WSA-OC The Whistle
March 2019
Chatting With The Commodore
Karen Pacella, WSA-OC Commodore
Several years ago, I went to a couple meetings and then joined an organization called WORSA. Only being in my 30's at the time, I was new to this thing we call SAILING, but knew I loved it and wanted more of it! One Summer, I got to participate with the group as crew aboard AKA Ballast during a regatta. Fun couldn't even describe my day, suffice it to say, I now knew I wanted even more! 

Fast forward (a few years - hee hee) to 2015 I heard that WORSA WAS BACK IN FULL FORCE! I was thrilled! Here we are today ... WSA-OC has become such a large part of my life, my friends, my social activities and my lifestyle. I've learned, "Yes you CAN buy that boat." and I DID, at the ripe old age of ... well you don't need to know that, but what you do need to know is that my dream became a reality and yours can too!

This year, we celebrate FORTY YEARS of empowering women on the water! This past month saw yet another fun event, our Annual Social Sail. Were you there?  We had a GREAT day on the water and then a super fun Happy Hour afterward! If you haven't gotten involved and realized the full benefits of your membership, I encourage you make March the month you make it happen. Our upcoming Duffy Cruise around Newport Harbor is just another way we get together, laugh, and enjoy each other's company. 

OUR club has certainly grown and this year, we're focusing on doing even MORE. I implore you not to miss a single moment, from our on-the-water events, fun and informative meetings, dockside clinics, philanthropy endeavors, to racing ... YOUR club has something for you!  I'm looking forward to seeing you both on and off the water!

Wishing you calm seas and breezy winds,

 - Karen
New Initiative: Dockside Clinics
We are embarking on another new venture this year. We will be providing a series of Dockside Clinics in Dana Point. You can attend one or all of them. The cost will be $25* per session, first come first served.

The Dockside Clinics are designed for a small group of 6-8 people per session to either prepare you for boat ownership and/or bolster your knowledge and skillset if you already have a boat. Our goal is to work with each attendee's issues or needs individually and as a group. 

Each Dockside Clinic will be two hours and afterward we're hoping there will be time for additional practice, conversation, drinks, etc. Who knows sailing may even end up happening!

Judy Fusco, who many of you know from either the Sailing Convention for Women, Long Beach WSA or her thick Boston accent will be our instructor. She has years of sailing and teaching experience, including as an instructor at the SCW and as a high school physics teacher. 

March 23 ~ Buy that Boat Tour
Visit 3-4 boats to discuss what makes each boat unique and to get a sense of individual likes and dislikes, pros and cons. Whether or not to use a broker or buy direct. How to get a slip.

April 13 ~ General Maintenance & Rigging 
Learn the basics of sailboat maintenance and rigging

May 25 ~ Winch Wizard  
Learn how to maintain your own winches

June 15 ~ Dinghy Handling 
Everyone will get a chance to drive a dinghy around the harbor to get comfortable with how they handle; center console and outboard

June 29 ~ DIY Canvas  
An opportunity to repair or make a canvas item from a boat or patio furniture

Sign up now for all five for the price of $100 or individually for $25 each.

April Meeting New Venue ~  Newport Beach YC

Join us in April for Buy That Boat - Part 2 presented by our Vice Commodore, Lisa Cullinane. Lisa first presented this topic at our June 2016 meeting (you can read about that here scroll to 'June Meeting Recap'), which resulted in several members buying boats. Since then a lot of you have been inquiring about how to buy a boat, what it costs to be a boater in SoCal, etc., so we decided to revisit the topic.

Have no fear, this will not be a repeat of the previous presentation. It will, however, cover the basics, detail Lisa's boat buying experience and will include updated content and information. Even if you are not looking to buy a boat, you may come away with a new appreciation for those who share their boat with you!

We will also be offering a 'Blessing of the Boats' during which we will celebrate our generous boat owners by providing them with a small gift and a devotion/blessing for the safety of their boat and for all WSA-OC members out on the water in 2019.

⛵️ Tuesday, April 2nd
⛵️ 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Social/Happy Hour
⛵️ 7:00 - 7:30 p.m. New Business & Announcements
⛵️ 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Buy That Boat - Part 2
⛵️ Newport Beach Yacht Club ***New Venue***    
1099 Bayside Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
⛵️ Feel free to arrive at 5:45 p.m. and enjoy the all-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday & Buffet for $20.
⛵️ Full bar available
⛵️ Street parking or free valet available at NBYC - please tip, if you use!
⛵️ Bring cash for our 50/50 raffle and to tip the valet
⛵️ Meetings are open to all members, their guests and any member of the public interested in learning more about the WSA-OC.
⛵️ Be mindful we are a guests of the NBYC

Coastal Cleanup


WSA-OC will be joining the Ocean Institute staff and other volunteers as we participate in a friendly Coastal Cleanup competition of who's "trashiest" and we want to win! Prizes will be awarded in select categories.

We are suggesting everyone bring a filled reusable water bottle, hat, sunblock, to wear closed toed shoes and most importantly, wear your WSA-OC logo gear! WSA-OC will provide gloves. The Ocean Institute will provide trash pickers and bags. Afterwards, we will continue the fun with Happy Hour at Harpoon Henry's.

The event is free to attend. However, we are asking all participants to RSVP our Secretary and Community Service Director, Laura McCaleb so we can have an idea of how many people to expect and assure everyone will receive cleanup gear.

⛵️ Saturday, April 13th
⛵️ 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
⛵️ Ocean Institute
24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr.
Dana Point, CA 92629

Shenanigans Might've Been Had
We had so much fun Duffy-ing around Newport Harbor on the eve of St. Patrick's Day, decked out in our green togs and ready for shenanigans as we searched out the answers to the clues in our scavenger hunt. We were divided into the festively named teams of the Charmers, Leprechauns and Rainbow Brights. 
The teams were tasked with finding and photographing the the answers to these eight clues: Where "The Duke" might have hung his hat; Location of the 2019 Sailing Convention for Women; If you were out to sea in the fog, you would see this to help you find your way home; Not the North Shore of Hawaii, but _____ is in the Newport Harbor; Dorothy met the Cowardly Lion, what kind can we sea in the harbor?; Something that bears the colors or emblem of a sailing club; Where cars might be able to catch a ride over water; and Like the wheels on the bus, this goes round and round. Do you know the answers to these clues*?

The day ended with lunch and awards ceremony (haha) at Newport BeachYacht Club. The Charmers took home the win since they were the only team to see and photograph a sea lion. Congratulations Charmers!

Below, Team Charmers throwin' up the #1. Sitting: Tracy Gallucci, Kathleen Brown, Pamela Grimes and Kathy Dimeo. Standing: Nikki Schultz, Deborah Groutage and Laura McCaleb

*Photo of: John Wayne's house; Bahia Corinthian YC; Lighthouse; South Shore YC; Sea lion; burgee, logo, etc.; Car ferry and Ferris wheel.
March Meeting: a Renewed Partnership and a
Trip on the Bounty
Commodore Karen Pacella opened our March meeting by introducing the board of directors and inviting them to address the membership and provide updates on the various programs and projects they are working on. 

Karen then introduced KC Matlock, WSA-OC member and newly appointed general manager of Aventura Sailing Association. As the GM, KC is re-establishing WSA-OC as an affiliate club. Effective immediately, all current 2019 WSA-OC members are officially Social Members of ASA! What does this mean for us? As social members, we do not have to pay the monthly social membership fee to ASA. However, you will be required to RSVP, when necessary and pay the required event fee, should there be one (just like you do for our events). 

ASA will be hosting a weekly Thirsty Thursday event. Each week will be a different topic and/or theme in which no RSVP is required. WSA-OC members will also be offered a reduced rate for full ASA membership that would allow you to charter their boats and reduced rates to attend their Sailing Academy classes. Stay tuned ... details to follow soon!

After a short break we were introduced to fellow member, David Veeneman, and self-described student of nautical history. David took us on a very interesting and captivating walk through the HMS Bounty: Fact & Fiction. For starters almost everything we've been told about the Bounty and the mutiny is wrong and totally made up. 
Some of the facts we learned: 
~ Captain Bligh was not the tyrant Hollywood has made him out to be
~ Bligh was maybe too lenient, as he allowed the crew to live on land and they went "native"
~ The crew wanted to stay on Tahiti, because they fell in love with women
Bligh was honorably acquitted at the court-martial inquiring into the loss of  Bounty

Teresa Breithaupt won the 50/50 raffle taking home $120 and Erica Bass was the member conversion winner of a $25 Ship Store credit. 

Mark Your Calendars Now!
Upcoming 2019 WSA-OC Events*
The following is an up-to-date list of WSA-OC and affiliate events* that we have planned for the next six months of 2019. More events and details will be added as planning continues and as the events get closer. As each event gets closer, more details will also be provided via the WSA-OC social media accounts - Facebook and Instagram.  For more information, view our  All Events  page on the website.

All of our on-the-water events are for WSA-OC members only, unless noted otherwise. Cancellations will be assessed a $5.00 fee to cover our credit card fees. No-shows or cancellations made within 48 hours of event cannot be refunded. 

Questions? Email us at
March 28th ~ ~ Aventura Thirsty Thursday
April 4th ~ ~  Aventura Thirsty Thursday
April 11th ~ ~  Aventura Thirsty Thursday
April 13th ~ ~ Beach Cleanup 
April 18th ~ ~  Aventura Thirsty Thursday
April 25th ~ ~  Aventura Thirsty Thursday
May 7th ~ ~ General Meeting Knots & Dock Basics @ Aventura SA 
May 12th ~ ~ Sea Gals
May 18th ~ ~ Full Moon Social Sail 
May 25 ~ ~ Dockside Clinic #3  Winch Wizard  
June 1st ~ ~  Cal 20 Regatta  
June 4th ~ ~ General Meeting @NBYC 
June 9th  ~ ~ Sea Gals
June 15th ~ ~ Dockside Clinic #4  Dinghy Handling   
June 22nd ~ ~ Summer Sailstice 
June 29th ~ ~ Dockside Clinic #5 DIY Canvas  
July 21st ~ ~ Sea Gals 
August 2nd - 5th ~ ~ Catalina Weekend
August 6th ~ ~ General Meeting @ NBYC
August 11th ~ ~ Adventure Sail for Girls 
August 18th ~ ~ Sea Gals 
August 24th ~ ~ Raft Up  
September 8th ~ ~ Sea Gals 
September 10th ~ ~ General Meeting @ ASA

*Subject to change 
 Black = meeting | Pink = on-the-water | Green = OSeas | Orange = affiliate event | Purple = community service

Affiliate Organization Events
The following are affiliate events that we have been invited to participate and attend. Please be sure to visit their websites or click on the hyperlinks to view additional information. Remember when attending affiliate events, you are doing so as a representative of WSA-OC. 

WSA-OC members come hang out at ASA every Thursday  and take advantage of our newly reinstated Social Member status! 

Come by beginning at 5:00 p.m. for Thirsty Thursdays. Members only food and drink specials. There will be different specials and informational topics every week.

Great news! Sailing Pro Shop is offering WSA-OC members 15% off of your in store purchase or phone order. Includes regularly priced items only.

Stop by and support a small, locally owned business!
  Long Beach Women's Sailing Association

WSA-OC and LB WSA have made a reciprocal agreement to welcome members from each group to attend the others monthly meeting. There is no obligation to join the other organization. However, participation in club events is restricted to members only, unless otherwise specified. 

The LB WSA group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at Seal Beach Yacht Club, in Long Beach

Registration has not yet opened for Sea Gals 2019. All events will be held on Sundays from noon - 4:00 p.m.
The following are the tentative dates:  

May 12th
June 9th
July 21st
August 18th
September 8th
New Members

WSA-OC, without you and your continued support would not be the club we are today. Thanks to all of you for joining WSA-OC and believing in us and our mission.

Welcome aboard to our newest members:

Jennifer Edwards
Pamela Grimes
Ramsey Johansson
Dee Ketner
Lori Johnson
Stacy Lake
Janice Orlando
Amy Robison
Tammy Rones
Linda Ross
Pilar Rueda
Kathleen Sullivan
Carolyn Toth
Kayla Vanderbanck-Coburn

Happy Sailing!
On Deck

❇️ May  Meeting: Tuesday the 7th: Knots & Dock Basics at Aventura
❇️ OTW: Saturday, May 18th  Full Moon Social Sail   

❇️ June Meeting Tuesday the 4th:
at Newport Beach YC
❇️ OTW: Saturday, June 1st Cal 20 Regatta
❇️ OTW: Saturday, June 22nd Summer Sailstice
Community Service

Community Service & Scholarship/Grant Fund

We have several community service events and sailing opportunities planned throughout the year. 

Coastal Cleanups w/ Ocean Institute
❇️ Saturday, April 13th - See event details on left under Coastal Cleanup
❇️ Saturday, October 26th

Women in the Wind
❇️ Saturday, April 27th
We all know sailing can be a life changing experience. We will be offering small group sailing experiences to women who are facing some sort of adversity in their lives in order to provide them with  a positive, uplifting environment to help them regain and build their confidence and self esteem.  Each session will offer participants an opportunity to lead, communicate, reflect and learn.

If you know a woman who could benefit from one of these on-the-water sailing sessions and/or you would like to participate in making this  a memorable day for these women please contact Lisa Cullinane or Laura McCaleb for additional info.

WSA-OC First Annual 
Girls AdventureSail®

***Save the Date***
❇️ Sunday, August 11th
WSA-OC will partner with National Women's Sailing Association (NWSA) and local youth organizations  to engage girls ages 9 - 14 in a fun day of  learning and empowerment.  

WSA-OC Scholarship
WSA-OC has scholarship and grant monies available for sailing and environmental learning programs and projects. We are targeting women and girls from our local communities.

Please email us for more information: for info about scholarships and the transformative day sails and for info about obtaining a grant for a community service project.
Ship Store
Fall/Winter  M erchandise Dwindling Get it Before it's Gone! 
Limited Quantities!
The Ship Store is open 24/7. Our logo merch makes great gifts

We have cool weather items in the Ship Store that are member approved - just ask Laura Swartz - for the cool, rainy weather we've been having. Get them now, because once they're gone, they're gone forever!
⛵️  Fleece Vests
⛵️  Fleece Jackets
⛵️  Anorak
⛵️  Long Sleeve Shirts

Some of the Fall/Winter WSA-OC logo merchandise

Order online now to guarantee your purchase before it sells out!  Buy now , so you're outfitted for our next event or your walk around town!

Add a WSA-OC Logo to Your Own Items

If you have personal [fabric] items that you would like to have the WSA-OC logo embroidered on we can do that for you! The cost will depend upon number of items received, but will be between $10 -$15 per item , which is the cost of application. For an additional $10 you can have your item personalized i.e. name, boat name, etc. (one line only). Contact us for info.

⚓️ We will be sending members text messages from the number 474747. To ensure that you receive these messages, make sure your phone doesn't have a 'Short Code Block', which will preclude you from receiving text messages from us. Also, make sure we have your current mobile number. Email us if you have any questions or if you did not receive a text message from us on March 1st or March 13th

Text the keyword wsaoc to 474747, if you'd like to be added to our text list to receive updates.

⚓️ Captain Diane Berol is back from cruising around the Sea of Cortez - with WSA-OC members who've completed her training program - and she's ready to train new members for her next expedition to the South Pacific! 

Diane is looking for sailors interested in training for a cruising opportunity to explore the South Pacific islands and New Zealand. Celtic Song is training crew to leave June 2020 from San Diego. They will  be cruising the islands from Tahiti to New Zealand. Diane's next round of classes begins in May. Here is the link for class schedules and instructions to attend

If you would like to be considered for an expedition leg of her journey or would like additional information contact Diane

⚓️ Congratulations to Mary Ellen Barlow on her recent engagement!

⚓️ Suzanne Schuler has listed her boat Violetta for sale.

⚓️ Do you have some news you'd like to share? Like, a new boat or a boat for sale. Perhaps you just got your captains license. Email us, so we can spread the news! Don't be shy. Let us know!
Membership  Opportunities
Member Referral Reward: Convert a Guest into a Member

As members, we are offering you an incentive to help in our membership drive.  If you bring a guest to a meeting, and that guest becomes a member by completing a member application form and paying their dues during the meeting, your name will be entered in a drawing.  The member who converts a guest into a member, and whose name is drawn, will win a $25 Ship Store credit. During our January meeting, we had five members who converted their guests into a member.

Renew for only $70. Available to 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 members

Let's make our goal of 40 in 40 ... forty new members in our 40th year!

New members can join for $85

Please note that WSA-OC membership runs on a calendar year, January through December; there are no rolling memberships.
Members Only
Facebook Group
Log In to Get the Scoop

One of the perks of WSA-OC membership is accessing the exclusive  content that can be found on our private, members-only, Facebook group page. The page is very dynamic with a lot of member interaction.

Click on photo to link to group.

Any group member can start a post, add photos, comment, etc. It is a forum for both official WSA-OC announcements and informal content. Friends have literally been made, crew spots filled all thanks to the easy, open communication between  members. As we've said before, "The more you put into this group [WSA-OC], the more you'll get out of it!"
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2019 WSA-OC
Board of Directors

Karen Pacella

Vice Commodore
Lisa Cullinane

Rear Commodore
Kt Reiter

Barbara Kelley

Laura McCaleb

Director at Large: Communications
Tracy Gallucci

Director at Large: Membership
Vallerie Gonzales

Jr. Staff Commodore
Melanie Green

Newsletter Editor
Tracy Gallucci
Photo of the Month
Who said Lisa Cullinane is only a "Fair weather sailor?" Oh yeah, Lisa did, but the adage no longer applies. Here's Kt Reiter at the helm of Sails Lady heading up to the Sailing Convention for Women and Lisa showing off her - just out of the packaging ... three years later - bright yellow foul weather gear. Photo: Lisa Cullinane

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