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P residents Takeaways from Washington Friends of Farms & Forests All Agency Meeting
WSPMA President Luke Rambo along with several other WSPMA Members attended the Washington Friends of Farms & Forests (WFFFA) all agency meeting in early May. The following topics were discussed during the meeting.

  • Continual work trying to minimize drift, primarily on the ag side with air-blast sprayers. Some research and a soon-to-be-published paper in a scientific journal (sounded like a big deal) indicating drift was greatly diminished with hedgerows that are at least 15 ft in height around the perimeter of the field. And numerous other efforts.   
  • Neonicotinoids continue to be found in water quality testing. Of the 1600 detections of various pesticides found in water there were only 116 exceedances found in 2018. Neonics are at the front of the list as it relates to their concerns. There is a big neonic/pollinator review due out in June, which is apparently the last window for public comment on that issue before additional regulations come down. Maybe Corey or Billy recorded better notes than me on that aspect if there are further questions. I believe it was Gary Bahr with WSDA - Natural Resource Assessment Section who presented this information.  
  • We learned about the ongoing gypsy moth treatments and methods of communication used by Karla Salp and her team as they lead up to these very public aerial applications of BTK. The asian gypsy moth has an action threshold of just 1. If they find even just 1, they will treat a square or larger space. With european gypsy moths, since the females are not capable of flight, they want to find multiple life stages, or want to find one life stage but in the same area for multiple years in a row, before treating. They have 4 treatment sites this year in Western WA.  
  • Glyphosate (RoundUp) was brought up a couple times.  I guess a WA state senator presented a bill that would have required each state agency to document their existing stock and anticipated quantity of glyphosate used each year, as well as potential costs associated with using alternative materials. This bill was shot down but caused a stir among this group. They all reiterated the recent EPA findings that Glyphosate does not pose risks to public health when used according to label. All public agencies including colleges will continue to use Glyphosate. 
  • Learned about a flourescence training kit which can be tank mixed with water and then sprayed as in normal processes. Then under black light in the dark you can see everywhere the material landed on clothing and other areas. Safety training... 
  • Carol Black with WSU mentioned other countries are requiring certain materials to be used in the clothing which will reduce exposure to applicators and handlers. Here in the states they are looking into this but at this time there are no specific requirements other than whatever is mentioned on the label.  
  • L&I gave some info on respirator cartridges. They continue to filter air even when not in use due to electrostatic properties. She showed a slide of a 3M cartridge which showed an end of service life indicator monitor on the side of cartridge. I have not seen those yet and would be curious to know how long it takes to expire.  
  • Continued concerns about the way the new cannabis operations are operating. They have seen some very questionable methods used to maintain the crops. Sally Buckingham with L&I has been dubbed the "cannabis queen" and has a booth at CannaCon in Seattle.  

The WSPMA supports WFFFA and will continue to monitor and and act ass needed if there is anything else we can help with.

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An International Honor for WSPMA Member Edward Horvath
Americans are lucky! We live in a country, provided with reliable electricity, running indoor water and air conditioning. Access to some of the best healthcare, with no fear of the generator providing the sole electricity, failing during surgery. We rarely think of mosquito-borne disease, until summer. Even then, we have issues like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, or for those in the Southeast, Dengue has been popping up on the radar as well as Zika. For us, Malaria is a disease of the past. Most Americans are lucky to even remember when Malaria was problem in the United States. In US history, there were over one million cases of Malaria during the Civil War alone. By 1947, there were approximately 15,000 cases and by 1951, Malaria declared eradicated in the United States.

Cascade Pest Control Acquires Clean Crawls Pest Control Division
Clean Crawls, a highly successful crawlspace and attic restoration company in the greater Seattle-Puget Sound Region has chosen to focus on their core business of insulation restoration. Cascade Pest Control, of Bothell WA, with over forty years’ local extermination experience, has incorporated Clean Crawls’ routes and expanded coverage areas to include parts of the Olympic peninsula and islands of the Puget Sound. 

Cascade Pest Control/Extermination and Clean Crawls are working hand-in-hand for a smooth transition for all clients as continuing their service is necessary to maintain warranties on their attic and/or crawlspace remediation. Clients are motivated to maintain their service as the root cause of insulation damage is rodent infestation.

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