Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unique moment in human and world history.

The purpose of this note is to communicate the club’s plans in response to the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID19) and how this impacts your child, our club's community of players. 

The most recent decision has been to extend our suspension of all organized training & game activities thru April 12, 2020.  The purpose of this suspension is in the interest of the safety of our own families, and also in accordance with our more global responsibility. As we understand disease transmission, and the current caveats associated with COVID-19, such as incubation periods, potential unknown carriers, and unknown pathologies, we acknowledge our need as an organization to limit transportation and mobilization of people. 

These measures will help in the solution to sourcing localized outbreaks, learning more about the disease pathology, and also limiting contact for potential further transmission. This decision is NOT based SOLELY on the threat to our kids and families, but a threat to our global and national community. 

We know this is an inconvenience to your regular programming. We will do our best to create a revised, new, reinvented experience for you and your team, during the interim time to return to play.


1. Your safety.  Inform and educate.

2. The safety of others.  Comply and abide.

3. Activity from our players, your child (or you if your a player reading) to continue training, growing, learning, developing through individualized and virtual teaching. Lead and communicate.

4. Team-oriented engagement and building through virtual technology. Create and plan.

5. Teaching and impacting players through weekly and daily lessons purposed by the club’s mission, core values, core competencies, and curriculum (The WSA Way).  Take action and execute.


Wash hands frequently, for 20 seconds, using soap (soap interacts and helps destroy the viral capsid).

If sick stay home.

Do not use hands when coughing or sneezing (use shirt or elbow).

Do not touch face , eyes, mouth, nose, with hands.

Maintain physical distance from others (social distance) of approx 6 feet.

Stay active . Healthy immune systems will help.


Communicate frequently . Please sign up for CLUB TEXT ALERTS by texting @theside to 81010 .   This is one-way messaging that will include club updates now and into the future. If you have previously signed up for club text alerts that portal has been reset so you must sign up for this portal. Please also follow our social media outlets (see bottom of this email to follow us on FB, IG, TW). Social Media is where some info will be posted and also updates on the club's VIRTUAL TRAINING PLAN will be posted.

Make decisions at 2-3 week increments . We will continue to evaluate and assess the situation. The situation is fluid and requires our responsiveness, but also calculated decisions. We will continue to communicate as we receive information on our facility availability. Currently we are in accord with all of our 11 different facility operators directives. Our return to play plans, transitions, and protocol will be communicated timely for you.

Pay Coaching Staff . The club will expect staff members to stay engaged in their weekly or daily routine to serve the kids. An action plan is in place. Many will work more to revise previously considered teaching and coaching plans. The club has provided the coaches a “toolkit” to assist the process. Your membership fees allow us to continue to pay your team's coach. Thank you. Your coaching staff is grateful.

Reschedule WSA Cup to May 23-24 . Offer 100% discounts to teams if the event is canceled due to COVID19. Look for announcements coming soon.

Move the 5K GIVEAWAY prize give-aways back to May 1 . The fundraiser will proceed in the background during this time. 

Spring Break Camp – Canceled. 100% refunds transacted for those registered.

SIDE FC 92 Semiprofessional Home Opener – Postponed. Rescheduling within league policy.

Spring OPC League, Year-Round OPC and NPL, YDP, ACS - All league platforms are following an incremental suspension policy and are suspended thru the club's current April 12 date.

Return to Play Protocol - We anticipate a return to play and will create a "protocol" for safe practices on the training ground and game days to ensure we do our part to contain the transmission of the disease. We will also plan based on evolving contingencies for training periodization, league play, post season national events, and our in-house events.

Thank you again for your support, your understanding, your prayer for those inflicted and most impacted, and for your tremendous attitude in the face of challenge.

"GOD WANTS DOERS. NOT SITTERS AND WAITERS" - Jeff Lovelace left this lesson at his own memorial service, for his friends, many of the WSA 80 Boys and the WSA players of that generation, when he passed on from brain cancer, after an abundantly lived life at the age of 20. His piece of legacy infects the spirits of many of our club's most devout and dedicated leaders today.

So in closing, I'd offer the encouragement to not take the opportunity of isolation and lock-down to only rest, or do less, but instead to find new ways to continue to DO and to continue to BECOME. We will ask our players, our coaches, and our families to enthusiastically join in doing. We humbly respect the disease and its power and the threat. We also have opportunity to give rise to our own power to continue to control our attitudes, perspective, and activity levels. Please join in us in keeping kids engaged, active, participating, training, growing, learning, developing, during this time. And let's be the example of DOING and make our best effort to not "SIT and WAIT".


Roger Bush
WSA Soccer
Executive Director
West Side Alliance S.C. | WSA.SOCCER.ORG