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Dear families,

We made it! What a school year this has been. We are so grateful to our faculty, staff and our school community for the loving collaboration and willingness to be flexible and patient as we navigated these unprecedented times. Now, we celebrate steps toward our togetherness, our field trips, our exciting upcoming summer camps, and more. Our students are blossoming like wildflowers, their beautiful radiant faces turned towards the healing warmth of the sun.

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Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Alyssa Hamilton
Communications Coordinator
Wed 6/2 - Wed 6/9 • Senior Trip
Thu 6/3, 6:00p - 7:00p • Spring Concert: Grade 6 strings
Thu 6/3, 7:00p - 8:00p • Spring Concert: Grade 7 strings, Grade 7 & 8 band
Fri 6/4, 7:00p - 8:00p • Spring Concert: Grade 8 strings
Mon 6/7, 6:30p - 8:00p • Grade 2 parent meeting
Thu 6/10, 6:00p - 7:00p • Spring Concert: online students, grades 5 and 7
Fri 6/11 - Fri 6/18 • Grade 8 Trip
Fri 6/11, 6:00p - 7:00p • Spring Concert Grade 4 strings
Fri 6/11, 7:00p - 8:00p • Spring Concert: Grade 5 strings
Sat 6/12 • High School Prom
Wed 6/16 • Grade 5 class play
Thu 6/17 • Last day of school Early Childhood
Fri 6/18 • Playgroup/Bridge Session 3 ends
Fri 6/18, 1:10p • Last Day of School Grades and High School Early Dismissal
Fri 6/18, 6:00p - 8:00p • Grade 8 Promotion
Sat 6/19, 2:00p - 4:00p • Graduation Class of 2021
Mon 6/21 • All Faculty/Staff Meeting
Mon 6/21, 6:00p - 9:00p • Board Meeting

Adult Education
Tue 6/8, 6:30p - 9:00p • WSOC Adult Education Program (Grades)
Tue 6/8, 7:30p - 9:00p • Foundation Studies
Fri 6/11, 5:00p - 9:00p • WSOC Adult Education Program (Grades)
Fri 6/11, 6:30p - 9:00p • Foundation Studies
Sat 6/12, 8:00a - 4:00p • WSOC Adult Education Program (Grades)
Sat 6/12, 8:30a - 4:00p • Foundation Studies
Tue 6/22 - Fri 6/25 • WSOC Adult Education Grades Intensive
Please see new dates above! Full calendar available shortly.
Leadership Message
Dearest WSOC Community,

Navigating through this highly unusual school year reminds me of the Alpine mountain paths of my youth -- a somewhat arduous climb, tricky terrain, challenging switchbacks, a new surprise around every corner, and finally a wonderful sense of accomplishment when the summit is within reach and a breathtaking vista unfolds below!

With the end of the school year approaching, I want to shout out with joy: We made it! We stayed together as a community when circumstances could have allowed us to drift apart. There is no denying that it felt like burning the candle at both ends at times -- faculty juggling remote and on-campus learning simultaneously, parents having to adjust their schedules when aftercare was not yet possible or with students learning at home, our admin staff ensuring that the show could go on despite the challenges. Sore shoulders from the heavy load, some blisters on our feet from trudging along … but it was so worth it. 

Having our recent Mini May Faire felt like coming home. It was the first festival on campus in well over a year. Watching the students enjoy this sweet moment with music, dance, games, and ribbons on the breeze provided a much-needed hopeful note to carry us along towards the summit.

Now we weave in the ends of this unique year. What remains is a sense of growth, learning, and deep gratitude on my part. It has been an honor to serve as College chair for the past two years and I look forward to seeing WSOC continue to thrive with Brooke Natzke as the incoming chair of the College of Teachers. 

With a grateful heart,

Andrea Hubert
Chair, College of Teachers
A Loving Farewell to High School Teachers
Daniel and Katie Pitts
Dear WSOC families,

After 12 happy years as part of the WSOC community, we are moving our family out to Madison, Wisconsin, to be close to my brother's family. We are looking forward to raising all of our kids together, and supporting each other's families after a wild and unpredictable year and a half. We will miss all of you, our WSOC colleagues and students and families very much. We are deeply grateful for your incredible support and generosity, and we have been proud to be part of this community. We are looking forward to new opportunities and adventures, and we will happily take the life lessons and advice you have given us, to help along the way!

With love,
Daniel, Katie, Leo, and Julian
Middle and High School Orchestra
filmed by Class of 2021's Elijah Pangrazio
With the easing up of pandemic conditions, our middle and high school string students, under the direction of WSOC Director of Music Debora Wondercheck, combined to record a performance. The exciting program featured inspirational Spiritual songs (Amazing Grace and Wade in the Wada) and a jazz tune (Bo Diddley Groove).

"The piece Wade in the Wada was commissioned specifically for our WSOC students and tied into the 8th grade American history block," said Ms. Wondercheck. "From this recording, our students were later invited to perform at the oldest and highly esteemed African American church in Santa Ana: Second Baptist. We proudly share this dedicated work with you our Waldorf community- enjoy!"

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 (not pictured, Cameron Hsu)! Oh, the places you'll go!
Spring Concerts
Spring Concert Q & A

Who is allowed to attend in person?
Immediate family members of performers may attend the event in person during the performance of their own family. Families are grouped according to household.

Will we be required to complete a health check?
Yes, WSOC parents and additional household members will complete an online or paper health screening and temperature check. Anyone feeling unwell, including performers, will be asked to stay home to protect our players, staff and families.

Will we be allowed to sit with other families?
Each family will be asked to sit together and apart from others. Chairs will be set up for you and will be distanced from one another.

Will we be required to wear masks?
Yes, masks are required on campus, both indoors and out.

Can we record the performance?
You are welcome to record the performance, but please do not post the recording on social media or the Internet (Not every student is allowed to be photographed). Please be respectful of those around you and be certain that you are not blocking another’s view with your camera or phone. Additionally, there will be a professional videographer and sound engineer on site to record the event. The recording will be made available after the event (date to be determined).
Grade 12 Play: "Clue"
"This show was a pleasure to direct from start to finish! It was a whirlwind three weeks together, and I am in awe of the group effort that went into this production. The success is our students' to cherish. This was a fast- paced play driven by the technical cues. Thank you to the grade 10 crew of boys: Brandon, Jamie, Jonah and Evan as well as Logan from grade 8. You guys rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations.

To the seniors: You are an exceptional group made up of unique and strong individuals, and I never would have taken on the challenge of this play without your buy-in. You proved back in grade school, as you proudly teetered in on your handmade stilts, that you can do hard things. Continue to push yourselves, and always face challenges with courage and a sense of adventure. Most of all….have fun!"

- Gina Garrison, Play Director and High School Coordinator

8th Grade Projects
WSOC students complete an annual rite of passage
WSOC's 8th grade projects are a rite of passage, providing an opportunity for students to experience the accomplishments of completing a long-term commitment to one topic of research and study. Working with mentors and experts in their areas of interest, the projects foster relationships, develop fortitude, and highlight the courage it takes to speak and engage an audience.

(pictured: Abbi Clapp with her completed mural in front of the Clapp family cafe, Active Culture. Abbi's mentor for creating her mosaic was Rachel Skelly, a WSOC alumni parent).
Congratulations to the Class of 2025
on Your Upcoming 8th Grade Promotion!
Summer Camps 2021
We still have spots remaining in our 2021 Summer Camps! We have camps for every student, from early childhood to high school. Offerings range from sports and theater to music, art, crafts and more. Click image to peruse the many offerings in our Camp Brochure and to register.
Become a WSOC Admissions Ambassador
When we look at the history of what brought each family to WSOC, it’s clear that we are overwhelmingly supported by word-of-mouth referrals from current families. Our happy community members are our very best marketing!

Sharing the gifts of a Waldorf education with another parent is a valuable opportunity for a parent who may be unfamiliar with this extraordinary curriculum.

Who is this school “right for?" The answer is, every child. For the child who is “advanced” and moves rapidly through academics, it provides a balance into the opposing realms of their brain – dexterity, spatial dynamics and social-emotional strengths. For the child who struggles with academics, the curriculum allows the space for growth at the student’s own pace without the pressure of being labeled, while inspiring the student to reach his full potential. Waldorf curriculum, more than anything, provides a “balance” that helps to nurture a well-rounded student into a happy and successful adult.

Every time a parent recommends our school to a friend or family member, we increase our reach and potential for even greater success for us all. To thank you for your recommendation, we are very pleased to offer you a token of our gratitude for every referral you make who completes registration at our school.

For more information, visit our website here.

Company of Angels
What's New

The Company of Angels yearly 20% off entire store (with a few exceptions)
June 7 - June 18th

Stock up for summer...crayons, beeswax, books and so much more.

We want to thank all of the community parents who have supported us through these trying times! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to tell you how grateful we have been for your patronage. We are also looking forward to welcoming back community members whom we did not get to see this year. Remember: Your school store is owned by the school, and all funds from sales supports the operating budget of the school. We are so grateful for your choice to patronize our sweet little shop.

Summer Store Hours: WEDNESDAYS ONLY - 9:00am - 2:00pm
SCRIP News: Scrip of the Month
Hello Scrip Shoppers,

We are almost at the end of our school year! Please check your Scrip usage and see if you are on track for meeting your $275.00 annual obligation. Feel free to stop by the Company of Angels, and we will be happy to help you out. You can also email Scrip Coordinator Pam Lusk:
Scrip of the Month: Whole Foods

We are so happy that Shop with Scrip is selling Whole Foods e-Cards again (3% toward your Scrip balance). Whole Foods seeks out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and has an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture.

If you need help with your Scrip account, please stop by Company of Angels!
WSOC On and Off Campus
Spinning Wool in Grade 3
Ms. Schwarz's Grade 3 has been busy with a special fiber arts project: cleaning, carding and spinning wool fresh from a local farm.
Grade 7 recently completed a comprehensive Spanish project. Under the expert tutelage of Spanish teacher Sra. Blanco, the students' projects included research, written comprehension and an oral presentation given in Spanish.
Let's Get Outside!
Grades 5 (right) and 7 (left) had the great joy and privilege of visiting Catalina Island recently on two respective field trips. They hiked, swam, enjoyed campfires, explored the local flora and fauna and enjoyed the natural beauty of the island with their teachers and chaperones.
Grade 4 enjoyed a whale watching trip out of Newport Beach, where they spotted several dolphins and sun bathing sea lions.
High School Physics with Mr. Feck

The 10th grade physics block is focused on mechanics. One part of the curriculum is building and racing a "mouse-trap car." The car is powered by a mouse trap's spring. Using mechanical advantage from a moment arm and string wound around the rear axle, the spring propels the car approximately 10 feet. At that point the string has wound off the axle and the car glides to a stop. If students have done a good job with wheel alignment and friction reduction the cars can go quite far, said high school science teacher Mr. Feck. The record for this year was 41 feet!
Early Childhood at Play
WSOC Early Childhood students enjoy another glorious day in the kindergarten play yard. We agree with Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers: “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."
Register Now for Early Years Programs:
Nursery, Playgroup and Bridge!
Click here to register for Session 3 Playgroup. To learn more about Playgroup, Nursery or Bridge programs, click here.
Community News & Announcements
Wild Up Performing Julius Eastman's Femenine: Seeking instrumentalists, sleigh bell, bell and tambourine players
Wild Up plays Julius Eastman live for the very first time since recording his works on their album Femenine. Be wowed by this LA modern music collective playing what they call "music that, we’ve found, lives in the minds of audiences, unlike anything else Wild Up has performed." Making their Center debut on June 17th. Visit to learn more.
It's Wild Up's first show back, together, and making music live, outside on the Segerstrom Plaza. It's a joyous 75-minute jam for 15 instrumentalists, and they are looking for as many sleigh bells/bell/tambourine players as they can find to surround the audience. 
Click here for the Volunteer Form. Form closes June 9.

Waldorf School of Orange County just received congratulations from TreeRing on being a TreeRing Green Yearbook School! Since we sold 253 yearbooks, they will be working with their partner, Trees for the Future, to plant 253 trees in WSOC's name.
Waldorf Alum Connections
Waldorf Alum Connections
Did you know that AWSNA offered a continental New Year happy hour for alums across the continent? Seventy-five alums attended and it was a blast! Quarterly social events are now on the schedule.
Need an architect, an artist, an accountant? Support alum businesses and share with your community the alum business directory.
As we journey through a second year of our Continental Alum Connect program and the accompanying online networking platform, we would like to remind you to share an invitation with alums and alum parents. Here is a direct link to join:
For more information on the above activities, or to join the monthly alum networking calls, connect with Nita June at

  • The Continental Waldorf Alum Business Directory
  • currently listing 125 businesses
  • sharing alums' successes and endeavors far and wide
  • Mentorship and Mentee Opportunities
  • with 100s of alum registrants offering themselves up as mentors, the potential support for young alums is truly boundless.
  • Alum Parent Registration
  • the platform welcomes not only alums, but alum parents as well, with the hopes of parents sharing job postings and internship offerings
  • School Community Pages*
  • fully manage events and registration in one place
  • integrated Zoom for events
  • full fundraising capabilities offered directly through the WAC platform
  • * offered for an additional annual fee
  • Internship and Employment Postings
  • Searchable Alum Map by location, industry, class year, school affiliation and more.
Click here for WSOC College of Teachers, Board Members and Administrative Rotation
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