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A Message from the Principal
WSMS Principal Newsletter, April 6, 2021
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Dear WSMS Parents and Guardians,

Just when you thought you have seen all the craziness that could possibly happen over the past 12 months, the 7th Grade STAAR test provided another twist.  I’m sure you have heard that the 7th Grade Writing STAAR was canceled today due to connectivity issues with the State’s online testing platform.  If there is a silver lining in this experience, it is that the teachers and students handled it like champs.  We are awaiting further direction from the State to determine what our next steps will be for this particular STAAR test.  

Save the Date:
Our end of year award ceremonies have been scheduled for May 20 (7th grade) and May 21 (8th grade).  Due to lack of gym space for parents to attend, we will be streaming this live and a recording of each ceremony will be sent out as well for parents to view.  The 7th grade ceremony will begin at 8:00 AM and include only 7th grade students who are receiving an award.  The 8th grade ceremony will begin at 9:00 AM.  All 8th graders will participate in their event.  This is a student/staff only event.  More details will be coming out in the coming weeks.

Have a great week!


Kevin Parker
1101 West Lucas Rd, Lucas 75002
Office: 469-742-8417
Mobile: 469-667-2280

New / Updated Information

REMINDER! 8th Grade Parents - We Need Your Help 
Parents...we are in need of your help to make our 8th Grade video a success. Please get with your 8gth grader to find three school appropriate photos to load up to the Class of 2025 google classroom. You can also use quick 10 second clips from their cell phones instead of just all three photos. 
Just log into the class of 2025, using your students login -- click on 8th grade video -- click on your student’s name and upload from their phone -- there are several ways to do this -- you can actually share the videos from their phone to google drive then upload from drive to classroom. All students should be able to do this. Or you can just take the picture or video from your phones and upload straight to google classroom to the assignment.
The deadline to get these uploaded is April 30, as we will need the time to edit. If you have any questions, please reach out to Barb Smith at barb_smith@lovejoyisd.net.

REMINDER! National Junior Honor Society Applications for Current WSMS 7th graders
7th grade students eligible to apply for National Junior Honor Society will be notified by email during the second week of April. Student eligibility will be based on the cumulative GPA of 94.0 for the first three grading periods of the 2020-2021 school year. Upon receiving this email, students will be allowed to fill out an application for NJHS that will be included in the eligibility email. All applications will be due by 5:00pm on May 14th. This is a firm deadline. Students will receive acceptance letters via email in August during the first week of school. The induction ceremony will be held during the first six weeks of the 2021-2022 school year. More information regarding specific eligibility requirements for NJHS will be coming at a later date.

UPDATED! WSMS Service Learning Project - April 22 & 23
On April 22 & 23, all WSMS students will participate in our Spring Leopards by Nature Service Learning Project.   
All 7th and 8th grade students will work outside on campus during their science classes to:
  • Improve and maintain our edible garden area
  • Install donated bird feeders and pollinator houses
  • Install new native landscaping and pollinator garden next to edible garden area
  • refresh/maintain existing native landscaping
  • Install and create a new outdoor class seating area

Prior to this project, students will receive an introductory lesson on the importance of native plants, habitats, and ecosystems to their community and school.

Here’s how you can help:
  • Volunteer! Parent and community volunteers are needed (see sign up genius link). It’s been quite an unusual year, so don’t miss this opportunity to serve alongside our students. 
  • Donate/Loan! A wish list (see sign up genius link) for items we need purchased or loaned to the school to make this possible. 
  • Purchase a t-shirt! Click here to order....we are encouraging students to purchase a Leopards by Nature t-shirt for $12 designed by 7th grader, Hannah Xie. All profits from t-shirt sales help fund purchase of compost, mulch and native plants and flowers. 
  • Become a Sponsor! We are seeking local businesses to sponsor this year’s Leopard by Nature Service Learning event. Your company logo will be featured on the back of the t-shirt designed by 7th grade student Hannah Xie. Sponsors help us stretch our dollars to make biggest impact. Thanks for considering!

Please email parent volunteer Lisa Wilkins with any questions lisarosewilkins@yahoo.com.

NEW! Scoliosis Testing
Our school Nurse, Gretchen Young, will be screening all ALL 7th grade GIRL students for possible Scoliosis on Thursday, May 6th and ALL 8th grade BOY students on Friday May 7th during their Fitnessgram Test. Scoliosis screening is required by House Bill 832 passed by the Texas Legislature in 1985.

Students will be required to remove their shirts for the screening. Girls WILL NEED TO WEAR one of the following under their blouse or shirt: swim suit top, bra or sports bra. The procedure for screening is simple and quick, it requires the back to be visually examined while standing straight and bending forward. For this examination, boys and girls will be seen separately and individually examined by the WSMS nurse.

If you do not wish for your student to be screened you must have your child examined by your healthcare provider and an affidavit submitted to the nurse's office on or before May 10th. Parents will be notified of the results of the screening only if professional follow up is necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to submit medical documentation regarding your child, please contact Gretchen by email or phone at 469-742-8420.

NEW! Not Returning to LISD Next Year?
If your student will not be returning to WSMS or Lovejoy High School for the 2021-2022 school year, please email Carol Vik with your student’s name, as well as complete and return this form.

NEW! Note From The Nurse
Regarding Medications
If your child has medicine at school, please make sure your child has exactly enough medicine to finish the school year. You are responsible for picking up any extra medicine as the school district has a policy against sending medicines home with students. At the end of this school year, any remaining medicines, including inhalers, will be thrown out. The school cannot store these for you during the summer.
Please remember, if your child is going to continue being medicated at school during the 2021-2022 school year, you will need to complete a new medication sheet at that time and bring a SMALL or travel size bottle of medicine that is not expired.
Early reminder to parents of students that will be 7th graders during the 2021-2022 school year:
It is a State requirement that all 7th grade students must have had 2 required updated immunizations in order to attend school. These required immunizations are, TDaP booster (Tetanus booster) and Menactra (Meningococcal).Please obtain a copy of your child’s updated shots and provide it to our school nurse, Gretchen Young, BEFORE August 9th, 2021. You may drop it off in person, send it through the mail to Willow Springs Middle School, 1101 West Lucas Road, Lucas, TX 75002, by email to Gretchen Young or fax at 469-742-8501.

Upcoming Dates
2020 STAAR Testing Dates - Mark Your Calendars
There have been a few updates to STAAR testing dates. Please take a look at the timeline below. If you haven’t already, begin marking your calendars for the Spring 2021 STAAR Testing Dates. If possible, try to avoid STAAR Assessment Dates when making appointments for your children. This allows your child to have adequate time on assessments to do their very best! Click here to access the WSMS STAAR Timeline. Thank you! 

REMINDER! Leopard Fishing Team - 2021-22 Season Kick Off Meeting
April 7, 7pm City of Lucas Pavilion
Current 8th grade students (rising freshmen) interested in fishing with the Leopard Fishing Team please come to the 2021-2022 Season Kick Off meeting. At this meeting high school fishing will be explained, including tournament information, costs, requirements, and the benefits of being on the team. Participation is limited to the availability of boats. If you do not have access to a boat and are interested, come to the meeting, sometimes there are opportunities to partner with another student. If you have questions contact us at Leopardfishingteam@gmail.com

REMINDER! Save The Date - Virtual Stem Fest
Click here for more information!
Campus Information and Reminders
WSMS UIL Band Success
BOTH the Symphonic Band and the WInd Ensemble received straight FIRST DIVISION ratings at Band UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest! I am so happy our students have received this recognition!

LHS School Store Sale
Ready to stock up on Lovejoy gear? You are in luck! A BIG sale is happening at Lovejoy High School! Click here for great deals!

WSMS Twitter Feeds #wsmslovejoy
@WSMSLovejoyISD (Campus Event Updates)
@sscwsms (Counseling updates) 
Tickets for WSMS Sporting Events
In order to control our environment as best we can, we are requiring attendees to pre-purchase tickets.  The link to do this for the WSMS home games this week can be found here.  

3/30/31 Track Results - Allen HS Meet
7th Grade Boys:
100m: 5th Place - Kingston Shanle; 7th Place - Barrett Bennett
200m: 5th Place - Kingston Shanle; 7th Place - Barrett Bennett
800m: 7th Place - Joey Reid; 8th Place - Jonathan Godfrey
1600m: 1st Place - Arjun Sharma; 2nd Place - Ian Bradshaw; 8th Place - Daxton McKnight
2400m: 1st Place - Arjun Sharma; 2nd Place - Ian Bradshaw; 7th Place - Kyler Sanchez
110m Hurdles: 5th Place - Carson Miller
4x200 Relay: 2nd Place - Seth Moody, Josh Henrich, Kingston Shanle, Connor McKee
4x400 Relay: 4th Place - Seth Moody, Josh Henrich, Connor McKee, Dillon Helfand
Shot Put: 2nd Place - Marshall Branum, 3rd Place - Colton Mills, 9th Place - Pierce Kiper
Discus: 2nd Place - Colton Mills, 4th Place - Pierce Kiper, 5th Place - Wyatt Villarreal
High Jump: 4th Place - Jack Burnett; 5th Place - Ethan Adcock
Long Jump:5th Place - Jack Burnett, 9th Place - Carson Miller
7th Grade Girls: 
100m: 3rd Place - Emerson Smith, 7th Place - Gabby Lankford
200m: 3rd Place - Lainey Pierce, 4th Place - Chloe Long
400m: 2nd Place - Reagan Wiss
800m: 6th Place - Layne Dechant, 7th Place - Kate Archer, 9th Place - Berkeley Mosel
1600m: 7th Place - Cate Jackson
2400m: 6th Place - Lauren Gonzales, 8th Place - Ainsley Alexander
10m Hurdles: 1st Place - Addie McCaffity, 6th Place - Bridget Bernal, 11th Place - Harper Jaynes
300m Hurdles: 1st Place - Addie McCaffity, 3rd Place - Harper Jaynes, 4th Place - Bridget Bernal
4x400 Relay: 1st Place - Chloe Long, Lainey Price, Harper Jaynes, Addie McCaffity
Shot Put: 5th Place - Sameera Saluja, 10th Place - Jacey Wheaton, 11th Place - Runo Enaohwo
Discus: 2nd Place - Teni Segun, 3rd Place - Sameera Saluja, 10th Place - Marisela Alexander
High Jump: 1st Place - Addie McCaffity, 2nd Place - Kate Peabody, 5th Place - Sloane Hempkins
Long Jump:5th Place - Scarlet Cole, 6th Place - Addie McCaffity, 11th Place - Sloane Hempkins
Triple Jump: 2nd Place - Berkley Mosel
8th Grade Boys: 
100m: 4th Place - Robert McIntosh, 5th Place - Ben Adams
200m: 1st Place - Robert McIntosh, 5th Place - Ben Adams
800m: 1st Place - Jack Reid, 6th Place - Ethan Murray, 8th Place - Adam Morfield
1600m: 1st Place - Jack Thompson, 2nd Place - Aaron Wimbish, 4th Place - Sean Easley
2400m: 1st Place - William Carlson, 2nd Place - Tyler Morfield, 3rd Place - Devon Muiana
110m Hurdles: 9th Place - Garrett Payne
300m Hurdles: 8th Place - Ignacio Guevara, 9th Place - Garrett Payne
4x400 Relay: 4th Place - Luke Armstrong, Jack Reid, William Carlson, Tyler Morfield
Shot Put: 2nd Place - Tyler Gafford, 4th Place - Braeden Gibson, 12th Place - Nolan Balette
Discus: 2nd Place - Nolan Balette, 4th Place - Braeden Gibson, 5th Place - James Markovich
High Jump: 7th Place - Caden Gary
Pole Vault: 1st Place - Caden Gary, 2nd Place - Kade Stubbs
Long Jump:3rd Place - Robert McIntosh, 8th Place - Kevin Magee, 11th Place - Owen Magee
Triple Jump: 3rd Place - Jack McGoldrick, 8th Place - Jake Brunett
8th Grade Girls:
100m: 1st Place - Mia Reaugh, 3rd Place - Maria Faoro, 8th Place - Genevieve Jone
200m: 1st Place - Mia Reaugh, 3rd Place - Jordan Migura, 5th Place - Ella Varner
400m: 3rd Place - Kiera Bowling, 4th Place - Dominique Iannarelli; 5th Place - Aeva Haas
800m: 1st Place - Campbell Lester, 2nd Place - Ava Easley, 10th Place - Mackenzie Quigley
1600m: 3rd Place - Emersyn Runions, 6th Place - Kiera Bowling, 8th Place - Genevieve Jones
2400m: 2nd Place - Emersyn Runions, 5th Place - Angelina Mason, 6th Place - Dana Colston
100m Hurdles: 2nd Place - Mia Nowak, 5th Place - Darby Anderson
300m Hurdles:3rd Place - Mia Nowak
4x100 Relay: 4th Place - SadieJane Hand, Rachel Dobbs, Aeva Haas, Dominique Iannarelli
4x400 Relay: 2nd Place - Maria Faoro, Mia Reaugh, Ella Varner, Campbell Lester
Shot Put: 6th Place - Natalie Lenart, 8th Place - Nicole Wright
Discus: 5th Place - Natalie Lenart, 7th Place - Safiya Elmenayer, 8th Place - Anna Frost
High Jump: 5th Place - Mia Reaugh
Pole Vault: 1st Place - Maria Faoro, 2nd Place - Mia Nowak, 3rd Place - Abigail Fluker
Long Jump: 6th Place - Rachel Dobbs, 8th Place - Savannah Smith, 9th Place - Kathryn Hannah
Triple Jump: 1st Place - Rachel Dobbs, 9th Place - Kathryn Hannah, 11th Place - Savannah Smith
3/30/31 Soccer Results vs. Wylie Cooper
7th Grade - Lost
8th Grade - Won
7th Grade - Lost
8th Grade - Lost

Service Learning Project
Volunteers and supplies are needed to help with the Service Learning Project on campus that will take place on April 22-23. Please see the sign up genius for more information and ways to help make this another successful event!

PTO Meeting
The next meeting for PTO members will take place on April 20th at 10am (via Zoom). At this meeting the election will take place for next year’s officers. To register please fill out this Google form

Parent Presentations
This year parent presentations have been done virtually, giving you the benefit of viewing them at your convenience. If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch yet, you may do so here:
Sexting and vaping: https://youtu.be/b3T8t6qFixs
Class Registration Helpful Hints: https://youtu.be/rkGIpL34iQM 
Warm regards,
Christy Payne
WSMS PTO President
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