WSUU Mid-Week Connection 
May 6, 2020 

We Shall be Known

I give thanks for you, beloveds. As MaMuse writes and sings, " We shall by known by the company we keep, by the ones who circle round to tend these fires."  Even as we practice social distancing and continue to shelter in place here in Washington for the month of May, the depth and breadth of our community continues to be revealed.  I witness your courage, your compassion, your struggle, and your commitment to beloved community.  " In this great turning we shall learn to lead with love.  In this great turning we shall learn to lead with love."  

Housing, food, health care - these are not privileges, but necessary for human well-being.  May we ask for what we need and organize to redistribute our collective resources to close the well-being gap revealed so starkly in this moment.   One way to engage in the call for equitable change - the Mass Poor People's Assembly & Moral March on Washington on June 20th  -  may be the largest digital and social media gathering of poor and low-wealth people, moral and religious leaders, advocates, and people of conscience in this nation's history. We truly are all in this together.

Take a moment if you can to join the Thrive East Bay Choir in singing We Shall be Known and remember - you deserve to thrive.  

I hold you in my heart, beloveds.
In faith,
Rev. Deanna Vandiver
Bridge Minister, WSUU
Affiliated  Community Minister for Love and Liberation, CLF
          May you enjoy these invitations to resilience resources and spiritual practices, beloveds!
art by Remedios Varo
Harmony by Remedios Varo

Liberatory Singing Practice

Wendi is a Black Feminist butch dyke cultural worker, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, who uses story circles and song sharing - learned from her family of movement veterans - as tools for growing inspiration and building democratic process. Through her organization, Jaliyah Consulting, she has worked in local, regional, and national organizations, but her heart's work is rooted at home, especially the kind of organizing that happens around kitchen tables and good food. She is a collaborative filmmaker, frustrated painter, freedom-song-singer and teacher-learner of liberatory culture.

Letters from the Porch is the brainchild of Drs. Anjali Niyogi and Kendra Harris, and is co-curated and produced by free feral and Jebney Lewis. Series cinematographers and editors are Marion Hill, Zuri Obi, and Zac Manuel. Holden Mauk is the sound editor. Jinks Holladay designed the logo, font, and graphics.

Well-being Practice

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT tapping - this embodied well-being practice is offered to us by Scott Farrell, Music Director for WSUU: 

"I'm so happy to offer these two videos for you. Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT tapping, is an effective tool for helping to transform emotional, physical or performance issues. In the first of the videos, EFT Basics, I"ll take you through the "basic recipe" for EFT. The second video, "Tapping During Covid19", gives you the opportunity to practice by tapping along with me on an issue that has come up for me during the current crisis, and you may find it helps you. Combined, you will have both the tools and practice to start tapping on your own! I am also offering individual coaching by zoom during this time, however, these videos, along with a little internet searching, can prepare you to do it on your own! Please contact me if you're interested in setting up an individual zoom appointment." 

Prayer and Song:

The Rev. Gretchen Haley wrote a powerful prayer and Christopher Watkins Lamb used it as inspiration for a powerful song. Here are the two put together, mixed with images along the Poudre River in Colorado.

Un servicio de compasiĆ³n por la Iglesia de la Gran Comunidad 
(A service of compassion from the Church of the Larger Fellowship) 
( 14:57).

Remember, beloveds

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