2021 World Service Business Convention
Dear FA member,
Please save the date for a virtual World Service Business Convention (WSBC) the weekend of June 4-6, 2021. More information will be available on the Business Convention page of the FA website in the coming weeks. It’s still to be determined how many of the three days we will meet given this will be our first virtual convention.

World Service Conference (WSC) Members
Over 275 WSC members were registered for the 2020 WSBC, which was cancelled due to COVID-19. These 2020 WSC members simply need to re-register for 2021 by March 5. No election is necessary.  
Per our FA Bylaws, if a registered FA meeting did not elect a 2020 WSC member, or if its WSC member can no longer serve in that capacity, the meeting does have a right to elect a WSC member for 2021. However, also per our Bylaws, the only way to do so is at an in-person business meeting. Some FA fellows have requested that the WSB change or deviate from our Bylaws due to COVID-19. The WSB has no authority to do that since its role is to abide by the will of the voting members (the Conference) and uphold the FA Bylaws even during unusual or difficult circumstances.
Although a few FA meetings around the world have begun to meet in-person again, most have not. It may not be advisable for a meeting that is not yet meeting in-person to elect a WSC member if anyone feels they would be putting their health at risk to do so. Abstinence and health always need to be our top priorities. WSC members do not represent individual FA meetings but rather represent and consider what is best for FA as a whole.
If your meeting decides it is safe to elect a new 2021 WSC member, it must follow our usual process, even in these unusual times. That means per our FA Bylaws:
  • The business meeting must be in-person
  • Only regularly-attending members with 90 days of continuous abstinence have a voice and a vote
  • The elected WSC member should be a regularly-attending member of the meeting*

*“Regularly-attending” means the member was attending the meeting in-person before it closed due to COVID-19. The member does not need to be attending virtual gatherings. Please alert regularly-attending members that there will be an in-person business meeting.
Requirements for WSC Members
  • Must have at least five years of continuous abstinence
  • Must have completed at least one AWOL
  • Should demonstrate physical, mental, and spiritual recovery
Responsibilities are outlined in the WSC Member Manual and Document 7: Service Positions.
If you have any questions, please send an email to convention@foodaddicts.org.
In service,
Vanessa C., Convention Planning Chair
Food Addicts in Recovery AnonymousTM | www.foodaddicts.org