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Summer's here, so get out and enjoy the great weather!
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Western Water Ski & Adaptive Championships
July 28-31
The Saskatoon Water Ski Club and Water Ski & Wakeboard Saskatchewan are pleased to host the 2016 Western Water Ski & Adaptive Championships at the newly renovated Proline Water Sports Facility in Saskatoon.

For more information, visit:   www.wswsask.com 

To find your 2016 WSWC number:   https://www.karelo.com/member_id_search.php?BID=283 

Events Calendar

Summer in Saskatchewan is starting to heat up!  Visit our events calendar at www.wswsask.com/events for some summer fun.

Upcoming local events include:
- Traveling Clinic dates
- 2016 Western Water Ski Championships
- Man/Sask Cable Provincials (in MB)
- WakeJam 2016
- 2016 Water Ski Provincials
and much more...

Wake Park Westerns - July 22/23
Wake Park Westerns at Adrenaline Adventures in Winnipeg hosted by Water Ski Wakeboard Manitoba.
July 22 and 23, 2016
More information at:  
Below is the Karelo link for registration.

Water Ski Sask First Team

Congratulations to the following members of the 2016 Sask First Team:

1 Event Team Members
Jacob Asmundson                   Josh Asmundson                    
Brett Morris                              Hunter Hollerbaum               
Jackson Skoworodko               Kaitlyn Salzl-Borzel               
Troy Salzl-Borzel                      Michaela Gadsby                    
Matt Weninger

2 Event Team Members
Greg Edwards
Brett Walker

3 Event Team Members
Carter Lucas                            Josh Edwards
Adam Morris                             Tyler Skoworodko

Development Team
Noah Asmundson                  
Noah Skoworodko
Kennedy Topott

Wake Sask First Team Members
Congratulations to the following members of the 2016 Sask First Team

Elite Team
Mitchell Keet                  Brett Morris
Taylor Fiesel                  Taylor Johnson
Brooklyn Fiesel              Adam Benson
Sage Dayman                Conner MacNeill
The Development Team
John Davis Konkin          Tyson Buhr
Camden Fiesel                Lyndon Rysavy
Derek Barr                       Kade Vipond
Honorary Team
Ashley Leugner

Call For Officials - Water Ski Nationals

Waterski Canada is still looking for more qualified judges to make Nationals a success. These Nationals will be held at Winnipeg, MB, on  Aug 11-14, 2016 . This is a great opportunity to see and judge Canada's best skiers.

Please help us by replying to us as soon as possible so assignments can be made with enough time to plan your trip.

To get involved, email:  peter_person@telus.net 

Updated Policies
Our board has been busy this past spring, and, at the recommendation of Sask Sport, has introduced a suite of policies regarding Dispute Resolution, Conflict of Interest, and Harassment.  

Our updated policy manual can be found at  

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Information about WSWSaskcan be found at wswsask.com  
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