WSSRA Members—

This is to announce that I plan to retire from my position as WSSRA Executive Director on June 30, 2024. I have very much enjoyed my seven years leading this wonderful organization, but the time has come—after five decades working in an array of positions in Washington’s K-12 system—to step back. My wife Pam and I will stay in the Olympia area and continue with WSSRA advocacy work, but in a volunteer capacity.

I can say without a doubt that WSSRA is a great organization that does the right things—whether in advocacy, philanthropy or comradery. A special thanks is due to WSSRA board members, committee members, unit leaders and, especially presidents Rick Nebeker, Curt Horne, Linda Averill, Pam Francis, Bob Duke, Bruce Boyer, Brad Beal, Ron Crawford and Kay Bishop, all of whom made the job enjoyable. And kudos to staff members Debbie Burgess, Michele Hunter, Peter Diedrick and Tara Teitzel who work diligently every day to make WSSRA thrive.

As for choosing my replacement, the WSSRA Executive Board has already begun to formulate a plan. They will meet on this subject in early January, so please feel free to share your thoughts directly to your district rep or by passing your comments to unit presidents to relay to the directors.  

Finally, thanks to all of you—the 17,000 members who do the advocacy and community giving that describes WSSRA—for your support. I hope to see you at unit meetings and, especially, at the Wenatchee Convention the first week of June.

Alan Burke, Ed.D

WSSRA Executive Director