WSA-OC The Whistle
March 2017
Chatting With The Commodore
Risa Scott,
WSA-OC Commodore
Hello Summer!  As I write this, I am preparing to 'Spring Forward' and it is already 88 degrees in Orange, CA! I was just getting used to Spring and the beautiful green countryside benefitting from all the rain we had earlier! I know I might have mentioned that I wanted it to warm up a bit, but maybe not this soon! I saw our boat, Onde Amo, off to the start line of the NHYC to Cabo race and was planning to meet them in Mexico. As they left, the winds were expected to be light and the weather warm, weather more preferable for beachgoers, not so much for sailors, especially those trying to race ... After a very slooooww sail (about 30 hours) to San Diego, they decided to withdraw and sail another day. Wind is pretty critical for racing!  Only six of 22 boat were able to finish the race.  
We had a great February Whale Sail with over 34 WSA-OC women and men departing Dana Point Marina in search of the sometimes-elusive mammals, with only one boat finding success in their endeavors and sighting a single whale! However, no one was too disappointed with the beautiful day on the water, despite the lack of whale sightings, as comradery was abundant on every boat.
If you missed our March meeting, you missed a great one with a presentation by WSA-OC members Chuck and Sue Hutchings, local USCG Auxiliary members sharing about the importance of regular boat examinations and they are FREE! Make sure to mark your calendar for the next meeting, as well as all of our meetings! There is lots of excitement and education on our calendar for this year and Melanie Green has put together some great speakers for us. Plan to attend and come meet and mingle with all our great members. Speaking of which, our WSA-OC roster now shows over 120 fabulous members! Bring a friend to our next meeting and see what all the excitement is about!

Safety First & Spring Cleaning
Commodore, Risa Scott opened our March meeting with a greeting, introducing all of the officers and committee chairs and several announcements; one of which is we will be adding a 'Code of Conduct' section to our by-laws. All members will receive an email of the proposed addition prior to the April meeting, which is when we will be voting on whether or not to include.  The officers and committee chairs then provided reports and updates.  A ll of their information can be found throughout this newsletter. 

Vice Commodore, Melanie Green introduced our program, Spring Sailing: Getting Your Boat Shipshape,  and featured speakers U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and  WSA-OC members, Sue and Chuck Hutchings. They provided a lot of very detailed and informative information about what the USCGA does and how they assist the USCG and us, the recreational boater.
Sue and Chuck reviewed some of the things you can do annually to keep your boat shipshape (pun intended) and seaworthy. It also never hurts to check things more often and i f something doesn't look right, it probably isn't, have someone check it. The following is just a smattering of all of the information covered:
✅ Remove all of the "soft stuff" (cushions, covers, etc.) and clean them;
✅ Check your rigging and fittings, even at the top of the mast;
✅ Check your lines: dock, anchor, etc. and soak them in fresh water;
✅ Check your through hull fittings;
✅ Check your fire extinguisher(s);
✅ Check your flares to make sure they are not expired*;
✅ Ensure that you have the proper life jackets for everyone on board;
✅ Monitor channel 16 on your radio;
✅ Every time you go out, have a pre-sail checklist.
The entire USCGA is comprised of volunteers and there are over 30,000 of them nationally. They do so much for the USCG and the public such as: public education, safety patrols, dock walking (security), vessel assist - when needed, ATON and PATON checks, assist during hurricanes and so much more. However, their biggest activity is the 'Vessel Safety Check Program.' The USCGA will examine - not inspect (that's the USCG) - your boat, to ensure it is meeting all of the safety requirements, and they do these examinations for FREE! If your boat meets all of the safety requirements, you will receive a sticker that is placed on the mast (for sailboats). These examinations are good for one calendar year, so it's best to get your boat checked earlier in the year. Your dinghy is also required to be examined.
On January 1, 2018, a seven-year phase will begin in which ALL California boaters will be required to have a California Vessel Operator Card by the year 2025. Learn
Chuck and Sue conduct an 'About Boating' safety class on the first Saturday of each month at the Newport Beach West Marine store 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. The cost is $40 and includes a book and a certificate, which will hopefully be grandfathered into the CVOC requirements. Contact Sue Hutchings with questions or to reserve your seat or visit the USCGA education page on their website. 
*Some fire departments will take expired flares, call your local FD first.
March 2017

The meeting was concluded when all of the boat owners joined together to receive a boat blessing, which was conducted by former WSA-OC (WORSA) Commodore, Bonnie Gibson.   

We Had A Whale of a Sail, with No Whales
Sadly this year's sold-out whale watching event A Whale of a Social Sail, didn't turn out as we hoped ... with a lot of whale and dolphin sightings. Oh well, we didn't let that stop us from having a good time! On another note, this event became our most attended event to date, surpassing last year's (ahem) Duffy boat event! 
TWG Feb 2017
We thought this was the only whale we were going to see.
There was one actual whale sighted by one boat, so all was not lost. The group  aboard Wind Dancer spotted a single gray whale near the San Clemente pier and thanks to Shelly Peters we have photographic evidence of it. Scroll down to the 'Photo of the Month' section to see Shelly's photo. 
The other four boats motored around whilst monitoring "Dolphin Dave" over the radio. When it became apparent that the whales weren't coming out to play, many of the boats decided to get some sailing in before the weather turned cold and drizzly.  Unfortunately for  Mañana after sailing around, the motor wouldn't start and she had to call for a tow-in. At least it makes for an interesting story (#SilverLinings).  

Several members along with friends and family joined us a fterwards  at Harpoon Henry's for Après Sail. It wasn't quite the day we were envisioning - we knew last year's whale sail was going to be hard to top - but we were all extremely happy to be out on the water enjoying the wind on our faces with friends, both old and new. 
Learn to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
April General Meeting Information

In honor of Earth Day this month, we have a special guest speaker at o ur April meeting, Kurt Lieber, the founder and executive director of  Ocean Defenders Alliance . ODA works to clean and protect marine ecosystems through documentation, education, and meaningful action. Founded in Orange County in 2000, ODA's primary focus is on the reduction and removal of man-made debris which pose serious threats to ocean wildlife and habitats.   

Kurt will raise our awareness and inspire us to take action to help save the worlds oceans by showing a short video and discussing the current state and plight of the oceans and the vital need for them to be clean and healthy. He will also talk about the ODA's goals,
adventures, volunteer opportunities, and how we, as boaters, can help.

WSA-OC Secretary, Brenda Highley aboard her boat Manaña. She along with her crew collected all of these balloons during one crossing from Catalina Island to Dana Point after Valentine's Day 2016. #EarthDayEveryday 
In addition to the presentation from ODA we will also be voting on a 'Code of Conduct' addendum to our by-laws. It was recently brought to the the attention of the board of directors that there isn't one. It is being added as a precaution should anything arise.

Tuesday, April 4th
6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Happy Half Hour
7:00 - 7:45 p.m. New Business & Announcements
7:45 - 9:00 p.m. Celebrating Earth  Day 
24707 Dana Drive
Dana Point, 92629

 Sailing  Opportunities 
The OSeas, are not just about LEMWOD. Yes, that's where the racing team originated, but any of you who are members and race, well, you're a member of the OSeas too.

Thanks to Aventura Sailing Association and the Shoreline Sailing Foundation we have two potential racing opportunities that are available to you and a non-racing on-the-water event. 

Aventura is resurrecting their Friday Night Races beginning May 5th and running through August 25th.  Any WSA-OC boat owner and/or member is welcome to participate in the weekly event. The approximate cost is $20 - $25 per boat. No experience required. Not a racer? No problem! Aventura will be open and serving drinks and light snacks in their clubhouse after each race, so come and mingle.

Did you know our Commodore, Risa Scott, runs the Shoreline Sailing Foundation? She is looking to make the foundation's Cal 20's available for our membership! And to add to the fun, we'll look to partner with our Long Beach WSA sisters for a heated, but fun regatta! Who knows, this could be the start of something BIG! 

It's not too early to circle May 14th on the calendar. Sea Gals will once again offer a Mother's Day event aboard the Long Beach Sailing Foundation Catalina 37's! If you've wondered what it was like to sail on these prestigious racing boats, - there are only 11 of them, in the world! - be certain to sign up. 

All of these events will require a nominal fee to participate. More specific information will be forthcoming including registration, exact cost, meeting time and location, etc. Questions? Email us at

~ Karen Pacella, Rear Commodore/Race Director

Duffy Boating is Coming in April 
In honor of Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd, our April on-the-water event will embody the spirit of the day in conjunction of this worldwide event - support for environmental protection. We invite you to join us on Earth Day from 11:00 a.m. to 2pm for a 'Duffy Boat Progressive Lunch Cruise' through Newport Harbor.

We will Duffy our way to our first location for cocktails and appetizers then cruise to a second location for lunch. We'll then convene at a third spot where dessert will be served aboard the Duffy Boats.  
A required pre-registration payment of $25 will secure your spot in the event. Food and drinks are on your own, but WSA-OC will provide dessert. We had so much fun on the Duffy Boats last year, make sure you sign up early so you don't miss out on the fun this year! And don't worry, an Earth Day event will be involved, not just eating and drinking.     
Stay tuned to our Facebook page, website and forthcoming emails for additional event details and the link to the register for the event.  
Mark Your Calendars Now! Upcoming 2017 WSA-OC Events*
WSA-OC and affiliate events* have been tentatively planned for all of 2017. More events and details will be added as planning continues and as the events get closer. For more information, view our  All Events page on the website where you will be able to read more detail about each upcoming event, as well as additional events that aren't listed below. As each event gets closer, more details will also be provided via the various WSA-OC online outlets. Questions? Email us at events@wsaoc
April 4th ~ ~ General Meeting: Celebrating Earth Day 
April 15 ~ ~ Dana West YC - University of Yachting $20 & pre-registration required
April 18th ~ ~ Long Beach WSA General Meeting
April 22nd ~ ~ Duffy Boat Event pre-registration required
May 2nd ~ ~ General Meeting: Empowering Women Racers
May 5th, 12th, 19th 26th ~ ~ Aventura Friday Night Race
May 16 ~ ~ Long Beach WSA General Meeting
June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th ~ ~  Aventura Friday Night Race
June 6th ~ ~ General Meeting
June 20th ~ ~ Long Beach WSA General Meeting
June 24th ~ ~ Summer Sailstice Social Sail pre-registration required
July 3rd ~ ~ 1st Start Transpac Social Sail
July 4th ~ ~ No General Meeting - Happy Independence Day!
July 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th ~ ~ Aventura Friday Night Race
August 1st ~ ~ General Meeting
August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th ~ ~  Aventura Friday Night Race
August 26th ~ ~ WSA Regatta  pre-registration required
September 5th ~ ~ General Meeting
September 17th ~ ~ Charity Regatta - OSeas Racing Team
September 22nd - 24th ~ ~ WSA-OC Catalina Weekend  pre-registration required
October 3rd ~ ~ No General Meeting
October 13th - 15th ~ ~ LEMWOD - OSeas 
November 4th ~ ~ Full Moon Social Sail  pre-registration required
November 7th ~ ~ General Meeting
December 5th ~ ~ WSA-OC Holiday Party
*Subject to change 
 Black = meeting///Pink = on-the-water///Green = OSeas///Teal = affiliate event

Photo of the Month
Shelly Peters Feb 2017
The ONLY (gray) whale seen during our Whale of a Social Sail near the San Clemente Pier. Photo: Shelly Peters
Welcome Aboard
WSA-OC is continuing to grow with new members every month! Thanks to all of you for being  WSA-OC ambassadors. Welcome to our newest members:
Jiffi Collins
Kathy Dimeo
Deborah Centen-Rightmire
Charlie Ridge
Happy Sailing!
Ship Store
Now Taking Orders for 
Limited Edition 
WSA-OC Jackets 
We have two new styles of lightweight, windproof, water resistant jackets - embroidered with the WSA-OC logo - available for sale. They are a great item to have on those chilly days on the water, to wear to WSA events or just to wear proudly around town. 

These are seasonal items and are of LIMITED quantity. Order Now!  We are taking orders through March 20th and will place the order on March 21st.  YOU MUST PRE-ORDER, on or before March 20th ; we are not stocking the store with excess jackets.

For an additional $10 you can have your jacket personalized (one line only).

Photoshop logo
Gray $40

Photoshop logo & color
Turquoise $50

We also have a new 'Clearance Corner.' You can look for some great deals for yourself or to give as a gift to someone special!

If you have personal [fabric] items that you would like to have the WSA-OC logo placed on, please bring them to the next WSA-OC meeting. We will be receiving and sending personal items out for logo placement on a quarterly basis. The schedule is as follows: 

Mtg. Bring - Mtg. Receive
Apr/May - June
Jul/Aug - Sep
Oct/Nov - Dec
Jan/Feb - Mar

Lastly, we would really like your input about new items you would like to see the Ship Store carry on a regular basis. Contact Laura McCaleb with your questions or input.

Hopefully you have renewed your membership or joined WSA-OC for 2017 already. Don't worry if you haven't, you can still renew* or join at any time.

*Renewing members MUST have been a member for the  previous year (2016), otherwise you are considered a new member.
Laura's House
Laura's House Update

Unfortunately due to safety and privacy concerns our planned on-the-water event, for May, has been cancelled However, we will be sponsoring  Beautiful You for the 20 or so women housed at Laura's House during the month of May, in honor of Mother's Day.

Beautiful You will consist of small goodie bags that will hold items such as: lip balm, nail polish, mascara, perfume samples, lotions, a piece of chocolate, etc.

We are currently looking for either monetary donations or sponsors willing to donate new items for the  Beautiful You goodie bags. Please contact our Philanthropy Chairperson, Dee Carroll for more information or to donate.
Closed WSA-OC
Facebook Group 
Be Part of the Group 
We have recently created a closed Facebook group; it is only for current WSA-OC members. This is a page in which you can easily interact with fellow members by sharing information, photos, etc.
This & That
Boats Needed!
We need boats and skippers for all of our 2017 on-the-water events. Email us at if you would like to donate your boat for one or all of our events or if you have any questions.   

Long Beach WSA
Reciprocal Meetings

Members of both WSA-OC and LB WSA groups are invited to attend the others monthly meeting.  

The LB WSA group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Shoreline Yacht Club.

Capt. Berol's Classes 

Diane teaching aboard Celtic Song
For those of you looking for information regarding Captain Diane Berol's classes and subsequent around the world trip, check out her new website

WSA Regatta
Details coming soon, but mark your calendars now for the WSA Regatta in Dana Point on Saturday, August 26th.

Email us ( if you have questions, comments, information, photos or announcements.
University of Yachting
Informational Classes & Seminars

The Dana West Yacht Club has invited WSA-OC members to participate in their University of Yachting classes.  Whether you're a salty skipper of the sea or testing the waters of boat ownership, we hope you'll attend one or more of these informative opportunities that complement every level of seamanship and are sure to set you sailing on a proper course! 

The classes are free, except where indicated, and are meant to improve your all-around boating skills and knowledge as well as inspire you to visit new places. 

Contact WSA-OC member and DWYC Fleet Captain, Tamara Tatich with any questions. Thank you Tamara and Dana West Yacht Club for offering this wonderful opportunity to our members!
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