May 2019
Chatting With The Commodore
Karen Pacella, WSA-OC Commodore
Can you believe April has snuck past us and we're already into May??!  As I sit and write this, I can't help but smile at all the great things that have happened this last month and those yet to come! If you've followed our Facebook pages, you've seen WSA-OC members participate in Newport to Ensenada, travel far off destinations, cleaning our Oceans, introducing women to the fun and benefits of a great day on the water. Boy - we've been busy

This past month was a HUGE first for me as a sailor and as an adventurer.... I followed in the footsteps of so many members and did my first 'out of the country' vacation and bareboat charter. Yep - four gals trekked all over Italy and then sailed for 7 days in the beautiful Amalfi Coast! Now that I know what so many of you have been talking about, I'm sure to do even more. I must say, without the encouragement and support I've received from my WSA-OC friends, I don't know this vacation would have ever happened! This is a wonderful group of women - no matter where your sailing level lies, you're certain to benefit! 

In April we had our first General Meeting in Newport Beach! - I've heard nothing but positive feedback! WE WILL be doing more meetings in Newport this year! Thank you to Lisa Cullinane and her team for putting another great meeting. I hope to see more members becoming Boat Owners! Speaking of Boat Ownership, are you taking advantage of the great Dock Side Clinics introduced this year? With two already under our belt, It's clear these events are being VERY WELL received. We have smaller groups that meet..... you guessed it.... dock side.... and have a great learning opportunity that focuses on owning a boat. We've 'toured' a variety of boats to look at differences, we've gone over maintenance, and our other clinics will focus on other great topics. Check out the website and sign up today.

Our next event is on May 18 - our annual Moonlight Sail - this is an event not to be missed. Probably some of my most memorable times on the water have been at moonlight. It's a great way to continue to get out on the water with great people and have a LOT of fun.

For now, I hope you have Fair Winds and Following Seas
 - Karen
New Initiative: Dockside Clinics
We have embarked on another new venture this year. We will be providing a series of Dockside Clinics in Dana Point. You can attend one or all of them. The cost will be $25* per session, first come first served.

The Dockside Clinics are designed for a small group of 6-8 people per session to either prepare you for boat ownership and/or bolster your knowledge and skillset if you already have a boat. Our goal is to work with each attendee's issues or needs individually and as a group. 

Each Dockside Clinic will be two hours and afterward we're hoping there will be time for additional practice, conversation, drinks, etc. Who knows sailing may even end up happening!

Judy Fusco, who many of you know from either the Sailing Convention for Women, Long Beach WSA or our June meeting will be our instructor. She has years of sailing and teaching experience.
May 25 ~ Winch Wizard  
Learn how to maintain your own winches. Sign-ups open now.

June 15 ~ Dinghy Handling 
Everyone will get a chance to drive a dinghy around the harbor to get comfortable with how they handle; center console and outboard. Sign-ups open now.

June 29 ~ DIY Canvas  
An opportunity to repair or make a canvas item from a boat or patio furniture. Sign-ups open now.

Sign up now for all five for the price of $100 or individually for $25 each.

June Meeting  ~  Newport Beach Yacht Club
Onde Amo
Onde Amo crossing finish line in 2017 TransPac Race

Transpac Adventures
Our own WSA-OC member & Transpac competitor, Stephen Ashley will chronicle his first Transpac race from 2 years ago and talk about his 2nd Transpac voyage this year. It will be quite interesting to hear about this race from someone who has done it and about to do it again in July!  We'll also hear from WSA-OC members Debbie Kraemer and Loryne Schamber who join the Onde Amo crew for the 2019 Transpac.
⛵️ Tuesday, June 4th
⛵️ 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Social/Happy Hour
⛵️ 7:00 - 7:30 p.m. New Business & Announcements
⛵️ 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Transpac
⛵️ Newport Beach Yacht Club ***New Venue***    
1099 Bayside Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
⛵️ Feel free to arrive at 5:45 p.m. and enjoy optional Taco Tuesday buffet for $22
⛵️ Full bar available
⛵️ Street parking or free valet available at NBYC - please tip, if you use!
⛵️ Bring cash for our 50/50 raffle and to tip the valet
⛵️ Meetings are open to all members, their guests and any member of the public interested in learning more about the WSA-OC.
⛵️ Be mindful we are a guests of the NBYC

WSA-OC Community Service

Community Service & Scholarship/Grant Fund

Community Service Chair Laura McCaleb has been working overtime this year launching several service projects in our sailing community. Coastal Clean-up and the inaugural "Women In The Wind" both took place in April and are covered in separate newsletter articles. Here's what's coming up later this year:

WSA-OC First Annual  Girls AdventureSail®
***Save the Date -- Sunday, August 11th***
WSA-OC will partner with National Women's Sailing Association (NWSA) and local youth organizations  to engage girls ages 9 - 14 in a fun day of  learning and empowerment.  

WSA-OC Scholarship & Grant Opportunities
WSA-OC has scholarship and grant monies available for sailing and environmental learning programs and projects. We are targeting women and girls from our local communities. 
Please email us for more information on scholarships, community service projects or becoming part of our Community Service Committee. More information on these programs now available on our WSA-OC website.

Full Moon Sail - More Boats = More Participants!
Our Full Moon Sail is always one of our most popular events of the year.
  • The BAD NEWS is that the event is all filled up; you can email us to be on our waiting list.
  • The GOOD NEWS is that we can accommodate more participants if we have more boat owners participate!
Drop Event Director KT Reiter a note if you want more info about participating with your boat for one of our fun events (no obligation, we promise!!)

Coastal Cleanup
AKA "WSA-OC Gets Trashy"

Trash Pickup
Participants in WSA-OC/Ocean Institute Coastal Pick-up
Click image above to see WSA-OC Community Service Team in action!!

Saturday, April 13 th was an impressive trash picken' day in the harbor 
when WSA-OC members joined Ocean Institute staff for a friendly competition of who's "trashiest". The group grew to about 60 people as the public saw what we were doing and asked to join the clean up.

Ocean Institute provided sandwiches and a self-guided tour of the Tall Ship Pilgrim, as well as a mini talk about how trash and plastics affect the environment and marine life before the competition began. Over 200 lbs of trash was collected and prizes were awarded in many different categories with one of our newest members claiming "trashiest".  

Thank you to all who came out to help and a special thanks to Community Service committee member Dee Carroll for being instrumental in coordinating the clean up with Ocean Institute.

May Meeting Recap:
Let's Get Knotty!
Thanks to everyone who came out last night and were knotty with us! We had a lot of fun and (re)learned a lot, as well.
Brand new member (as of last night) and presenter, Judy Fusco, master of knot
Knotty meeting
Click the photo to see May meeting Photo Gallery
s and dad jokes, kept us all entertained during her interactive "Essential Sailing Knots" presentation. In the photo commodore, Karen Pacella, - doing her best Vanna impersonation - holding a cleat as Judy demonstrates one of the easiestknots, a cleat hitch, but one of the most important and frequently used knots a sailor, or any boater, needs to know how to tie properly.

We were so excited to see Aventura filled with 60+ members and guests. In the words of a famous movie from the 70's, "We're gonna need a bigger boat!!"
Women In The Wind Event Recap
April 27 th was a perfect day to host our first Women in the Wind Sail. WSA-OC launched Women in the Wind to offer a small group sailing experience to women facing some sort of adversity in their life. The sail provides them a positive, uplifting environment to build confidence and self esteem. Each session offers participants an opportunity to lead, communicate, reflect, and learn.  
Women in the wind
WSA-OC members and Women In The Wind participants

Five women were welcomed aboard Lisa Cullinane's Sails Lady. Some of the women had never imagined an opportunity to be on the water in a sailboat and were a little timid and fearful of becoming sea sick at first. Fears subsided quickly after they were each given a turn at the helm. Huge smiles and big boosts of confidence appeared and they started asking many questions. Some even ventured up to sit on the bow and everyone pitched in when it was time to tack. It was a day of many firsts with our guests raving about the experience and how they will carry the memories of the day with them for a very long time.  

We are grateful for our members who selflessly volunteered their day to crew (Amy Robison, Dee Carroll, Vallerie Gonzales, Laura McCaleb). A nd a huge thanks to Lisa Cullinane for s haring her boat and her passion for helping women through sailing and conceiving an event like  "Women in the Wind".

Affiliate Organization Events
WSA-OC Members Welcome

Registration is now open for Sea Gals 2019 season. All events will be held on Sundays from noon - 4:00 p.m.
More info can be found by clicking link above.  Remaining dates:  
June 9th
July 21st
August 18th
September 8th

WSA-OC members invited to Aventura every Thursday to take advantage of our Social Member status! 

Come by beginning at 5:00 p.m. for Thirsty Thursdays members-only food and drink specials. There will be different specials and informational topics every week.

Mark Your Calendars Now!
Upcoming 2019 WSA-OC Events*
The following is an up-to-date list of WSA-OC and affiliate events* that we have planned for the next six months of 2019. More events and details will be added as planning continues and as the events get closer. As each event gets closer, more details will also be provided via the WSA-OC social media accounts - Facebook and Instagram.  For more information, view our  All Events  page on the website.

All of our on-the-water events are for WSA-OC members only, unless noted otherwise. Cancellations will be assessed a $5.00 fee to cover our credit card fees. No-shows or cancellations made within 48 hours of event cannot be refunded. 

Questions? Email us at
May 18th ~ ~ Full Moon Social Sail - (Full, wait-list only)
May 25 ~ ~ Dockside Clinic #3  Winch Wizard  
June 1st ~ ~  Cal 20 Regatta (Postponed)  
June 4th ~ ~ General Meeting @NBYC 
June 9th  ~ ~ Affiliate Event - Sea Gals
June 15th ~ ~ Dockside Clinic #4  Dinghy Handling   
June 22nd ~ ~ Summer Sailstice, Day Sail in Newport Beach
June 29th ~ ~ Dockside Clinic #5 DIY Canvas  
July 21st ~ ~ Affiliate Event - Sea Gals 
August 2nd - 5th ~ ~ Catalina Weekend - (SAVE THE DATE!)
August 6th ~ ~ General Meeting @ NBYC
August 11th ~ ~ Adventure Sail for Girls 
August 18th ~ ~ Affiliate Event - Sea Gals 
August 24th ~ ~ Raft Up  
September 8th ~ ~ Affiliate Event - Sea Gals 
September 10th ~ ~ General Meeting @ Aventura

*Subject to change 
 Black = meeting | Pink = on-the-water | Green = OSeas | Orange = affiliate event | Purple = community service

New Members

WSA-OC, without you and your continued support would not be the club we are today. Thanks to all of you for joining WSA-OC and believing in us and our mission.

Welcome aboard to our newest members:

Judy Fusco
Sarah Sepulveda
Shannon Sousa
Shelley Furse
Kelvin McCaleb
Sonja Novotny

name tags
Our membership has outgrown our name tag board! Congratulations to member Mary Coleman who won $25 in Ship Store credit for bringing a new member, Sarah Sepulveda to our May Meeting!
OSeas Race Team Update
LEMWOD 2019 Racing Team

Last call! If you have an interest in joining the team this is your opportunity.  

Must have racing experience, agility, and require minimum direction.  If interested contact Race Team Chair Denise Eldredge.  Please include position you are interested in and racing experience. This year is shaping up to be another awesome one with an incredible team.

Ship Store
40th Anniversary Items Have Arrived!
The Ship Store is open 24/7. Our logo merch makes great gifts

Special 40th Anniversary swag has arrived in the WSA-OC Ship Store. Available now on our website.
⛵️  40th Anniversary Caps
⛵️  Sailing Duffel Bags
⛵️  Hooded Wind Jackets
Mesh Jerseys
⛵️  Fleece Vests
⛵️  Anorak
⛵️  Long Sleeve Shirts

Pink 40th Anniversary. Hat
Order online now to guarantee your purchase before it sells out!  Buy now , so you're outfitted for our next event or your walk around town!

Add a WSA-OC Logo to Your Own Items

If you have personal [fabric] items that you would like to have the WSA-OC logo embroidered on we can do that for you! The cost will depend upon number of items received, but will be between $10 -$15 per item , which is the cost of application. For an additional $10 you can have your item personalized i.e. name, boat name, etc. (one line only). Contact us for info.

⚓️ We Want Your Text - We will be sending members text messages from the number 474747. To ensure that you receive these messages, make sure your phone doesn't have a 'Short Code Block', which will preclude you from receiving text messages from us. Also, make sure we have your current mobile number. Email us if you have any questions or if you did not receive a text message from us reminding you of May meeting.

Text the keyword wsaoc to 474747, if you'd like to be added to our text list to receive updates.

⚓️ Sail the South Pacific - Captain Diane Berol is back from cruising around the Sea of Cortez - with WSA-OC members who've completed her training program - and she's ready to train new members for her next expedition to the South Pacific!  Diane Berol

Diane is looking for sailors interested in training for a cruising opportunity to explore the South Pacific islands and New Zealand. Celtic Song is training crew to leave June 2020 from San Diego. They will  be cruising the islands from Tahiti to New Zealand. Diane's next round of classes begins this month. (2 spots open for Basic Class on Tuesday, May 14th.) Here is the link for class schedules and instructions to attend

If you would like to be considered for an expedition leg of her journey or would like additional information contact Diane

⚓️ Volunteer Opportunity - We are expanding our Communications Team; Do you like to write? Are you into PR? Do you enjoy posting on Instagram or Facebook? Do you like taking and sharing photos? Even if it's only one of the above, we're building our team!!

⚓️ Newsflash! - Do you have some news you'd like to share? Like, a new boat or a boat for sale. Perhaps you just got your captains license. Email us, so we can spread the news! Don't be shy. Let us know!
Membership  Opportunities
Member Referral Reward: Convert a Guest into a Member

As members, we are offering you an incentive to help in our membership drive.  If you bring a guest to a meeting, and that guest becomes a member by completing a member application form and paying their dues during the meeting, your name will be entered in a drawing. The member who converts a guest into a member, and whose name is drawn, will win a $25 Ship Store credit.

Renew for only $70. Available to 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 members

Let's make our goal of 40 in 40 ... forty new members in our 40th year!

New members can join for $85

Please note that WSA-OC membership runs on a calendar year, January through December; there are no rolling memberships.
More WSA-OC Benefits!
One of the many benefits of your membership with WSA-OC is guest privileges (aka "Reciprocals") at local area yacht clubs. We want to acknowledge and thank participating clubs for generously extending guest privileges to our members. 
Please view our website for a current list of available yacht clubs you may visit along with our code of conduct when visiting.

Members Only
Facebook Group
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One of the perks of WSA-OC membership is accessing the exclusive  content that can be found on our private, members-only, Facebook group page. The page is very dynamic with a lot of member interaction.

Click on photo to link to group.

Any group member can start a post, add photos, comment, etc. It is a forum for both official WSA-OC announcements and informal content. Friends have literally been made, crew spots filled all thanks to the easy, open communication between  members. As we've said before, "The more you put into this group [WSA-OC], the more you'll get out of it!"
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Valerie Rhodes shows off her WSA-OC burgee in Caya Largo, Cuba on a recent charter

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