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NOVEMBER 4 from 9am - 3:30pm
Center for Urban Horticulture, Seattle

Plants, Planning & Promotion

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Plant Forecasting: Bringing Plants to Market
How does a plant come to market? What factors and tools do growers utilize to forecast their plant offerings and ensure availability of a plant palette for gardening success. Includes among other things, long-term forecasting, adjusting and responding to inventory demands, industry relationships, climate considerations, consumer trends, and more will be discussed. Presenter: Andrej Suske, T&L Nursery

9:55 - 10:30am:  T&L Nursery New Plants!
Expand your plant palette with these new offerings proven for success in the northwest garden.

10:40 - 11:25am
Securing Orders: Planning your plant mix
What plant shortage? Be sure you are utilizing all your resources available to efficiently secure your desired plant mix during plant shortages or overages. Learn tips and
solutions for securing future orders and building relationships with vendors.   Presenter: Fran Sharp, Bizon Nursery

11:25 - Noon -  Bizon Nursery  New Plants!
Expand your plant palette with these new offerings proven for success in the northwest garden.
Break for lunch

1- 1:35pm -  Blooming Nursery New Plants!
Expand your plant palette with these new offerings proven for success in the northwest garden.

1:45 -2:45pm
Selling MORE Plants: Strategies that promote more sales
  A panel of professionals will share their success stories in adding value and upselling  plants, both at the nursery and in the landscape. Challenges will be discussed and  potential needs will be identified.

2:55 - 3:30pm - Skagit Gardens New Plants! Expand your plant palette with these new offerings proven for success in the northwest garden.

5 CPH. APLD credit pending.
Earlybird registration ends October 2. 

DECEMBER 2, from 9am - 3:30pm
Location: The Irrigation Learning Lab, Lake WA Institute of Technology, Kirkland

The Un Thirsty Landscape

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9:00 - 9:45am
2016 Climate Forecast: What to expect.
Is this the new normal? If that is a question you have been asked by your
customers and clients, this presentation will be a useful resource for
you. Hear what is being predicted for the 2016 Spring & Summer and
how factors such as drought and el nino impact predictions.  Presenter:  Representative from Office of Washington State Climatolagist, University of

10:00 - 11:15am
Water wise Design, Installation & Maintenance
A well-designed drought-tolerant landscape can be filled with a lush variety
of colorful plants that have year-round beauty, and give no outward clues
that it was created to conserve water. Using case studies, including his
involvement in the Woodinville Waterwise Garden and urban sites, Smith
will discuss unique challenges and solutions specific to the water wise
landscape. He will also provide tips for how to effectively communicate the
value and benefits of 'The Un-Thirsty Landscape' when working within your
client's budget.  Presenter: Ladd Smith, ecoPRO. InHarmony Landscapes

11:15 - Noon
Irrigation Learning Lab System Tour
The Irrigation Learning Lab, created by Cascade Water Alliance, was
purposefully designed to showcase the practical application of irrigation
maintenance and enhancements. With multi zones, the system features
two brands, various types of irrigation heads, and includes two drip
irrigation systems. Learn the science behind the system and familiarize
yourself with the options available to help conserve water. Presenter : David
McGrath, Independent Irrigation Consultant, Cascade Water Alliance and 18
years of landscape management experience.

Break for Lunch

Industry Opportunities & Working With Your Water Regulators
2015 was a record breaking year! It was hot and dry much earlier than
in years past and stayed that way through July. Mark will talk about the
utility's reaction and the lessons learned by working with the landscape
industry.  Presenter: Mark Guthrie, ecoPRO. Seattle Public Utilities

2:10 - 3:30pm
Plants for the Waterwise Garden
Expand your knowledge of plants that will thrive in the water wise garden.  This presentati on  will include a strong focus on drought tolerant plants not typically seen in the Pacific Northwest; cacti, Yuccas, Aloes, Nolinas, and less common drought tolerant woody shrubs. Jones will share successes, failures, solutions and tools to help you ensure plant health and placement in the waterwise garden.  Presenter: Bryon Jones, Horticulturist Arborist Lead, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium | Metro Parks Tacoma. Click here to read about Bryon's work at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. 
  5 CPH, CLT Credits. 4 ecoPRO Credits. APLD credit pending.
Earlybird registration ends October 2.

COMING in early 2016
Location: TBA

Bee Health: Update on Research & New Strategies for Protecting and Encouraging 'The Good Guys'
 - Funding provided by WSDA Nursery Advisory Committee Research

Research Update
Get an update on Bee Health research happening both locally and nationally.

Strategies for Protecting & Encouraging 'The Good Guys'
Plants play an essential role in creating habitat for bees to forage. From growing practices to plant mix, identify strategies to help you know more about the plants you grow and sell so you can better understand how to protect and encourage the good
guys, both in the nursery and the landscape. 

Customer Education
Tips for educating customers on bee health and the role plants play, including: how to deliver technical information and resources; which beneficence bugs might be found on plants treated with bio controls; and keeping an eye out for 'the good guys' at work in
the home landscape. Consumer friendly educational materials will be provided resource.

Please share with us your specific needs for more information on this complex industry issue.  Additional resources and educational opportunities are being developed. Your comments can be sent to
CPH, CLT, and ecoPRO credit available. APLD and WSDA Pesticide Recertification
credit pending. 
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