Fall 2017

WSFCCA News and Updates
A Word From The President, Wendy Avery

As the new WSFCCA President, it is with great pleasure that I introduce the 
2017 - 2019 Board of Directors for WSFCCA.  Roberta Wright of the Columbia River Chapter, now holds the office of Vice President. Rita Frickelton of the East King Chapter will remain as our Secretary and Jessica Dixon, also of the East King Chapter, will hold the position of WSFCCA Treasurer.   I am honored to have been elected WSFCCA President and look forward to working with all WSFCCA members, as well as providers around the state and an amazing incoming Board. 

I would like to thank Chris Price and Pam Carino for their immense service on the board as they step down. We're so grateful for everything they have done for WSFCCA and I'm sure will continue to do.

Myself and the new board members welcome any and all ideas and suggestions on building a stronger association.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or call (206) 898-0999.

October is WSFCCA membership enrollment and renewal month.  If you have not renewed or joined yet, you will find a membership application in this newsletter or you can visit the Membership page of our website and sign up online. If you are taking advantage of our accidental/medical benefit please know that the dates of coverage begin October 1, 2017 - September 30, 2018.

I am very excited and very much looking forward to the 2017 WSFCCA Early Learning Conference which will be held on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at the Double Tree Hilton, Southcenter.  In the past couple of years WSFCCA has presented great conferences with big turnouts of early learning educators. This year is no exception.  We have a new venue this year so seating is limited.  We have already sold over half of our seats so sign up now if you plan on attending.  This will be a fun and energizing conference with our main speaker, Daniel Hodgins and our Keynote speaker Miriam Dressler.  

The Conference Committee has worked very hard to make this conference another huge success and we hope those that have attended in the past as well as those that have never attended will join us for a day of rejuvenation, learning and collaboration with other early learning professionals.  Fore more information please read further in this newsletter or visit our  website.

2017 Early Learning Conference - 6 STARS Hrs

The WSFCCA Early Learning Conferences have been a successful and invaluable educational opportunity for all those involved in the care and education of young children. This year we are excited to present internationally renown speaker and -uthor, Daniel Hodgins and keynote speaker, educator and author, Miriam Dressler.    

Get ready to be inspired and energized!

Daniel J. Hodgins

Miriam Dressler

Featured speaker, Daniel J. Hodgins, is an exceptional, internationally renowned presenter and author of two books titled, Boys: Changing the Classroom, Not the Child and his new book titled, GET  OVER IT, Relearning guidance practices. Daniel has done keynotes, workshops and seminars in over 42 states and Canada.

As a consultant, Daniel works with educators, parents and other professionals, helping them to understand research based theory and how to adapt curriculum and environments that support the continued development of children and families. Daniel has a unique grasp of children and family  issues learned from over 30 plus years of experience working as a teacher, director, educator and parent in both the private and public sector. Daniel's interactive style is both informative and entertaining.

In addition to his work as a consultant, Daniel has worked as the Coordinator of Early Childhood Education, at Mott Community College, Flint, Michigan where he developed and received recognition for one of the most outstanding training programs in the country.

Keynote presenter, Miriam Dressler, has worked in the education field for over twenty years as a  teacher, center director, adult educator, and ECE consultant and trainer. She has worked in multiple  states as a coach and facilitator to early childhood programs, supporting them in their pursuit of
accreditation and other quality rating systems and programs. 

Miriam is the co-author of Prove It! Achieving Quality Recognition for Your Early Childhood Program (Redleaf Press) and is a lead validator for the National Accreditation Commission. Miriam is the owner at Bloom Training & Consulting, an early childhood support services company located in Seattle,WA. 

Staying Sane in This Super-Busy Job! Happy teachers/ providers equals happy children. 1.0 hr

  1. Children Who Take You To the End of Your Rope 2.0 hr.
  2. Supporting the Active Child 1.5hr
  3. Who's In Control Here? Power Struggles and Young Children 1.5 hr
  4. View Hodgins' books below

Visit our  website for more information on this exciting conference!

Conference Committee Contact Information:

Joan Aarts         Email:        Phone:  360-790-4211
Tekla Frederick   Email:   Phone:  360-448-7310

Negotiating Rule Making Update by Mary Curry

It Is Not Too Late To Speak-Up!
  "What is going on in our State?  I am hearing that the Department of Early Learning is making my job even harder!  How can mandates be placed in my home?  This is my home!  What is a weighted WAC?   What can I do?  Who is really listening to me?  Does government really know what we (FCC) do?"
I hear comments and whispers from fellow providers every day; voices that ring out truth and fears of the State' new Washington Administrative Codes (WACs). Let's try to separate truth from myths and gain clarity about these issues.
In 2016, the State of Washington passed the Early Start Act that mandated Department of Early Learning (DEL) to update rules that govern child care licensing. The intent was to unify a set of regulation that would be easy understood by the provider.  The first step in this process is to align the Family Home to Center WAC; eliminating all unnecessary differences and consolidating two separate WAC into one. 
The Second step of this process is creating a progression of standards and regulation between licensed child care, Early Achievers, and ECEAP, with health and safety requirements in the WAC replacing similar standards in Early Achievers and ECEAP. 
Negotiating Rule Making and Public Comment
"DEL is required by statute  RCW 34.05.320 to organize a public comments process, as well as negotiate rules with the Family Home Providers' union on behalf of represented family child care licensees, and include all other affected parties in this negotiation.  DEL has created a robust plan to engage the early learning community in the public comments process, and to negotiate with the various affected parties in this situation; including Child Care Centers, ECEAP and Head Start providers, and Families. 

Affected parties have a number of options for involvement in both processes, including reviewing the rules and providing comments as individuals (via an online  Public Comments Portal), connecting with their designated organizing entity (see below) or participating in an  Alignment CafĂ©. Public comments received during the NRM will be considered during the formal negotiations of the affected parties." 
  The NRM teams have been meeting since May 2017 and will continue to meet until October, to exam, discuss and bring voice to the implementation of the revised WAC.  Although there are five teams; Family Child Care carry the most passion.  WE are seated at each Negotiation meeting albeit small group/break out session and general meeting.  In each county, we have had a myriad of FCC providers/supporters who have openly spoke to the compassion that is needed in changing "our" livelihood and "our" homes. 
WAC Consensus has been met with 1/3 of the regulations; thus, your voice and actions are still needed. The State realizes the commitment of the FCC' and other team such as the Centers and ECEAP and has implemented additional meeting time for negotiations. 
This process cannot be successful without "your voice."  We need everyone who life will be impacted with these changes to speak up.  Our next NRM meeting is September 23 - 25th at the Red Lion Conference Hall, in Renton WA.  Your presence is needed; your knowledge should be posted to the public comment portal.  I invite you to come during the public opinions hour to come out speak up for our business, our children, our future! 

What Children Can't Do...Yet 
By Dan Hodgins
Early Childhood News

When working with children keep in mind what they are ready for and what they are not; what they can do and what they are unable to do...yet.
I can't share.

Children use possession of objects as a device to understand autonomy. Just as babbling comes before talking, so owning comes before sharing. To share fully, a child must first fully possess.

I can't say, "I'm sorry," and mean it.
Saying "I'm sorry" has little meaning to the young child. To say, "I'm sorry" and understand what you are saying, you must also be able to understand how the other person feels.

I can't remember what you told me.
Most children remember only what is important to them. A child may not remember that you just told them to walk, and not run, while indoors. Adults often forget that children have trouble remembering.

I can't focus on more than one task at a time.
"Pick up your toys, put on your shoes, and wash your face; we are going out to play." This command has three more tasks than a young child is able to focus on. Most young children will remember the last task or the task most important to them. With the above command, all the child may focus on is that he or she is going out tot play.

I can't understand negative commands.
If a child reaches to put his or her finger in an electric wall outlet and you say, "don't," the child is confused because he or she doesn't know how to reverse their action. Saying, "Pull you hand back, that's dangerous" gives the child a positive action to take.

I can't measure.
When you want a child to pour a glass of milk or juice and you hand him or her a full pitcher, expect the child to pour all the milk into the glass, even if it pours all over the floor or table. Young children do not understand that all of the milk will not fit into the glass and so keep pouring until it's too late.
I can't tell you the truth when you set me up.
If you see a child do something inappropriate, and you ask if he or she has done it, the child will probably deny it. Don't ask the child if you know what happened. That only sets them up for failure.

I can't sit still for very long.
Young children are often told to sit still, while their bodies are telling them to move. When the large muscles in a preschooler's arms and legs are growing rapidly, they cry out for exercise. As a result, preschoolers feel a need to move about.
I can't play with other children until I am ready.
Children go through different stages of social interaction. If allowed to grow at their own pace, they will begin to interact with other children when they are ready.
I can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy.
When a child has a bad dream, it is very real to him or her. Telling a child not to be a "baby" does not help. Playing fantasy is real for the child and very important for control and development.

I can't express myself in words very well.
Children resort to physical means of communication because they often don't have the verbal skills to express frustration and other feelings. You can help by giving the child words to use.

I can't wait.
Try not to put children in situations where they have to wait for long periods of time. Waiting often makes taking turns difficult.
I don't understand right and wrong.

Because young children don't understand cause and effect relationships, they can't fully understand right and wrong. A young child does not understand intentional versus unintentional actions, can only see issues from his or her own perspective, and views issues as black and white.

I can't be ready until I'm ready.
Children all grow and develop at different rates. Don't compare children or force them to do things before they are ready.

Dan Hodgins writes from Flint, Michigan where he is coordinator of the child development program at Mott Community College.

WSFCCA Membership Application &
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$50.00 per year for up to 12 children.  October 1, 2017 - Sept 30, 2018
This accidental/medical insurance is a secondary coverage to the parent's insurance.  It will pick up what the parent's insurance does not cover or all costs (up the maximum limit) if there is no insurance. 
Contact Wendy Avery immediately should an accident happen and you want to file a claim.  206-898-0999 

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Why Should a Provider Carry Accidental/Medical Insurance?  

M any of our members carry this valuable, affordable insurance.  It is one the most important insurance policy a provider can have to protect him/herself in the event of an accident involving a child, parent or assistant being hurt during child care hours. 

We encourage providers to consider this membership benefit.  Accident claims must be filed within 90 days of the incident in order for the claim to be covered.   View policy coverage  here.  


WSFCCA Board of Director's Meeting 

The next WSFCCA State meeting will be hosted by the Columbia River Chapter on October 7, 2017 at the home of Joan Aarts; 561 Burnaby Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501.  We encourage all members to attend.  An agenda will be sent out to all members prior to the October 7th meeting.   

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Please contact your local chapter for membership information.  Your WSFCCA membership is included in your chapter dues. 

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