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Dear families,

It is hard to believe that June is officially here, and in a few short weeks we will be off for summer, ready to rest, revitalize and recharge with family and friends, and celebrate another season.

May was an incredibly productive and busy month. We are thankful for a beautiful May Faire led by May Faire chair Mandy Heaney and a dedicated committee and parent volunteer crew. Thank you for bringing your own plates and cups to reduce waste- the dumpster normally rented for May Faire waste was not even needed this year!

Please scroll down for WSOC graduation information, alumni updates, field trip recaps, summer camp opportunities and more.

We recently sent out our annual Parent Survey via Parent Square. We value your feedback and highly encourage your response. The survey will remain open until June 30.

If you missed the yearbook ordering deadline, you can still order directly from TreeRing. Shipping fees apply. Here is the info to do so:

Till- 6/10: Ship to School  

There is a charge for shipping, and books are shipped to the school. First class USPS takes between 5-11 days.

6/11 and later: After deadline, ships to home  - Shipping fee applies, and books are shipped to your home.

Please join us for the High School Arts Festival tonight starting at 5:30pm. The culmination of our students' education in the arts and Eurythmy is beautifully evidenced in the galleries and performances. We hope to see you on campus tonight!


Alyssa Hamilton
WSOC Communications Coordinator
Sat 6/1
5:30p - 8pm • High School Arts Festival
3:15p - 4:15p • Girls' Pilot Cup
Wed 6/5 - Wed 6/12  • Grade 8 Trip To Southwest
Fri 6/7
Last day of Playgroup
5:00p - 8:00p • Parents' Night Out Event: Ms. Terri and Ms. Arieta
Sat 6/8, 7:00p WSOC High School Prom
Mon 6/10 , 12:35p - 2:50p • HS End of Year Banquet
Thu 6/13 
Grade 8 no school
Last day of school Early Childhood
7:00p - 9:00p • Grade 9 Marionette Play
Fri 6/14 
Grade 8 no school
Last Day of School for Grades 1-7 and High School
5:00p - 7:00p • Grade 8 Promotion
Sat 6/15 , 2:00p - 4:00p • Class of 2019 Graduation
Collaboration and Community in the Third Grade Building Projects
The third grade would like to thank the WSOC community for immense support in our practical work experience this year. 

We started the year making a beautiful wood tray to use in our desks. Thank you Mr. Peter (Peter Norgaard, Grade 6 class parent) for helping us with this project. These will be heirlooms. 
W e made garden boxes without plans or measuring tools, but they still came out in the geometrical shapes. Thank you to class parent John Curran for supporting this creative endeavor.
We proposed building a playhouse, but the school responded that the garden shed was falling apart due to termites and needed to be replaced. Third grader Matteo interviewed Grade 1 teacher and gardening instructor Miss Rebecca, and created a plan for the garden shed with brackets for the exact number of shovels, hoes and rakes, plus a loft to store pots and levels of shelves resting on the rungs of the ladder. 

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Congratulations WSOC Class of 2019!
Please join us on Saturday, June 15 for their Graduation Ceremony
Parsons Field (behind WSOC)
From left: Ivy Boric, Joseph Klocke, Izabella Arnquist, Nathan Emahiser, Noah Cohen-Wanis, Claire Unger, Pia Cano, Kaitlyn O'Neill, Christian Trinh-Tran, Trinity Ruvalcaba, Elina Tsuchida, Lily Arnquist, Hanna Hester, and Lulu Forsum
Congratulations to our graduating seniors as they head off to their next adventures!

Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Laguna College of Art & Design
Plattsburgh University
Clark University
Concordia University Montreal
San Jose State University
Chapman University (2)
Whittier College
Pepperdine University
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Santa Clara University

Our senior class garnered an impressive $2,566,872 in total merit scholarship dollars, combined for all colleges to which they were accepted (in addition to colleges listed above). We are so very proud of our graduates!
Annual High School Arts Festival Saturday, June 1

We are so pleased to invite you to our annual High School Arts Festival! Meadows Hall will be overflowing tonight with a gallery of incredible student artwork and crafts, open at 5:30pm, and the high school students will be giving beautiful musical and eurythmy performances in the Eurythmy Hall, beginning at 6pm. 
WSOC Alumni Updates: Where Are They Now?
Blaze Cubanski
WSOC Class of 2014
UC Davis Class of 2019
Recipient of the Outstanding Senior Award
Mechanical Engineering
"Blaze Cubanski is an extraordinary bright engineer who demonstrated initiative, dedication and creativity in his academic and personal pursuits. With a genuine desire to learn, a commitment to foster collaboration, and an immense respect for his fellow students, Blaze spent countless hours helping other students achieve their best through tutoring, serving as a residential advisor, and as project lead on the Formula SAE team for two years. Blaze not only is a stellar student, but also is a truly remarkable researcher, team player and leader."
--(Quote from UC Davis awards ceremony)
Alexis Meadows
WSOC Class of 2011
Chapman University 
Class of 2019 (MBA)
Alexis Meadows, member of WSOC's pioneering graduating class of 2011, recently graduated - with honors - with her MBA from Chapman University.

"We are so proud of your success," wrote her mother, WSOC alumni parent and community supporter Sandy Meadows. "It's the result of your sincerity, hard work and patience.'Education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.' "
Misha Skelly
WSOC Class of 2012
Central St. Martins, London
Class of 2016
Said Misha (pictured at left in photo): "Central St. Martins is one of the most renowned fashion/art universities in the world. Graduates include Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. I am now a producer and agent at Intrepid, an agency in London, and I look after famous fashion stylists, which is amazing!

Not many people know what a stylist does, but they are the backbone of every brand, campaign and editorial you see. One of my favorite clients is Prada. The artist I work with does all the adverts, shows and campaigns!"

Misha's sister Evanya Skelly, pictured second from the right in this photo (along with parents and community members Rachel and Craig Skelly), graduated from WSOC in 2014 and graduated with honors from University of Kent in Canterbury (England) in 2018. She is now pursuing a law degree. 

Willow Smith
WSOC Class of 2014
Arizona State University and Barrett, Honors College at ASU
Class of 2018
"I graduated in 2018 from Arizona State University and Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University with a B.S.D in Graphic Design," said Willow. "I am currently working as a photographer and designer for Ludlow Kingsley, a creative design agency in Los Angeles ( ) and recently relocated to Los Angeles for work."
Julia Holm
WSOC Class of 2015
St. Mary's College
Class of 2019
Julia Holm (daughter of longtime WSOC community member Annie Stawicki and Games teacher Brad Holm) graduated from St. Mary’s College this month with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in Spanish. She plans to live and work in the East Bay, and has a job in marketing and sales with a local catering company. Farmer and the Fig

"Waldorf prepared me for a successful college career, especially at a liberal arts school like SMC," said Julia, "because I was able to adapt and thrive under the huge variety of core curriculum courses that St. Mary’s requires for all undergraduate students."
Spring Concert 2019
On Thursday, May 23, WSOC's Grade 4 through Grade 8 performed at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach: recorder, choir, band, orchestra and strings. The evening was led by Debora Wondercheck, WSOC Director of Music. Highlights included Barbara Ann by Grade 7 and 8 choir, led by choir director Rusty Vail (and including a rousing dance number choreographed by high school dance instructor Pepe Gonzales); classical pieces by the 6th, 7th and 8th grade orchestra; Grade 8 performing Leggiero on recorder; and Bohemian Rhapsody performed by 7th and 8th grade band and headed by band director Edwin Lovo.
Summer Camps
Rising Grade 9 can sign up for one or both subjects. To confirm your participation or for more information, please contact or

Snack provided, please bring lunch. Please contact Ms. Michaela for details:
WSOC On and Off Campus
8th Grade Projects
On May 10-11, Grade 8 presented their 8th Grade Projects, a culmination of several months of research and documentation, working with a mentor, creating a speech to share in front of a community audience, and learning a new skill.

“My favorite part of the projects was the presentations, said 8th grader Hannah L. "After a year of hard work, each one of us got to stand on stage, in front of our community, and share our interest in our project topic. We overcame the discomfort and nerves of the moment to embrace an opportunity to share our passion, and the smile never left my face all night.”

“I have continued to bake - for my family, my friends, my teachers and my neighborhood - and look forward to continuing to improve my skills in the kitchen.”

Said class teacher Brooke Natzke, "What's best about the 8th Grade Projects isn't how polished or accomplished the end result is, but rather the growth and self-reflection of each student. Regardless of the topic chosen, each student has to confront some aspect of him/herself, face the struggle and persevere."
Blacksmithing in the High School
This year, we were pleased to offer a new component to our high school practical arts program: blacksmithing.

Working with hot furnaces and hammering metal requires conscious movements, an understanding of the material, and an intellectual concentration. This is a developmentally appropriate high school activity, as it is highly demanding and engages both the will and the intellect.

We want to extend a special thanks to WSOC parent Deon Colchester, who volunteered to help and support this program. Deon came to the lessons and brought from his incredible gifts to help the students in their projects and support the safety component. 

-Matan Tsufim, Woodwork Teacher
Grade 5 State Projects and Pentathlon
In Grade 5, Ms. Fabian's students wrapped up their geography/North American block in May with a state brochure detailing their chosen location. Some students shared samples of foods their states are known for, and all gave glimpses into the unique geography, history, and fun facts of each state- including where one can find the greatest concentration of dinosaur fossils in the U.S. (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Utah).
Seven Waldorf schools participated in this year's Pentathlon on May 10. It was a beautiful day on the beach in Coronado, San Diego. The fifth grade students exhibited beauty, style and grace while being watched by many of the Greek gods (San Diego and Sanderling high school and alumni played the roles of the gods and goddesses). The Pentathlon is an Olympic-style games celebrated by fifth grade Waldorf students across the continent. Students are divided into “city-states,” and compete in five events: javelin, wrestling, discus, long jump, and running. The Pentathlon is the culmination of the Grade 5 study of Greek mythologies, as well as Greek art, philosophy, politics, math, and science.
Grade 4 Pilgrim Trip and Animal Projects
On May 7-8, Ms. Emahiser's Grade 4 participated in a WSOC tradition: The Pilgrim Trip in Dana Point Harbor. The atmosphere on the ship hearkens back to 1834, before California was officially a state and many newcomers were just settling into the area. The students immerse themselves in the life of a 19th-century sailor during this overnight field trip, with activities that include all-night watches on deck. The trip supports Grade 4's History of California studies.

The Pilgrim, measuring 100 ft. x 100 ft., is a replica of the original ship that was built in 1825 for shipping back and forth between the East Coast and California. 
On May 22, Grade 4 presented their animal projects to the WSOC community, and expertly fielded questions about their chosen creature. In addition to handwritten reports, each child crafted their animal out of mediums that included clay, paper and felt.
Grade 2 Catches a Lift at Goat Hill Junction

On May 9, Grade 2 got the opportunity to ride the train at Goat Hill Junction with two train conductors.They rode on three different routes and enjoyed lunch at the train station.

Goat Hill Junction in Fairview Park is operated by the Orange County Model Engineers. Every third weekend of the month, the engineers offer free trains rides to all. The layout has grown from one small loop to over five miles of track. Trains take riders on a 15-minute journey around Fairview Park.
Grade 7 Hones Survival Skills In Big Bear
On May 29-31, Ms. Christiane's Grade 7 embarked on a Big Bear survival training adventure that included tent camping, fire building, water purification, wood splitting, first aid and more. The trip demanded a new level of independence, fortitude and planning, and our children rose to the occasion. We want to thank our chaperones and Grade 7 families the Burnetts and the Gilmers for being instrumental in organizing and executing the trip and survival training, as well as offering their cabins to trip chaperones and their land for camping!
Community News & Announcements
Waldorf 100, Part 3: "Becoming"
" Becoming" is the third film in a series of short films produced on the occasion of the centenary of Waldorf Education. The film was made under the direction of the award-winning Californian documentary filmmaker Paul Zehrer, providing an insight into the inclusive diversity of Waldorf Education under the most diverse cultural, social, religious and economic conditions around the globe.

No age has a deeper impact on the whole of life than the first years of childhood. "During those first seven years, children develop their bodily foundation for life.
Grades 7 and 8 Choir at Festival of Music

On May 2, WSOC Grade 7 and 8 headed to Knott's Berry Farm to participate in the Festival of Music. The choir group, led by Choir Director Rusty Vail, received an "Excellent" rating from the adjudicators.
WSOC Senior Raises funds for Lakota Waldorf School

"On May 18th, I hosted a booth at Mayfair to raise money for a fellow Waldorf school in North Dakota, the Lakota Waldorf School on Pine Ridge Reservation. Three unique art pieces painted by talented 12th graders, along with ten hand-printed T-shirts, freshly baked cupcakes and prized handmade copper roses were sold and 100% of the profit has been sent to the school on Pine Ridge Reservation. I’m happy to share that as a community, we were able to raise $1,108!

This achievement would have been impossible without the wonderful participation and passion of everyone at the event. I sincerely appreciate all who contributed time and effort into creating this outcome."

--Pia Cano, Grade 12

The Lakota Waldorf School was founded in 1993 by a group of Lakota parents committed to an alternative vision for their children’s education – one that includes traditional Lakota values. The founders of the Lakota Waldorf School recognized that for a school to succeed on the reservation, it must help the Lakota children to connect with their roots and to develop skills necessary to lead healthful, fulfilling lives in the future.
Annual String Swap on Tuesday,
June 4

Do you have an instrument you would like to sell or donate to the school?

Tuesday, June 4 is our annual String Swap. You can bring the instruments you wish to sell to upcoming/new students participating in Orchestra.

We also are very thankful to those wishing to donate to the school which allows students to "borrow" instruments without a fee for as long as that student is enrolled.

Sellers are responsible for their own sales. Sellers may list their instruments with Erica Torres.

Donated Instruments:
Students using WSOC donated instruments must maintain and care for instruments and are responsible for any repairs and/or damages. Damages caused by negligence or instruments lost will revoke privileges to borrow immediately. Students must return the instruments and any accessories included to Erica Torres when the instrument is too small for the student, or the student withdraws from WSOC (holding onto instruments for siblings and friends is prohibited).

Please contact Erica Torres in the front office for details.
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