Invitation to Serve!
The cold weather is already here!  In addition to falling leaves & the possibility of snow, it brings a danger to our local homeless men, women & families. 

The Winter Overflow Homeless Shelter is our community's response.  This nightly shelter (Dec 1-Mar 31) provides warmth, rest, & a meal for all who otherwise face the elements directly. It is served by advocates & volunteers, like you! 

Sign up below and join our commitment to care for our city's most vulnerable.

Overnight Volunteers

Four volunteers are needed each night from 7pm-7am to help set up, check-in, & assist the staff monitor (shifts will allow for a partial night's sleep).  Ask a friend to volunteer with you one night!

Food Groups

Simple meals are needed for 50 people each night.  We recommend a "bag lunch" that can be eaten easily.  Guests eat at 7pm, & food groups are invited to help serve.

Toiletries & Donations

Regularly needed items: deodorant, disposable razors & cream, shampoo & soap, toothpaste & brush, mittens, socks, underwear, caps, hand-warmers, lotion, band-aids.

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Or contact the Overflow Volunteer Organizer: 336-899-0375
The Winter Overflow Shelter is a service of the WS/FC Council on Services for the Homeless.  Anthony's Plot Community in partnership with WSNC faith communities, civic organizations, student groups & others are organizing the shelter.  We seek to provide opportunities for our citizens to be engaged in creating justice for our homeless community and ending homelessness in our city.