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Hello Families!

We had a wonderfully successful Back to School Night, chaired by our Parent Association's very capable, creative and energetic Liz Wenger. Thank you Liz and all of our parent and student volunteers, and also a special thank you to WSOC parent Josh Boyle and his band for providing the fun live music to complement the event.

Please scroll down to learn more about our new hot lunch program, ParentSquare (invite coming today!), upcoming Parent Education events and much more. You will be receiving a link to preview your child's school picture. If you would like a retake, it is next Tuesday October 9th. Don't forget- no school next Monday, October 8th!

Happy Monday everyone!

Alyssa Hamilton
WSOC Communications Coordinator
October News At-a-Glance
Click here for October 2018 WSOC Calendar Details (Parent Evenings, etc.)

Online School Calendar here .

Key dates:

Wednesday, October 3: Community Forum. Enjoy a current picture of our academic year at WSOC. Babysitting provided by Grade 8.
Monday, Oct. 8th: In Service Day, no school
Tuesday, October 9: MAKE UP DAY for school photos
Wednesday, October 10: Walk Through the Grades
Wednesday, October 17th : Curriculum Evening Grades 1-3. Come learn more about what happens in the early grades at WSOC. Babysitting for WSOC parents provided (for a fee) by Grade 8. Community guests welcomed.
Monday, October 22: Annual Giving Campaign Begins
Monday- Friday, October 22-26: High School Trip Week
Tuesday, October 23rd: Parent Education with Patti Connolly
Wednesday, October 24th: Early Childhood Information Evening
Saturday, October 27th: High School Orchestra performs at Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Wednesday, October 31st: Halloween
* Costumes are allowed at school. Please see your class teacher for costume restrictions. No gore or masks that cover the entire face, please. Keep it G-rated!

Need on-campus babysitting for the Community Forum? Grade 8 has you covered. Click here to sign up!
ParentSquare Invite on its Way to You Today!

We are so thrilled to be rolling out our new Parent Square communications platform to our community. Your Room Reps and a few Parent Ambassadors have been test driving it, and so far we are getting rave reviews. Once you have registered, please click on this brief tutorial to learn even more about this extremely useful communication tool:

School related news, teacher communication, flyers, photos, signs ups and more will all come your way via this platform.

If you choose not to register, you will still receive all communications via email, but will not have access to attachments, sign ups and other activities. Please sign up! We also will have an iPad set up in Company of Angels for those without a smartphone or computer.

Any sign up issues, please email or consult the Help section of the site.
New Hot Lunch Program for
Grades 1-12!

OVER 50 orders on our first day! We are so pleased about our new partnership with Organic Kids L.A.! They offer many different healthy options each day, with optional add-ons such as smoothies and side salads, and you can choose Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Vegetarian modifications and options. This will not be part of the Class of 2023 fundraising; we are focusing instead on onsite babysitting and other endeavors to raise money for the 8th Grade Trip.

Register here!

For those with credits with YumClub, please contact them directly for a refund, or you can cancel via your credit card company. If you have any issues with cancellations, please contact our School Administrator Douglas Garrett. We won't let you fall through the cracks!

For more information: Organic Kids LA Welcome Letter
Yearbook Discount: Order Now!

Order your yearbook in October to obtain a 10% discount! WSOC's 2018-19 yearbook costs $30. However, orders placed on  or before 10/31  receive a 10% discount for a total cost of $27.00. Orders placed on or before 11/30 will receive a 5% discount for a total cost of $28.50. Thereafter, the price goes up to $30.00 for orders placed through April 5, 2019.

To preorder and receive a 10% discount on your 2018-19 yearbook order, please click here and place your order by 10/31.

All pre-ordered yearbooks will be shipped directly to the school in June 2019 once they are completed and ready for pick-up. 
Ms. Joy Art Classes Beginning this Month

Early Childhood: Tuesdays, 1- 2 pm

1st Grade: Thursdays, 1:10 - 2:10 pm

2nd/ 3rd Grades: Fridays, 1:10 - 2:10 pm

Upper Grades: Tuesdays, 3 - 4 pm

For interested parents - old and new to the art classes - please see Ms. Joy in the Art Room behind the Eurythmy Hall, Tuesday through Friday, 12:30pm to 5 pm.
WSOC On and Off Campus
WSOC HS Bonding Trip
On September 4-6, Grades 9-12 joined forces on an annual tradition, the High School Bonding Trip. This year, they camped out above San Onofre State Beach.

Notes from the trip:

I thought that it was very nice to get to meet and hang out with people who were not in my grade, so I didn't just know the people in my class. It doesn't hurt, of course, to not have to go to school!
- - Katie Janecheck, Grade 9

This year’s bonding trip was memorable and exciting, and took a fun new spin off of past years! This year we went to the beach at San Onofre, and stayed at the campground just above the beach. We spent our days hiking, surfing, swimming, playing beach volleyball, and getting to know our new freshman class. Our nights were full of s’mores, fireside skits, campfire songs and stargazing (the sky was wonderfully clear at night!). I’m not a stellar camper, but this trip was truly relaxing, and gave me a great chance to start the year fresh. I can’t wait for next year! -- Lily Lieberman, Grade 11

Our annual High School Bonding Trip is a great chance for the freshman to integrate themselves into the dynamics of high school. Each class gets their own chance to jump outside their comfort zones and connect with new people, through games, skits and preparation for the upcoming school year (in designated cleaning or tent groups). The best part of the trip is consistently a long walk to the beach and performances of the skits, whereas the worst part is the hike, the dirt, and sleeping on an incline and/or rocks. And, if you’re lucky, a scorpion might jump out at you when cleaning out your tent! What surprised me about this year’s trip was the genuine camaraderie within the students; we all seemed very comfortable with one another and got along quite well in the duration of the trip. In addition, I got to know some more people and developed stronger bonds with those I had previously connected with. Especially with this year’s new location, we certainly did get a chance to bond! -- Sydney Severn, Grade 11
Learn More About WSOC's High School this November!
Thursday, November 8: WSOC Grade 8 Visits High School (no sign up required)

Friday, Nov. 9th: Walk Through the High School (for adults)

Saturday, November 10: High School Open House (for adults and students)

Click flyer to your left for details!
WSOC High School Orchestra

WSOC High School Chamber Strings shared a beautiful performance as part of the annual Festival of Children at South Coast Plaza on Sept. 22.


Grades 1-12 celebrated Michaelmas on Friday, September 28th with a trip to Green Park to test their skills and courage with a series of games and challenges. The event also included a gift of 70 marigold plants to our neighbors at Wilson Elementary, who are starting a garden.

Above, woodworking teacher Mr. Matan fires a custom sword for Michaelmas while Ms. Terri's kindergarten sings a song and watches, enthralled.
Chalkboard Drawings

Ms. Emahiser's Grade 4 chalk art provides a rich accompaniment to Main Lesson, the Human and Animal Block.
Scrip & School Business
Scrip News Flash: Earn $$ for your Class Fund!
Earn $1,000 for Your Class
The Scrip office is giving away $1,000 this school year to any class that meets the following:
  • 100% participation with PrestoPay, with
  • 5 or more PrestoPay purchases, for a total of 
  • At least $500 in SCRIP PrestoPay Purchases 
Just three easy steps and your Class Fund will be given a check for $1000!
Let's make this a community effort to all help each other earn money for the class fund doing everyday shopping such as groceries, gas, coffee, dining out,…. 
You name it... there's probably a Scrip for it!
If you have any questions or need any help we are here to help in the Company of Angels! Go see Pam Lusk anytime during store hours Monday through Friday.
Controller's Corner
Valuable Info on Flexible Care Spending Accounts

With open enrollment season rapidly approaching, you may want to consider utilizing an employer sponsored dependent care flexible spending account (FSA, or DCFSA). These accounts allow you to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible dependent care services such as preschool (yes, Pre-K tuition qualifies), summer camp, and aftercare. Depending upon your filing status, you may be eligible to put $2,500 to $5,000 per year of pre-tax dollars into your account saving you up to $1,500 per year. 

We have a number of families who utilize this approach and even have a TADS receipt form you can use to submit for reimbursement.  Don't have a plan? There may be some good news hidden in the tax reform and jobs bill passed last year. The Child Tax Credit was doubled from $1,000 to $2,000 and the income qualification limits were increased to $200,000 for single filers, and $400,000 for joint filers.  
The Latest from Admissions
Let's Keep Growing Our Community!
Do you have a relative, friend or neighbor who may be interested in the Waldorf School of O.C.? 

Invite them to join us for a Walk Through the Grades. 

This opportunity for interested parents is an ideal way to learn more about Waldorf Education and to experience classes in session.

Reservations are required and space is limited. Adults only, please.
Click here for details!
A few spots available in Playgroup and Bridge Programs!
Why Waldorf? 

The early years of a child’s life, full of wonder and joy, are also the most critical years of development. The Playgroup and Bridge classes at the Waldorf School of Orange County offer children a rich environment for exploration and play and offer parents support in creating a healthy home life to create a solid foundation for learning. Through meeting together in a group with like-minded parents and an experienced Early Childhood Waldorf teacher each week, a warm and loving community is formed.

Click here to learn more.
Parent Education & Community Forums

Please join us for our first community forum of the year! Bring your questions and hear from faculty about the current school year.

Need onsite babysitting for this event? Click here!
Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30pm
October 17, 2018: Learn about Grades 1 - 3
January 30, 2019: Learn about Grades 4 & 5
February 27, 2019: Learn about Grades 6 - 8

WSOC community and guests welcomed! You do not have to be in a particular class to attend. Go to them all!

Click flyer for details.
Parents today feel immense societal pressure when it comes to their children’s future success even when their children are only in preschool or kindergarten. Questions abound! Shouldn’t my child be learning how to use a computer now? Shouldn’t my child be exposed to tests since high test scores are the key to getting into a top university? What can I do at home so my child isn’t behind any other child going to a different school?

Join Patti Connolly as she shares the findings of a new generation of researchers who are using science to understand the mysteries of success. Learn surprising ways in which parents do and
do not prepare their children for a successful adulthood.
Click flyer for more!
Between the ages of 12 and 24, the brain changes in important, and oftentimes maddening, ways. It's no wonder that many parents approach their child's adolescence with fear and trepidation.

According to renowned neuropsychiatrist Daniel Siegel, however, if parents and teens can work together to form a deeper understanding of the brain science behind all the tumult, they will be able to turn conflict into connection and form a deeper understanding of one another.

Click flyer for more!
Aftercare Forms October 2018
Big Aftercare: Email to Ms. E. or drop at front office.

Little Aftercare: Email to Ms. Michaela or drop at front office.

Ms. E now has a cell phone for Big Aftercare after hours calls! Please use the regular office number until 4:30pm.

(949) 887-4478.
Community News & Announcements

Fall News from AWSNA
The American Association of Waldorf Schools' monthly newsletter keeps you in the loop about Waldorf Education locally and across the globe. This issue details our worldwide plans for the Waldorf 100 celebration in 2019-20!
Waldorf 100: What is it, and Why is it So Significant?
The first Waldorf school was founded in Stuttgart in 1919. Today there are over 1,100 Waldorf schools and almost 2,000 Waldorf kindergartens in some 80 countries around the globe. We are making our Centennial an occasion to further develop Waldorf education for contemporary times, and focus more consciously on its global dimensions. With many exciting projects on all continents. Keep your ears and eyes open, and be part of the movement: 100 years is just the beginning!
Anthroposophy Study Groups Near You

These study groups are non-denominational and non-sectarian.

Tuesday evenings 7- 8:45pm at Julia Doemer’s home. 
We are in Lecture 4 of the November 1907 St John Gospel lectures contained in a larger Steiner book called  True Knowledge of the Christ.  The study also includes  The Calendar of the Soul. Irvine.

Sunday evenings monthly, 5:45pm: Paul and Nancy Mitchell are reading and discussing  Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World.  They begin with singing and a verse at 6:10pm and close at 8pm. Huntington Beach.

Sunday mornings, 10am, and one Sunday a month 2-4pm . First Class of Spiritual Science studies in Brea. Afternoon group works out of Sergei Prokofieff’s book on the nineteen lessons.10am group continues reading of Michael Hedley Burton’s continuation of Steiner’s Mystery Dramas. Brea.

Contact: Eloise Krivosheia.

Please email Alyssa Hamilton for contact and address details.
Practicing Threefold: In Quest of Accessibility
 Free Event for Our Community!
Come to have fun and meet your peers in other schools, as well as the student teachers in the Los Angeles and San Diego WISC programs! there will also be a Q&A with people who will be graduating this year! 

We would love to have at least five participants from each school community!

Presented by The Waldorf Institute of Southern CA
Saturday, October 6th
Pasadena Waldorf School

Waldorf School of Orange County
2350 Canyon Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3948
(949) 574-7775