Washington State Pest Management Association
Eastern Washington: Thursday, November 14
Western Washington: Saturday, November 16
$135 WSPMA Members - $175 Non-Members - 7 CEUs (WA, ID, OR)
New PestVets Representative
The National Pest Management Association asked that every state have a representative serve on its PestVets committee. "NPMA is committed to engaging veterans in their successful transition to a productive and rewarding career in the pest management industry. To that end, PestVets actively promotes the recruitment of veterans to member companies and supports those recruitment efforts through various education and training opportunities."

We are proud to announce that Ramon Herrera from Rambo Total Pest Control will be serving from Washington State. We look forward to hearing from Ramon about PestVets!
Fall Seminar Spotlight

Frederick “Fred” Whitford , Clinical Engagement Professor, Botany and Plant Pathology and Director of Purdue Pesticide Programs. Fred received his bachelor’s degree in wildlife management from Louisiana Tech. He has expertise in pesticide safety education, pesticide registration, regulations, insurance, and environmental and safety audits. He received his master’s and doctorate degrees in entomology from Iowa State University. He has served as the Coordinator of the Purdue Pesticide Program since 1991.

There’s More to Mixing Than You Think
The often-used adage, “read and follow label instructions” has new meaning. While often looking at the BIG picture in spray technology, we now realize that the subtleties of measuring the product or carrier is often neglected and may be the difference between application success and failure. A long-used measuring cup, trusting marks on tanks, failure to differentiate between liquid vs. dry ounces, and using incorrect or inaccurate measuring devices potentially lessens control of the target pest. The purpose of this talk is to urge you to investigate, and correct if necessary, this often overlooked first step in the pesticide application process.
PestWorld 2019
We have arrived in San Diego to participate in the largest pest management conferences of the year. During the week there will be over 3,000 attendees at over 20 educational sessions. The WSPMA has several Member companies and Board Members representing Washington State this week and it is our hope that we can bring back and share ideas, practices, speakers and more. Look for a special PestWorld recap in the coming weeks.