Holiday Edition

I just want to take a moment to wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season. Whatever your traditions, I hope that you feel connected to your loved ones and find time to reflect on the past year, and the past decade.

I end the year feeling optimistic. Thank you again, to each of you for your dedication, steadfast work and commitment to evolving sustainability. Let us cheers to a new decade, to new beginnings and to the mass unfolding of a new way of doing business for good.

Personally, I believe that the next decade will bring positive change. That businesses will continue to lead and drive the innovations needed to deliver the change that makes our communities and environments more resilient and regenerative. Businesses need to make strong commitments and take bold actions. We have to work together in collaboration and partnership to drive this change both efficiently and effectively. We need positive, can do attitudes that stand strong in the new ways of doing business we are creating. We need leadership that is rooted in ethics and heart to drive change within organizations and to weave more purpose into employees daily grinds. We have come a long way in the last decade, and we have a long way to go!

It's all possible. Together, let's make it our reality.

Enjoy the holiday season and this sustainable holiday edition of newsletter.
Keeping the Holidays Green
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Not sure if you should get a real tree or a fake tree this holiday season? Check out this short blog post that breaks down the pros and cons for you!
Hint: there's a third option!
Green Gift-Giving Tips

Much of what we give or receive is just not needed or wanted in the first place. Shopping for eco-friendly gifts starts with these questions: Who do you really need to buy for? How much do you really need to spend? Do the presents you're buying have a purpose or meaning? Ask yourself these questions and commit to cutting back. Also, consider gifting experiences this season.

To learn more about how to green up your giving, hit Ready More
Holiday Recycling Guide

The holidays bring a lot of elaborate decorations and wrappings, but how do you properly dispose of it after the season is done? This article has a downloadable guide for items that you should not be throwing in your curb-side recycling bin post holidays!
Buy Local

Shop local this holiday season, and support your community along with the environment. Get your gifts from local shops and avoid the excess packaging and transportation impacts that come with online shopping.

To learn more about the positive impacts of shopping local, click Read More.
Inspiration Corner
"There is no Away." -Mollie Boyer
Source: Subaru

Landfills are the largest man-made things in the world. As humans continue to produce massive amounts of waste, they are forced to do something with it. For many, that something is dumping it in a landfill. People throw something away and don't think twice about it, but Mollie Boyer is here to tell you, "There is no Away. When you waste something it goes in the soil, it doesn't go away." Boyer is a pioneer of recycling in Alaska. Boyer is a founding member and the executive director of the Valley Community for Recycling Solution s, and s he also developed a sustainability and recycling education program in Alaska.

Watch the video to see more of what she is doing to help our planet.
A Gift From Jessy: Your Personal Year End
Reflection and Vision Workbook
If you are interested in personal reflection at this time of year, I have something special for you.

This guide is meant to be a reflection workbook that helps you take a honest look at personal and professional successes and challenges in order to release what isn't working, then clarify and step fully into your goals and intentions.

Be advised that this is a practice for weaving more heart and intention into your leadership and your life (of course that means your workplace too!) It is not going to appeal to everyone! ;)
B Corps Shine at COP25

"Climate action starts with us. Recently, at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid, over 500 B Corps publicly committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030 — 20 years ahead of the 2050 targets set in the Paris Agreement. This unprecedented commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on an accelerated pace was announced by Gonzalo Muñoz, the High Level Climate Champion for COP25 and a co-founder of Sistema B in South America.

Representing the largest constituency of businesses leading on climate action, this group of global B Corps is an inspiring example of the power of individual and collective action to change our future.

As we applaud those B Corps leading the way on a global stage, we want to congratulate and thank every member of the community for building this movement of business as a force for good."

Ben Anderson
Executive Director, B Lab US/Canada