WTA Office COVID-19 Cancellations and Operations

1)      The remaining district meetings will be cancelled. A webinar training qualifying as the Board of Review certification will be held on April 16 th. Time, registration information, etc. will follow in coming days. As noted in a previous email, the webinar will only qualify for certification for people that were registered for Cumberland, Cable, Wabeno, Barneveld, or Wisconsin Dells. If you are from one of these regions and have yet to register, you can still do so for the original registration fee ($50). We will process all refunds after June 1. The refunds will be in the $25 - $30 range based on contract, site, etc. It is much more efficient for us to process the original fee and provide refunds than charging a lower rate up front for new registrants.  Eligible registrants who are unavailable to attend the webinar on April 16 th , will be able to view it online after April 16 th until June 1 st on the WTA website.

2)      The required WEC subgrant training that was included in the afternoon portion of the District meetings will be accomplished via webinar. A date will be announced as soon as it can be coordinated with WEC.
3)      On March 16, the Governor has banned gatherings of 50 or more people. On the same day, President Trump suggested no gathering over 10 people.  On March 17, the Governor increased this ban to no more than 10 people, including public and private gatherings. All unit meetings will be cancelled until June 1 or until the order is lifted, whichever comes earlier.

4)      The April 14 th Agriculture Community Engagement meeting has been postponed. We hope to reschedule for a future date.

5)      WTA attorneys and the Executive Director will be working 4 days per week from home and 1 day per week from the office. The office work days will alternate resulting in only an attorney or Executive Director being in the office along with any necessary support staff. At least one support staff will be in the office at all times and up to three will be available. We appreciate your patience in understanding any delayed response times.
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