A Special Message 
from the Principal
WSMS Principal Newsletter - August 31, 2020
Walk The Springs Edition
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Good Afternoon WSMS Families, 

We are two days away from Walk The Springs and I wanted to send a note to make sure you have the information you need for the day.  Remember, we are having 7th graders on campus in the morning and 8th graders on campus in the afternoon.  The only students who will be attending will be the students who will start face-to-face classes on September 8th.  


Kevin Parker
Willow Springs Middle School
1101 W. Lucas Rd., Lucas 75002
Office: 469-742-8417

Walk The Springs Procedures

Arrival/Drop Off:
Students can begin to arrive at 8:30 AM (7th grade) or 1:00 PM (8th grade).  Parents will need to enter the campus as they always have, using the northeast drive (closest to Country Club Road).  They should pull around to the back of the campus where Mr. Parker will be directing traffic.  Tables will be set up in the courtyard (cafeteria if it is raining) where students can pick up their schedules to follow for the day.  The bell schedule and map of the campus will also be given to the students.  After picking up their schedule, they will enter the building through the courtyard doors (cafeteria doors if it is raining) and make their way directly to their first class.  Teachers will be in the hall helping students find their classrooms if needed.  Click here for a copy of the arrival/drop-off map.

Students will follow their schedule for A Days first (1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th periods).  They will then transition to their B Day classes and go to their 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th periods.  While they are in their 3rd period class and their 4th period class, students will go to their respective lunches.  3rd and 4th period teachers will remind students which lunch to attend.  Students will not be eating lunch.  During classes and lunches, teachers will visit with students about procedures and expectations.  Click here for a copy of the Walk the Springs bell schedule.

What Do Students Need to Bring?
The only thing students might want to bring is a water bottle.  Water fountains will not be in use.  We will have water filling stations available for students to fill water bottles.  We are still waiting for the water fountain attachments to arrive that you probably have seen at other campuses.  These should arrive and be installed over the next two weeks.  Until then, water coolers will be available for students to use to fill up their water bottles.  

Remember, the cell phone policy states that students at WSMS are not allowed to have their cell phones during the day.  They do not need to bring school supplies at this time.

We anticipate there being more cars in the pick-up line this year.  Therefore, we will need to create more space so cars will not be on Lucas Road.  Student pick-up will now be in the front of the building.  Cars will still enter the campus from the northeast drive (closest to Country Club Road).  The car line will wrap around the back of the campus and will split with cars able to stay along the curb next to the courtyard or through the driveway back by the tennis courts.  Cars will stay in two lines along the west drive.  Mr. Parker will then merge traffic as cars pull to the front of the campus along the curb to load students.  Students will exit the building using doors that open to the front of the campus and find their car.  Staff will be available to help guide students during dismissal.  Click here for a copy of the dismissal map.

Is Sept 2nd an A or B day?
September 2 will not be designated as an A or B day.  All students will receive asynchronous assignments from their A Day teacher on August 31 that will be due on Wednesday, September 2.