WSUU Mid-Week Connection 
May 13, 2020 


We are asked in this moment to witness the grief of the world and our own grief.  

We are asked in this moment to bring compassion to this world and to our own lives.  

We are asked in this moment to notice the beauty of the world and of our own beings.

May the grief you witness, the compassion you bring, and the joy you notice open your heart to the very life of life. May you know in the bones of your bones that you are part of an interdependent web of life and love.

As the poet Lucille Clifton wrote:

"may the tide
that is entering even now
the lip of our understanding
carry you out
beyond the face of fear.."

and, dear ones, 
may you " sail through this to that." 
 - (from  blessing the boats, 2000)

I hold you in my heart, beloveds.
In faith,
Rev. Deanna Vandiver
Bridge Minister, WSUU
Affiliated  Community Minister for Love and Liberation, CLF
May you find nourishment in these invitations to 
resilience resources and 
spiritual practices

sunset at Dungeness Spit WA by D Vandiver
Well-being Practice

Some of you have shared that you are struggling to rest and sleep well in this time.  This well-being practice may be for you.  Tara Brach leads a guided meditation called  "Relaxing by day, Sleeping at night: Finding Inner Stillness and Ease" (15:17) to help us  cultivate access to relaxed attentiveness and a pathway to ease-filled sleep.

Beautiful Chorus
A Hymn of Healing

Beautiful Chorus has released a hymn of healing called  A Love In The World  and offer this blessing to us,  along with their gifts of song:
"This collective experience is new for us all.
      We offer these songs in hopes that they can
           bring some peace, joy and ease into your days.            Please be kind and gentle with yourself,
look for the good wherever you are able,
and let's travel inward together." 
- Beautiful Chorus
Anne Lui Kellor writer
Creative Writing Practice!                         

Writing at Home with Anne Lui Kellor :
experience a very centered mini lesson and series of short writing prompts from writer  Anne Liu Kellor,  offered as gift in collaboration with the Hugo House Write At Home Series.

Creative Meditation Practice

Meditative doodling as a Unitarian Universalist spiritual practice: 
learn how you, too, can zentangle chalices (or whatever nourishes your soul) with this kind guidance by the Rev. Cynthia Landrum.

zentangle by Cynthia Landrum

If you have access to a printer and are more excited about meditating while coloring than while doodling, click here for printable doodles and coloring pages from our Unitarian Universalist Association.

Sustaining Song

written and performed by Ivy and Carmen Ficarra 
(with so much gratitude to Ivy for the many ways Ivy has supported WSUU's virtual worship services during this pandemic period).

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