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Hello WSBC members and sustainable friends! My name is Brighid Hartnett, and I'll be serving as the WSBC communications intern this fall. I'm beginning my senior year at UW-Madison in a couple of weeks, and while I know this school year will look completely different than years past, I couldn't be more excited to learn more about nonprofit communications and sustainability at WSBC over the next few months.

As this tumultuous summer nears its end, we're provided an opportunity to reflect on the many unforeseen changes we've faced as a result of the current pandemic. It's safe to say that society is headed toward a new normal, which presents a unique avenue for sustainable practices as we rebuild. In the coming weeks and months, Wisconsin's unpredictable fall weather will force many outdoor events indoors again—and attempting to mitigate viral spread is a seemingly insurmountable task. As we continue to find safe ways to work and connect, it's important to be mindful of the role sustainability plays in public health. Later this month, the Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE) will be hosting a virtual event teaching employers about sustainable air quality resources in the workplace—which can be cost-effective, environmentally beneficial, and protect against the spread of airborne viruses. In addition to air filtration resources, WMEP will be hosting a free webinar featuring tips and resources for those looking to safely implement water stewardship practices within their business. 
2020 Green Masters Program is OPEN
The deadline for returning businesses to apply is fastly approachingapply ASAP!

The Green Masters Program is a benchmarking, assessment and recognition program for Wisconsin Businesses. If your business has been taking strides to become more sustainable, and need help generating ideas, measuring and improving your outcomes, or want to see how you are doing compared to others in your industry, apply today! The program is free for new businesses! The free deadline for returning business is the end of August and the program closes at the end of October!

If you would like to learn more about past Green Masters Companies, view the 2019 Blurb Sheet. To learn how to best leverage the program or your participation, please watch this recorded webinar.

2020 Conference Corner

We are living and working in ways we hadn’t previously imagined. Covid-19 has disrupted the world; our business models, our supply chains, our workforces, and the resilience of our businesses. In 2020 there has been an increased awareness that our systems need review and modification. Sustainability can be the catalyst to achieving economic recovery while making a positive impact on our people and planet. Let’s leverage this moment in time!

WSBC’s 2020 Virtual conference will bring us back to the basics of the triple bottom line to explore how the business community needs to evolve to get the people, planet, profit and prosperity model right; leveraging this moment in time to help pivot us into a sustainable future.  

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for details!

Interested to learn more about how to address carbon in your business?
This five part series walks you through the basics to get going.  We recommended viewing the series in the following order: 1) Defining Carbon Jargon 2) Carbon Reduction and Management Tools 3) Strategies to Address Carbon in Your Business 4) Innovation and Climate Leadership by Business and 5) Carbon Q&A with the Professionals.

Is your company ready for the potential problems associated with water scarcity? Amid a global crisis, strong companies stay strong by planning. Sponsored by CIRAS (Iowa MEP Center), this webinar features Greg Gasper and Mark (Mac) McDermid from WMEP Manufacturing Solutions explaining best management practices for safeguarding your business from challenges associated with water.
The University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management bachelor's and master's degree programs are now accepting applications for “We are the Future of Sustainability” scholarships for the Fall 2020 semester. 

The scholarship application deadline is September 8, 2020. For more information about the UW Sustainable Management program and “We are the Future of Sustainability” scholarships visit the website, call 1-877-895-3276, or email.
Sustainability Events
Workplace Green Teams Meeting with Dane County Exec. Joe Parisi

Virtual | August 20 | 12:00 pm

In April Dane County issued an ambitious economy-wide climate action plan (CAP) that aims to reduce all emissions in Dane County by 50% by 2030. The CAP encompasses everything from building energy use and renewables to agricultural practices and recycling.
Join Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Office of Energy & Climate Change Acting Director Kathy Kuntz to explore how you can leverage Dane County’s CAP to accelerate the green team efforts at your organization. You will have opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas about how your green team efforts fit into the CAP and what you need to help achieve the 2030 goals. This online meeting is free and open to green team members and staff tasked with sustainability at businesses and nonprofits across Dane County.
Managing Airborne Toxins & COVID-19 In the Industrial Workplace

Virtual | August 26 | 11 AM - NOON
The Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers is hosting a virtual event for employers to learn from experts about air quality in the workplace. This workshop will feature information on how businesses can implement clean air handling systems that will benefit both their employees and the environment. Additionally, the webinar will address mounting air filtration concerns in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic.
Free Water Stewardship Webinar: 
Risk Assessment & Mitigation Opportunities

Virtual | September 2 | 9 - 10:30 AM

Attend this free webinar to gain a greater understanding of the unique risks and opportunities presented by water-related challenges. Participants will learn how to prioritize water stewardship action within an organization and learn about Wisconsin's resources to support water stewardship efforts.
Presenters Greg Gasper (Program Director, Water Stewardship and Sustainability Services for WMEP Manufacturing Solutions) and Dylan Waldhuetter (Alliance for Water Stewardship North America Program Manager) will provide a comprehensive overview of water stewardship, the AWS Standard and the WMEP incentive program.
Women In Sustainability Retreat for Self Success

Virtual | September 30

This WIS retreat is designed to provide a space for you to reflect, a time for you to reset, and an opportunity to reevaluate what is most important now and who you want to be in this new normal. All while connecting and building connections with a safe and supportive group of professional women working to advance sustainability!
In the News
Evian’s new 100% recycled plastic bottle comes without a label

The innovative new bottle, which has the brand name engraved onto the recycled plastic, is part of Evian’s effort to become fully circular by 2025.

Wisconsin Grocery Chain Goes Plastic-Free This July

Outpost Natural Foods is making a goal to eliminate petroleum-based plastic packaging and consumables by 2022. This is the most recent of their efforts to impact waste in their home state.
Wisconsin going green during pandemic, giving sustainability advocates hope for future

Sweet Willow Co-op, a Green Bay-area herbal store, is one of many sustainable businesses to see an uptick in customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Inspiration Corner
Microsoft's Renewable Energy Exploration

Microsoft has begun testing hydrogen fuel cells for backup power at datacenters—a huge move in their quest to become carbon negative by 2030.

The company also recognizes the potential for sustainable power expansion, and has begun to consider spearheading the efforts to kickstart the hydrogen economy.

For more information on Microsoft's process and plans, check out this article.
CEOs From Around The World Share Their Advice

The United Nations Global Compact has invited CEOs from across the globe to record and submit videos in which they share advice regarding COVID response,
recovery and resilience.

Click here for some helpful tips and inspiration for your business!