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·          Simpler billing cycles in 2019
·          Email reminders
·          Better, faster service
·          Upload documents online
·          An ounce of prevention…
·          Scafom’s health and safety story
·       Call for student submissions: video contest
·          Online service to prevent delays
·          How loud is too loud?
Simpler billing cycles in 2019

You told us you want to spend less time on WSIB administration. We heard you. One way is simpler billing cycles to reduce the time businesses have to spend related to WSIB coverage. Starting January 1, 2019, businesses with insurable earnings between $20K and $1M will pay quarterly.
E mail reminders

We’re here to help. You can now avoid late reporting payment penalties by signing up for email reminders. We’ll send you regular reminders to keep you up-to-date and on time.
Better, faster service

We’ve recently made some changes to make our service better and faster. These improvements will help people with safe and timely recovery and return to work and help employers get back to business as usual sooner.

Check out the video below to see how our service changes work. 
Upload your documents online
Now you can upload claims-related documents online with a few clicks. All you need to do is verify your account online and you can upload your documents associated with a claim number. This will allow our team to view and process documentation faster, without having to rely on faxes or mailing paper. You can find the upload link on any page of the WSIB website. 
An ounce of prevention…

Interested in making your workplace safer? Visit us at the link below to learn more about:

  • Small business services: information sessions and training to help you build a health and safety program
  • Safety group services: a five-step process to make health and safety improvements through peer mentoring, webinars and in-class options
  • Workwell services: we’ll come to your workplace and provide an assessment of your health and safety program, return-to-work performance, and help you identify priority areas and recommend improvements

Improving your health and safety program could mean fewer injuries, illnesses and less lost time. Together, we can make Ontario a safer place to work. 
Scafom’s health and safety story

Scafom is one Ontario business that made the most of the health and safety services we provide.

Our health and safety evaluators work together with businesses to identify opportunities to improve their health and safety management systems and return-to-work programs. This results in fewer injuries and less lost time for their employees. Ultimately, all these things lead to better productivity, quality customer service and higher employee morale.

Check out this video to see what happened when Scafom took advantage of WSIB’s help. 
Call for student submissions: video contest
The annual “It’s Your Job” student video contest is now accepting submissions.

Students who are currently attending an Ontario secondary school are encouraged to tap into their creative side to produce an original video that illustrates the importance of working safely on the job.

The deadline is March 4, 2019.

The contest awards the top three winners and their school with cash prizes and recognition.
1st Place: $2,000 for the student(s), $2,000 for their school
2nd Place: $1,500 for the student(s), $1,500 for their school
3rd Place: $1,000 for the student(s), $1,000 for their school
Online service to prevent delays

Recent delays with mail delivery are a good reminder to consider the following digital options to access service:

  • Sign up for direct deposit for your benefit payments, if you’ve been injured;
  • Use our online services and online banking to submit information, report premiums or make a payment if you’re a business owner; and
  • Submit information online, if you’re a health-care practitioner.

Whether you are submitting a claim, own a business, or a health-care practitioner, we are here to help. 
How loud is too loud?

Let’s face it, noise is everywhere and sometimes it can be difficult to know when it becomes a hazard. Work-related noise-induced hearing loss is more common than people think. Workplaces all across Ontario are filled with loud noises that over time can cause permanent damage to your ears, resulting in hearing loss.

What if noise in your workplace sounded like this…
Check out the link below to discover how loud is too loud, test your ears, and find more information on what to do about noise in the workplace.
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