around at all the friendships and wonderful people that I am surrounded by within WSA-OC. This happened by simply attending a single meeting four years ago. It's truly humbling at times and I thank you all whole heartedly for your continued support of our clubs endeavors ... YOU all are the key to our continued success. See you soon under a summer moon!

Sails Up!


Celebrate Oktoberfest with Us

Come celebrate Oktoberfest with WSA-OC as we spend an evening eating brats*, drinking beer and playing good old fashioned bingo ... nautically themed, of course! Each bingo card will cost $1 per game, so don't forget to bring one dollar bills.  You don't want to miss your chance to win cash and/or exciting prizes! Lederhosen optional!

⛵️ Tuesday, September 11th *** NEW DATE ***
⛵️ 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Social/Happy Hour
⛵️ 7:00 - 7:30 p.m. New Business/Announcements
⛵️ 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Oktoberfest WSA-OC Style - Boats, Beer & Brats      
24707 Dana Drive
Dana Point, 92629
⛵️ We will also have light refreshments, including beer and wine, available. A nominal donation of $3-$5 per person is requested to support the refreshment fund.
⛵️ Bring cash for our 50/50 raffle
⛵️ Meetings are open to all members, their guests and any member of the public interested in learning more about the WSA-OC.

*BrAUGHTS not BrATS ;)

Full Moon + Sailing = Yes Please!
Updated Information

What's better than (or just as good as) a beautiful day sail with a group of great friends? It's a night sail - by the light of the silvery moon - with the same group of great friends! Our annual Full Moon Social Sail promises to be another fabulous event.

We'll be heading out from the Long Dock at Marina Park, in Newport Beach *** VENUE CHANGE *** where we'll meet at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 25th. We'll get  our boat assignments and some treats. Then we'll head off, from at 6:30 p.m,  when twilight will be turning to dusk and then dark of night. Here's hoping for clear skies for optimal full moon viewage! The plan is to be back at the dock no later than 9:00 p.m.

This event is filled up. However, we are accepting names for a waitlist If you are a boat owner and would like to participate  we will most certainly accept  another boat to join in the fun! 

To everyone who's already signed up, keep an eye out for an email with all of the details. If you're not able to attend the event, we will be having an optional get-together afterwards at ALYC, feel free to meet us in the bar! 

We Were Hot & Knotty in August
We definitely got knotty during our August meeting. We also got hot and sweaty ... thanks to an air-conditioning snafu. To all of the people who attended for the first time please take our assurances that this is not the norm and come back next month for Beer, Brats and 

Our August meeting began with Happy Half Hour and playing the entertaining ice-breaker "What's on Your Phone?" in which you needed to find people that had sailing/water related items on their phone; such as: a knot app installed, nautical themed phone case, etc. There were two winners, they each won a Yogurtland gift card. 
tying knots
Practicing tying a bowline knot on the back of a chair.

Our own Stephen Ashley and Risa Scott were our guest speakers and knot-ty leaders. They gave a brief history of lines and discussed the different types and their makeup. Some of the tips and facts they provided:
☸︎ Match the line to the purpose.
☸︎ Soft shackles are stronger than metal ones and don't hurt [as much] if they hit you.
☸︎ Monkey Fist's were developed to help sailors throw lines more accurately. 

After that they provided a hands-on knot tying lesson. Sadly, due to time we were only able to attempt tying the bowline, cleat hitch, sheet bend and figure eight/stopper knot. Surprisingly, a lot of people tied a square knot in their attempt to tie a sheet bend. So we can add one more to the list as well.  

The meeting ended with a raffle for an Air Chair, which was won by Cathy Zappia. Thanks to everyone who purchased  raffle tickets and who contributed to our snack fund. Thanks to Dee Carroll for preparing and setting up our wonderful snacks!

Catalina Rendezvous Roundup
The three-day Catalina weekend trip with our sister club, Long Beach WSA, was an absolute blast! The recurring comments: "I can't wait to do this again next year!" and "We need to extend this event by one day."

Our club had four boats leaving from Dana Point, Newport Beach and Long Beach with only the Long Beach boats able to sail for the duration, in both directions. As they say "Any day on the water is a good day.", so there's that.  All of our boats left on Friday morning and met up later that day in Two Harbors where we were all moored on the eastside of the harbor. The LB WSA group had six boats and were over on the westside. 

Team Sales Lady with their scavenger hunt 1st Place trophy 
The weekend was jam packed with fun events and even downtime, if you wanted. The weekend party began with a welcome raft up at LB WSA Commodore, Tracey Brown's boat Contigo . Saturday kicked off with breakfast Bloody Mary's courtesy of Udaman . Each of the 10 boats then participated in a scavenger hunt with WSA-OC sweeping the event taking home 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! The highlight of the day was a themed progressive dinner, in which every boat was decorated and provided an appetizer and small cocktail to reflect their decorative theme. The evening ended with socializing and dancing ashore at the outdoor bar, Harbor Reef. Buffalo Milk's were most likely consumed. Sunday ended with our Commodore, Melanie Green hosting a mimosa send-off at Tara . Check out all of the fun!

HUGE thank you and kudos to Karen Pacella, Melanie Green, Viviana Camacho and Tracey Brown for organizing a fantastic event. There were so many moving pieces and it went off without a hitch. And thanks to Steve Madoni and Villie London for the epic bloodys. THANKS also to all of our boat owners and boat charterers, without you this event would not have been possible. 

30 Days to Enter the Race, AKA  Why I joined WSA-OC
Charles at the stern of Cabernet Sky.
Looking at Cabernet Sky, one doesn't immediately think she'd be a good fit for sailboat racing. Pushing that much furniture and creature-comforts abound through the water is absolutely delusional. Nevertheless, I decided to join the PHRF Long Beach to Catalina Island Race Series in 2015. 

I had 30 days to get my PHRF rating ... "Piece of cake!", o r so I thought. Before you can apply for a PHRF rating you have to complete two important steps: join US sailing to get your sail numbers and join a qualified, non-profit sailing organization. I immediately joined US Sailing and sent in the application for the sail numbers and starting looking for a sailing organization to join - especially one that had good membership and sailing activities that suited my interests. I visited several online sites and sent email inquiries to a half dozen organizations and left many a voicemail. 

A week later the sail numbers from US Sailing showed up in my inbox - one down, two to go! The race was now just three weeks away. My PHRF application was filled out and ready to submit, with only one blank: affiliated sailing organization. I hadn't yet received a response to any of my inquiries, despite the many follow ups.

A few days later I mentioned my dilemma to Bill McNamara (also a WSA-OC member). Bill suggested I look into WSA-OC; offhandedly stating that they also accept men into their fold. A women's sailing organization?! In my mind's eye I pictured myself in pink deck shoes, fishnet stockings and a feather boa over a sheer blouse. Not no, but hell no! However, with no other options in front of me, I decided to make contact and check it out, certainly before buying the shoes or other adornments ;)

My email was quickly answered with a phone call and a friendly conversation about the organization's membership (mostly women and a few good men) and their planned sailing events, I put in my application and within two days of my initial inquiry, was welcomed with open arms! With dues paid I became a full-fledged member of the Women's Sailing Association of Orange County.

Cabernet Sky, with her new sail number - 56269 in red - and an excited crew crossed the starting line for our first race. In light air, the boats in our class passed us and soon all of boats in the other classes passed us up as well. That damn furniture!

As a proud member of the organization, I've since enjoyed getting to know the hard working, fun-loving women and men there and participate in their many sailing development and community outreach programs.  Thank you WSA-OC!

Charles Buckner

Mark Your Calendars Now! Upcoming 2018 WSA-OC Events*
WSA-OC and affiliate events* have been tentatively planned for all of 2018. More events and details will be added as planning continues and as the events get closer.  For more information, view our  All Events  page on the website. There, you will be able to read more detail about upcoming events, as well as additional events that aren't listed below. As each event gets closer, more details will also be provided via the various WSA-OC online outlets. All of our on-the-water events are for WSA-OC members only, unless noted otherwise. Cancellations will be assessed a $5.00 fee to cover our credit card fees. Cancellations made within 48 hours of event cannot be refunded.  Questions? Email us at
August 25th ~ ~ Full Moon Sail  - SOLD OUT -  waitlist only  
September 9th ~ ~ Sea Gals (last one of the year) 
September 16th ~ ~ Mandatory OSeas Practice  
September 30th ~ ~  Mandatory OSeas Practice  
October 2nd ~ ~ NO GENERAL MEETING
October 7th ~ ~  Mandatory OSeas Practice 
October 12th - 14th ~ ~ LEMWOD
November 3rd ~ ~ OTW Event
December 4th ~ ~ Holiday Party
January 8th, 2019 ~ ~ General Meeting

*Subject to change 
 Black = meeting | Pink = on-the-water | Green = OSeas | Orange = affiliate event

Affiliate Organization Events
The following are affiliate events that we have been invited to participate and attend. Please be sure to visit their websites or click on the hyperlinks to view additional information. Remember when attending affiliate events, you are doing so as a representative of WSA-OC. 

Del Ray YC is hosting the Southern California Yachting Association's Women's Boating Clinic on Sunday, September 23rd.  The cost is $99 and includes:

➾ Continental Breakfast
➾ Lunch
➾ Classroom Instruction 
➾ On-the-Water Instruction 

For additional information and to register click above link. Event contact Rosalie Green.

WSA-OC and LB WSA have made a reciprocal agreement to welcome members from each group to attend the others monthly meeting. There is no obligation to join the other organization. However, participation in club events is restricted to members only, unless otherwise specified. 

The LB WSA group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at Seal Beach Yacht Club, in Long Beach. 


Sea Gals is back for 2018! All events will be held on Sundays from noon - 4:00 p.m. and will cost $50 per event. Click on the above link for additional information and to register. 

There is only one remaining Sea Gals event, which will be held on:

September 9th

It's still not too late to register for the Women on the Water/Woman at the Helm Regatta. Click above for additional information and to register.

Welcome Aboard

We're still on a roll with new memberships.  Thanks to all of you for being wonderful   WSA-OC ambassadors. 

Welcome to our newest members:
Erica Bass
Nancy Bever
Cherie Faulds
Gloria Markussen
Elizabeth Veeneman
Kelley Williams
Ashley Willis
Happy Sailing!
Ship Store
*** SALE ***
20% Off  All 
Ship Store Merchandise

EVERYTHING in the Ship Store is on SALE. Order online now to guarantee your purchase before it sells out! Limited quantities remain! 

Items will be available for pick it up at the September meeting, on the 11th. Buy now , so you're outfitted for our next event or your walk around town!

The Ship Store is open 24/7. Our logo merch makes great gifts

Add a WSA-OC Logo to Your Own Items

If you have personal [fabric] items that you would like to have the WSA-OC logo embroidered on we can do that for you! The cost will depend upon number of items received, but will be between $10 -$15 per item , which is the cost of application. For an additional $10 you can have your item personalized i.e. name, boat name, etc. (one line only). Contact us for info.

2018 LEMWOD Team Announced

Congratulations to this year's Linda Elias Memorial Women's One Design Team: 

☸︎ Susan Carlé
☸︎ Tracy Gallucci
☸︎ Brenda Highley
☸︎ Debbie Kraemer
☸︎ Laura McCaleb
☸︎ Deborah McDougal
☸︎ Karen Pacella
☸︎ Valerie Rhodes
☸︎ Loryne Schamber
☸︎ Suzanne Schuler
☸︎ Risa Scott

☸︎ Mary Ellen Barlow
☸︎ Vallerie Gonzales 

They will be racing on the Long Beach Sailing Foundation's Catalina 37s! 
These women have and continue to work hard in representing WSA-OC. If you get an opportunity wish them luck.
Save the Date 
Volunteer for SVI 2018

Make sure you mark Saturday, October 6th on your calendar. This is when our signature event, Sail for the Blind & Visually Impaired will be taking place. The event will be held at ALYC, in Newport Beach. 

More details will be coming soon! However, we need help  email us if:
⛵️ You'd like to be part of our planning committee 
⛵️ You'd like to be a volunteer (both land and sea needed)
⛵️ You'd like to donate the use of your boat

⚓️ Thank you and best wishes to our webmaster, Cheryl Gerrish! Firstly, THANKS for all of the behind-the-scenes work you do to update and maintain our website! We know it's not a glamorous job, but we appreciate it immensely. Secondly, we are going to miss you as you set sail on your yearlong sailing journey. You are livin' the dream! Thirdly, keep us posted of your sailing adventure.

⚓️ Saturday, November 3rd will be our last on-the-water event of 2018. Currently, we have a committee hard at work putting together another fantastic event. 

We're going to head out of 2018 with a BANG! There will be food, fun and a lot of great women (and men). 
You don't want to miss this one! Details coming soon.

⚓️ Congratulations to new boat owners Robin Nielson and Milisa Singletary! They recently purchased GypSea Girl from fellow member Susan Obermiller (thanks in part to this space!).

⚓️ As they were making their way home from the Catalina Rendezvous the crew aboard Tara rescued this Mylar balloon. Since it had 'Mitsubishi' printed on it our secretary and photographer, Vallerie Gonzales, wrote a letter to Mitsubishi emphasizing the destructive nature of balloons in general and encouraged them to use safer alternatives when marketing and publicizing their events. 
The only way companies will  discontinue  destructive practices is if we inform them and call them out on their harmful practices.

⚓️ It's still vacation season (barely). Don't forget to take your WSA-OC burgee with you. Snap a photo with it and share it with us!


➾ Left at the June meeting, a black cardigan sweater.
➾ Left at the Adrift movie screening, a white cardigan sweater.

Email us if you've been looking for your sweater, which you  probably  haven't 
since it's been so hot.
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A reboot of "Charlie's Angels" is in the works starring the crew of Cabernet Sky from the Catalina Rendezvous. The premise: they're going to live aboard Cabernet Sky for two weeks and wackiness will ensue (and many drinks will be consumed)!

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