2015 Issue 3
It Takes A Village... 
When our son or daughter is born we immediately want everyone - especially our immediate and extended family to share in our joy. But what happens when sometime in the future - perhaps within days, but more likely months, or even years down the road, we learn that our son or daughter is challenged in some way - medically, developmentally or in the case of those with Williams syndrome, medically AND developmentally.
What do we do when we are reeling with the news that our child is facing challenges that will make each day a bit more
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Upcoming Events
Pizza Party at Shelby Farms Park
Fall Festival & Hay Ride
Family Vacation Cruise
Beautiful Blessings Beauty Pageant
Be sure to check the Calendar for events in your area.  New events are added often!

WS Registry

Knowledge about Williams syndrome  is growing.  However, we believe that by encouraging research, knowledge can grow even faster and lead to better ways of caring for persons with Williams syndrome.


To learn more about the WS Registry, please click here .
Tools for Education
One of our goals as an organization is to provide the tools and resources you need to help insure your child will get the best education possible. Over the next several months, we will be working with our education consultant, Robin Pegg, M.Ed, COTA, ATP, to provide several new IEP resources.

Creating your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) can be both exciting and stressful.  It is exciting to hear how much progress
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Joint Policy Statement on Inclusion Released by the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services 
Government agencies rarely work together. But on September 14, 2015 the DOE and HHS did exactly that - making a statement "to set a vison and provide recommendations to states, local educational agencies and public and private early childhood programs for increasing the inclusion of infants, toddlers, and preschool children with disabilities in high-quality early childhood programs."   The statement marks... Continue reading 
Summer Camps 2015   
Nearly 200 campers, parents, and camp staff gathered on the shores of Lake Van Etten in Oscoda, Michigan for the WSA's Therapeutic Experience & Music & Enrichment Camps.  This summer's camps had many new elements, including a new location. Following 14 years at Indian Trails in Grand Rapids, MI, this was our first year at YMCA Camp Nissokone. We hope it was the first of many years to come in Oscoda.

The camps were held during the last week of July (Therapeutic Camp) and the first week in August (Teen Camp). The Therapeutic Experience campers went
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Health and Wellness: Listen to Your Gut 
Summertime is a wonderful opportunity to explore and introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables into your family's diet. With the availability of farmer's markets and fresh local produce stands, there are wonderful opportunities to get more onto the dinner plate. Yet we know all too well that many children and adults with WS struggle to overcome texture issues, limited palates and an unwillingness to sample new things or change a routine. And there seems to be a growing number of bowel/gut related medical issues that develop over time. Finding ways to help our children...Continue reading

National Convention 2016 
"The Heart of it All" July 3/4-7, 2016 
Hyatt-Regency - Columbus, Ohio
Save the Date for the upcoming 2016 National Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Reservations are now open at the Hyatt! The convention committee has been hard at work planning a meeting that will be both educational and fun for the whole family. Early details include... Continue reading 

The Holidays Will Soon be Upon Us!    
Are you hoping to have an opportunity to celebrate the holidays this year with folks in your area who have a child with Williams syndrome? The best way to ensure that there is a holiday party in your area this year, is to host one!
The WSA is looking for volunteers to host events so that WSA families can celebrate together... Continue reading 

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