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Dear WSB friends,

I hope you're finding a way to stay cozy and comfy in Saudi Arabia's chilly wintertime. I've taken a (hopefully short) break from editing the newsletter. It has been such a joy to work on it throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021. During my time as editor, I was blessed to be introduced to new friends, amazing teammates, and to read so many truly incredible stories that you have shared. What ever it is that provides you with your source of inspiration, cling tight to it, and keep writing! I'd like to give a warm thanks to WSB for inviting me to share their journey with them, and to all of you for sharing your stories. I hope to be back soon! Best wishes until then.

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Andrea Mehringer
Our Director's Message

Dear readers, dear friends,

Welcome to our February newsletter, which is all about passion. I do hope you enjoy reading about the many passionate, inspiring, women we work with...

Now, passion always gets me excited! As a passionate person, I truly believe that we should all (as much as we can, of course) follow our passions, they may end up being the drive in our lives...

When I was 4 years old, my parents moved to New Delhi and as a very young, curious child, the extreme poverty both confused and astounded me. From that point on, I was determined to help others whenever I had the opportunity, if possible I would dedicate my life to helping others. By age 14 I was volunteering in orphanages and old people's homes in China (my home at the time) by age 17, I had decided I wanted to be a human rights lawyer. For many years, the passion for helping others and (trying) to correct injustices took me across the world to study, to experience and to work.

When I arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2014 I tried to continue with this passion of helping others and I am thankful that I have been able to do that here too... Now, as I reflect on my life, I know there are many more things I would like to do but currently, at home with my 3 beautiful children keeping me busy with homeschooling, I am investing myself in other projects and I have realised something, my passion is for life! I value and cherish it and not a day goes by when I don't feel grateful for all the things in my life...

I hope I am bringing some of this passion to WSB and as we continue to work with many ladies on projects with our local partners, the Special Olympics of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Botanical Society, Prince Sultan University and Princess Noura University/DCU. I hope you too will join me on this journey and discover all roads life can lead us to!

Stay safe and follow your heart!

Pauline Khan
WSB Director

WSB Industry Working Groups - January 2021
The long awaited day had finally arrived when the ladies of the 10 Industry Working Groups could get together. Unfortunately, due to MoH guidelines, the numbers were limited so not all of the 200+ ladies could attend.

Our setting for this event was the beautiful Margherita authentic Italian Restaurant, set in the heart of the Veranda Food Court, off the Northern Ring Road. They had kindly prepared the seating arrangements and generously provided delicious, complimentary finger foods.

All ladies were excited to meet many new people and to put names from group chats, Zoom profile photos to real faces and personalities. There was such a buzz in the restaurant.
The objective of the evening was primarily to network and get to know one another better. Tables were arranged by Industry Sector and the groups brainstormed on initiatives and activities that support not only individuals but the group and wider community. We wish to thank all the ladies who participated, those who joined and renewed their membership and joined and especially to Margherita Restaurant.

If you are interested in joining our Industry Working Groups, please complete the form and we will connect you with the whole group!

Inspiring Woman
Munira Al Hazani
Please tell us about yourself?

I started my career in the humanitarian and non-profit sector in the Kingdom while I was still attending university. I specialized in project management while majoring in business administration. I was recruited by the Princess AlAnoud Foundation before my graduation and made my way up to executive director for programs and projects. Later I would continue my MBA at Al Faisal University and join KPMG as a management consultant. I gained a lot of practical and personal experience working with one of the most prominent consulting firms in the world. It also gave me the confidence to start my firm, LIBG Solutions. A few years would pass and I noticed that my country, particularly my city was very improvised as far as information about native plants, plant taxonomy, archives of specimens, and plant-based (no pun intended) institutions were concerned. We haven’t even a single botanical garden within the whole Kingdom, although HRH Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has included the creation of botanical gardens as part of the Vision 2030 national strategy. It was puzzling to me how is it that modern appreciation for the scientific and aesthetic value of plants in my country was previously so overlooked? This is why I decided to start the Saudi Arabian Botanical Society. I’m hoping to create a lasting impression on the development of my country through plants. As for hobbies as you might be able to imagine I love to container garden at my home and office. I also love playing the piano, and exercise.
What does a typical day at work look like?

As many of you probably know running a business is a never-ending venture. As soon as you solve one problem it would seem that five more would materialize. Not that my situation is special in any way, many other entrepreneurs would probably report the same findings. Running your own firm/business is just simply very hard there is only so much you can do to make it “easy”. Being a woman in the business world in Saudi Arabia remains a challenge, being a Saudi woman in the business arena in the Kingdom is even more challenging. Saudis, even Saudi women, are doubtful of our capabilities. Even if women aren’t being paid less perse they are putting in 3-5x the amount of effort only because so much doubt shrouds the efforts that we put forth. The struggle is proving that we are just as credible as any other of our colleagues and constituents in our industries. We are just as abled, just as sophisticated. Whew. 

We are very warm when it comes to interacting with organizations. I’m a true believer in the Arabic proverb “ One hand cannot clap.” Not only is it essential to work with people outside of your organization, but it is also energizing. While some people find meetings and introductions to be awkward and physically/emotionally taxing I truly feel refreshed and inspired by every meeting I have. It is my outgoing nature that got me in front of WSB, so I must be doing something right. I’m particularly targeting PIF companies since they have the most cutting edge and relevant capabilities, budgets, strategies, and so on. They are also the ones that seem to be able to cut through the red-tape and get treated like semi-government organizations. These are “growth-hacks”, as they are called the process of reaching milestones and ultimately success. 

What/Who inspires you?

Since the very beginning, we have been mesmerized by plants. There is an emotional bond that unites us with plants. They are so much a part of who we are as a species. They have provided us with every type of nourishment, sustenance, and luxury. Yet, we know so little about them. Though our existence without them is impossible how is it that we have so little cultural and scientific appreciation for them as a society? This is exactly why I founded the Saudi Arabian Botanical Society. I’m truly inspired by many local female role models, both women of privilege and women who are unknown. I’m also very inspired by ex-pat women who tirelessly have to navigate a very complicated, admittedly complex culture, business environment, and regulatory process. Yet every time I meet them they are all smiles, support, and genuine affection, even while being so far out of their comfort zones.   It was working in the field of environmental awareness that my colleague, brother, dear friend the Co-Founder and consultant Joshua Van Alstine encouraged me to pursue my passion in creating a botanical organization. 

What long term goals do you have for SBS and in relation to Saudi Arabia?

Not only do we plant trees but we also plant memories for the next generations. My lifelong dream is to see every family have deep relationships with the botanical world like they do with their other family members and even pets. We desperately need plant biodiversity for livable and sustainable communities. Surprisingly myriad studies have proven that interaction with plants reduces psychological and physiological stress as we feel more relaxed, calm, refreshed, and stronger in a garden. Plus, some plants evoke positive emotion, suppress depression, and act as the natural moderator of mood. This is an open invitation to make our homes, houses, buildings, streets, and communities greener. For this noble purpose, SBS will forge a strong link between hobbyists and armatures with the wider research community to better protect wildlife and endangered species in particular, for a more sustainable environment for future generations. I also want to see the creation of Saudi Arabia’s first world-class botanical garden where people travel far and wide to visit Saudi Arabia’s most endemic and endangered plant species. We are always looking for volunteers, both experts, and hobbyists who may be wanting to participate in building the botanical society. Your time and efforts are the most valuable of contributions. 

What message do you wish to convey?

Being out of your comfort zone is very very challenging yet very healthy for the many aspects that make you, you. Only when you have completely exited your comfort zone do you grow and become something truly special. We can see this happen in practical terms when it comes to plants. Plants that grow in the darker more shaded parts of the forest floor often have to make brighter, more intrinsic flowers. Larger, heavier leaves to get every single light wave of energy for their photosynthesis. They have to deal with poor soil conditions, suffocating lack of air circulation, fungus inducing humidity, grazing fauna, and even the quite literal instances of defecation from birds and primates from above. Yet, it is because of their unbearable challenges and conditions that they have to live in did they evolve to become so different, mesmerizing, and even “creative” if I might add, creative survivalists. Take for instance the many species of pitcher plants, and fly traps. These are a couple of only a handful of natural instances in which plants, because of their challenging environments, evolved to eat animals even though the opposite is the vast norm. They have become so adapt to their environment and to living out of their “comfort zone” they have quite literally paved the way for a new type of zone. Not one in which insects or bovines mindlessly munch on the leaves and stems of plants, no, but of one where insects and even small reptiles die a slow death through digestive enzymes released through specialized leaves. If that is not inspiring, I don’t know what is. 
Do you have a quote, saying or motto that you live by?
Life is not fair. 

It’s my personal mantra, it’s internal so that is what makes it particularly valuable to me. I won’t hang it on a wall, or put it on my desk. It’s not a nihilist thought or even defeatist, it’s just the way life really is. Only through accepting can you find liberation. 
Top Tips on Working & Setting Up Your Business in KSA
Pauline Khan
1.     Approach the right Ministry: if you are a Saudi, approach the Ministry of Commerce, an expat should approach the Ministry of Investment
2.     Know you facts: If you are an expat and you want to set up your company under the Ministry of Investment, you will need to have the company incorporated abroad first and have its Articles of Association as well as at least 1 year’s financials.
3.     Even freelancing is regulated: it is important to know that if you sign a contract for full-time or part-time work, it may not be enforceable if you are on a private iqama.
4.     Consider Maroof if you have an online business: If you have your own online store or you sell via Instagram you can register it on Maroof (a digital free platform to authenticate your existence, it is not a market place). No CR is required only your ID however you will need to use an absher account.
5.     Always double check: Laws are regularly amended so do check with the relevant Ministry or a lawyer to make sure you have the right information.
If you would like to find out more, then please join us on the 3rd March 2021. Look out for more details in your inbox and on Social Media @WSBRiyadh
Find (Your Passion) In KSA
Astrid Crooks
FindinKSA is a one-stop online portal for diverse businesses in Saudi Arabia to showcase as well as advertise their products and services. Its an easy online route for customers and business owners alike to find and be found.

I love travelling and exploring different countries and cultures. Wherever I go, I have to bring something back, either some artifacts, crafts or home decor items. Fashion and beauty items are also on my favourites list, amongst food, spices and fancy pottery. My idea has always been to collect some quirky memorabilia which reminds me about the story of the people and country behind it.

When I moved to Saudi Arabia with my family in 2015, I could not wait to explore and discover the richness of the local culture, heritage, art and craftsmanship, more so because it was the first time for me to live in the middle eastern region.

Online searches and sifting through malls and traditional souqs was a disappointing experience to say the least. There was no success unless asking around in numerous online groups or randomly following Instagram accounts hoping the algorithm would suggest more local business accounts selling their products via social media or door to door.
Being a marketing professional all my life, I really thought it was a shame that so many passionate and dedicated businesses had little or no exposure than they deserved. I hoped at the time, to fill this gap someday. 

While the global pandemic was looming over our minds last year, many local businesses were shutting down. Time was of abundance and only online business models were thriving. I thought to strike the iron while its hot. Luckily, my vision was shared also by my friend Rihab Osman. After a lot of brainstorming and few initial hiccups, our mutual dream was brought to life. FindinKSA was launched on April 9th, 2020. And now, after 10 months, there are over 200 businesses listed with us. 

FindinKSA has a simple mission- whether you are a newbie or an old towner, looking for anything be it personalized gifts, local fashion designers, artisanal foods, eco-friendly scents, sustainable products (the list is endless) we’ve got you covered. For business owners, all we’d like to say is: Grow with us. Your customer might not always be online shopping/searching at the usual suspects. Hence, FindinKSA might just be an alternative gateway to be discovered. 

Road Ahead 
Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer and we’ve witnessed the plethora of products and services over the past year. Whatever a customer is looking for, it’s available locally. Going forward we hope to influence this buying behaviour of customers from search global to search local. We intend to achieve this by further increasing the visibility for FindinKSA,and adding more regions as well as niche categories. 

Astrid Crookes
Co-Founder of FindinKSA
Love of Learning
Sarah Rhys-Jones
As a primary school teacher, I often get asked about pedagogy and teaching styles. It is important to have an educational philosophy in the classroom that is inclusive for all and reflective but also incorporating the latest technology or educational politics that are relevant at the time. Yes politics, unfortunately, does creep, (far too much) into the classroom and teachers are forever incorporating and adapting the curriculum or the latest government initiative. But most teachers do not enter the profession for this, they become teachers because they want to teach, They want to help people learn, to grow and develop as humans and to do this you have to inspire a love of learning. That is what counts. This is why the job is so special.
At the end of the academic year, I want the pupils in my care to be a better version of themselves than when they started. I want them to be curious about the world around them and have the confidence and skills to question and seek answers. With a classroom full of different personalities, a variety of backgrounds, numerous languages are spoken and a wide range of abilities how do we create this passion for learning? Firstly children have to feel safe and secure, comfortable to take risks and try new things without fear of being ridiculed. Maslow before Bloom; basic needs being met fully before academic wants fulfilled.
Essential to inspiring learning is the teacher/ pupil relationship. If we like and have a good relationship with our teachers, we are more likely to try hard to please them! My first job at the start of the academic year is to get to know and understand my pupils. What are they interested in? How do they like to learn? What are their work habits? What kind of personality are they developing? My interactions can have a huge impact on how pupils think for themselves and how they can develop a love of learning. The importance of positive comments and constructive, meaningful feedback can allow pupils to develop and learn from what they have done but they have to believe in their teacher.
Finally, an example from my own home tonight. As my daughter is trying to be motivated for her guitar practice, strumming the chords of Hotel California, a song she’s maybe heard me singing along to on the radio once, she is trying but her heart is not in it. Yet, I'm convinced if she was learning a TikTok tune she would have persevered until she had nailed it. If you are interested in the subject and enjoy it- you want to learn it, your inspiration is already there, it’s not ‘work’ it’s the love of learning!!
Passion Induces Courage and Purpose
Rizwana Narvel
My simple definition of passion is an emotion, a strong desire, when acted upon makes one do astonishing things. When you have passion for something, it makes you push your own boundaries to magnitudes beyond imagination.  
This article is about how I marshalled the courage to pursue my passion that pushed me to come out of my comfort zone, be open to change and take on the challenge head-on. This is my short story …
For over 18 years I have been professionally employed pursuing a career in the professional world. And over time, with experience, I came to realize and recognize my passion, something I truly cared about. And that was personal development. I had crossed paths with several intelligent and capable individuals who lacked confidence. 
Three years ago, I searched for a tool that I could use to support individuals develop confidence in various ways using my management consulting skills and, without having to leave my profession or study psychology. I found Clarity4D, a tool that provides a structured approach to personal development, for both adults and youth. 
Building confidence begins with understanding who we are, our reactions and our behaviors. I use Clarity4D to assist individuals in developing self-awareness and build confidence by applying the principle of color when interacting with others. This has been a very fulfilling journey for me, as I continue to work along side the youth to build confidence and positive behaviors and realize the impact of their behaviors on others. 
I found my passion, maybe a little late in life, but better now than never. This passion gives me the energy and drive to stay positive, to find the time to pursue my career professionally, manage my personal and family life, and invest in youth and adults who need structure to develop self-awareness and support and encouragement to becoming confident individuals.  

Author: Seasoned management consultant specializing in organizational excellence and change management
HiPPO Associates - UK
The Passion Behind Erika's Place
Erika Place
Hello, my name is Erika. I am going to share my life story for anyone feeling disdained or may be a little unhappy with life. Currently I am living the rosiest bit of my life, I have my own art studio in a beautiful compound in Riyadh and teach intuitive art to children as well as adults. For almost a decade I have been participating in art exhibitions in Riyadh, New York, Dubai and Spain. Before turning into a beautiful rainbow, my life had many blotches of grey, black and white. The struggle was real and long, until I could smudge it all together and start afresh.  
I was born in Guadalajara and raised in Acapulco, Mexico. I had an inborn talent for painting, crafting, revamping old furniture and objects. But I never thought of studying art or honing my skills in some way. At the age of 18 I fell in love, got married and moved to Switzerland. For the first time I was on my two feet in a foreign land, away from family with language problems. French and German were spoken predominantly, and I knew only Spanish. The only saving grace being my husband. He got me a waitressing job at the restaurant where he worked as a Chef. I gradually learnt some French but was hesitant to speak. I felt very homesick as the European culture was not inclusive at all. Within 2 years my marriage broke because my husband was unfaithful. It was my first lesson of life, not everything goes according to plan. 
 However I mustered courage and moved to England. Got married second time to an English man.
Life was normal for 11 years but then we parted ways. One of the major differences was that I wanted kids and he didn’t. I moved back to Paris and to make ends meet I did many odd jobs. Over time my French improved, I could afford a nice studio and was lucky to be hired by a 5-star hotel in Madeleine as a waitress. In my free time I started painting and even started selling my work through a PR agency. Finally, I could unleash and channel the creativity inside me as my heart was at peace. 
After 3 years I met a French man who has 2 kids. At the time I was working for an agency for Pierre Cardin. Life was beautiful.
I started freelancing, giving facelifts to home and office spaces, painting and loving it all. Few years later, me and my husband planned to have a baby. That’s when we faced another curveball. I was diagnosed with endometriosis. A couple of surgeries, IVF and tests later I came to learn that I’ll never be able to conceive. During that time my husband received a job offer from Riyadh and even though the thought of moving to Saudi Arabia seemed daunting I thought it might be a good escape from all this trauma.
Coming here, I focused on painting like never before. 3 months later I did my first art exhibition in a very nice gallery (Maison BOM).  I realized my paintings took a BIG place in my life. All the negativity, turmoil and depression became things of the past. 

I have developed more of an awareness for protecting our environment and have designed ways of recycling everyday household objects by creating art pieces which can be enjoyed whilst being practical, everyday containers we use around the house can be transformed with colours and imagination. I hope to develop this initiative further and continue to do the things I am passionate about and focus on what's important in life.

After a few years in Riyadh, I went for my final surgery and lost my father at the same time. That’s when I learnt the most valuable lesson - not to feel sorry for myself, to be grateful for what I have and live life to the fullest.  I hope my story inspires some of you to overcome the mental roadblocks stopping you from chasing your dream. 

Al Nakhla Residential Compound
For classes or appointments please contact: 0506784348

Biblo Treats and Me
Sarah Biblo
I am Sarah Biblo and along with running my home-based Patisserie Biblo Treats, I am also a Chef, Pastry stylist and recipe developer. I was born in Belgium and had 3 beautiful children that I’m so proud of. As part of my Husband’s work, we had the chance to explore and live in 3 beautiful countries UAE, Jordan, and later here in Riyadh KSA. I Studied commerce with a major in business administration and marketing. Since graduation, I was working in corporate institutions, that I always felt there is more for me out there. I gratefully found my passion for baking the year my first child was born. I was only 23 by then. while still discovering parenting and trying to get the hang of it, we had to make our first move to Dubai where it all started…

I had time to discover what I like and Finally found what makes me happy. I started to look for culinary schools. I studied patisserie and graduated with a diploma in Patisserie (Professional pastry chef courses) along with other certificates and started Biblo Treats.
I have had a passion for baking since a young age my mom encouraged me all the way. She was buying me magazines and I used to cut out all the recipes and put them neatly in a folder. She allowed me to bake for family gatherings and I must admit that it sometimes ended up in disaster, which pushed me to succeed and excel!
My husband is my greatest supporter, always helping me getting back on track whenever I feel confused or stressed out. It all started when I participated in farmer markets and got lots of positive feedback. During this journey, we were gifted with our other 2 beautiful children that put Biblo treats on hold for some time.
My move to Riyadh witnessed my dedication to turn this passion into a successful and established business Biblo Treats and had the opportunity to participate in coffee mornings and events where I was able to display and sell my products. We received positive feedback and I was given the opportunity to display my products in the beautiful compound where I live “Arizona” I believe I was so lucky to have the best neighbors, friends, the amazing compound team that helped my project in its infancy along with the embassy of my beloved country Belgium that I will be forever grateful for. I got the opportunity to cater for several events here in Riyadh (Embassies, Compounds…etc.
Well, I believe I did a good job so far and started working on the look and content of my Instagram page, and worked hard on my website to facilitate the ordering process for higher consumer reach and satisfaction. I believe it is still the beginning for me and I’m still learning along the way.
Sustainability Corner
Useful Links
Em Ray
Our Sustainability Group works collectively and individually to help promote, encourage and build awareness on how we and our communities can be more environmentally friendly and sustainably conscious.

Losing Nature
Dr Nadine Marshall
Hi Everyone! the WSB is keen to encourage new discussions around sustainability, and I am here to help! Each issue, we will present some of the most current work in the field, with the intention that you have plenty of new ideas to discuss with your colleagues, friends and family. The science of sustainability is so exciting and rich with information and opportunities for inspiration and change!

This month, I provide an insight into my own work to lay the foundations about why sustainability matters (and because it is an easy place for me to start!). In reality, the future of humanity is completely dependent on the health of our natural resources, but this concept has proven to be too abstract to inspire real change. In a paper recently published (and awarded) in Sustainability Science, colleagues and I consider what it means to lose a special Natural place and focus on the well-documented case of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. The Reef is an outstanding natural ecosystem, about the size of Italy. It is already suffering significantly from the effects of climate change. In sum, the research team recorded an overwhelming sense of loss for the demise of the Reef from participants in the study. They found that both local residents and visitors alike, people expressed a deep and profound grief that was particularly pronounced for those that were especially attached to the Reef. Around 2,000 local residents, 2,000 tourists, and 200 fishers and tourism operators were interviewed (face-to-face). People that particularly appreciated its aesthetic, scientific, or spiritual values, or were particularly attached to the lifestyle it offered and had developed an identity, pride and wellbeing around the Great Barrier Reef, were especially grieved. Importantly, nearly all participants were affected to some extent, and around 50% to an extreme extent.
The phenomenon of “Reef Grief” is a formal documentation of how people experience ecosystem decline and loss within places that are meaningful to them. Given the inevitable further decline of so many of our global ecosystems, understanding and managing ecological grief will become increasingly important. Our hope is that grief can be converted into ‘political will’, so that decisions affecting the quality of our future might be better made.

Please feel free to contact me for information and or feedback on nadine.marshall00@gmail.com

Marshall, N., Adger, W.N., Benham, C. et al. Reef Grief: investigating the relationship between place meanings and place change on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Sustain Sci 14, 579–587 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11625-019-00666-z
The Desert Runner
Dr Loendi Westhuizen
The word desert, what does it mean? For most of us, it means a dry hot, boring, sandy place, with not much rainfall and lots of dust. Is there anything to see in the desert? 
Most of the expats, like me, in Saudi Arabia, are out of our comfort zone. Far from our normal environment, some even without our families. Finding somewhere we can have a reflective and memorable time is often necessary. 
My introduction to the desert was in 2001 when my thoughts of the desert were, it’s a boring dry hot place. Since then, my love for the desert and its variety has grown. I will share with you a few magnificent places around Riyadh that I love to visit and hope you will also make time to enjoy nature. I am arranging private trips to those places. For more info contact me at +966 (0) 507266587.

Would it surprise you to know that places as green as this, are just 100 km North of Riyadh, just on your doorstep? Is this the desert I am talking about? I can promise you I took the photo and I was there. 
When I visited the Dana Dunes in Riyadh in the later part of summer 2002, everything changed. From the road way to the sand dunes I was so amaze with the desert rockformation, which turns into rows and rows of sand dunes. For the first time I truly enjoy the adventure and I totally forgot the hot weather. This is the dunes where expat drivers are getting their sand driving experience. I arrange sand driving course particularly for newbies to sand driving to be able to stay safe and enjoy the beautiful dunes.
Desert Rose, while sound like a kind of flower is actually a rosette like shape rocks/minerals formed undergrounds due to the interactions of the sands and sea water which evaporated; eventually causing salt deposition and crystal formation. One of the known areas where to find these roses is near to Khobar/Dammam.
I am arranging trips to the desert roses, visiting the yellow lake and The Al-Qarah Caves.

Riyadh has changed so much since 2001! I am pleased that I had the opportunity to be here for the past 20 years. The best thing about the desert is the nature with all its stunning beauty surrounding you. The magnificence of it is just so overwhelming! 

I can arrange ideal Arabian Sunset, Cultural Activities and BBQ Dinner to a Bedouin camp, 100 km North of Riyadh in the Dana Duns. Any day in the week can be arranged, but for weekend trips book well in advance. Any special activity you need can be arranged Camel Rides, Falcons, Henna panting, just contact me in advance for this. 
Contact me: Loendi Westhuizen WhatsApp +96650726658
Disclaimer: The views & opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Women's Skills Bureau. Any content provided by our authors are of their opinion(s) and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.
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