We offer a simple welcoming gesture, but it is one that lasts a lifetime.
Table Talk
by Mike Sullivan, Agency Director

As you gather around your dinner tables this holiday season, think about the many tables that we delivered to refugees this year? Could you imagine a home without a kitchen table? Yes, we share meals at the kitchen table. But we also share stories. We host guests. We do our homework or household bills. We wrap gifts for the holidays and maybe even decorate cookies. Birthday parties are celebrated around kitchen tables. Some of our greatest childhood memories and laughs are around kitchen tables. And some of the greatest wisdom we carry has origins in discussions around kitchen tables. So I ask again, can you imagine your home without a kitchen table? A Boy Scout named Max could not and he made it his Eagle Scout project to share 21 Ikea tables with refugee families. Armstrong Foundation also provided tables. ASU students, Boys Team Charity, National Charity League and Brophy College Prep students built tables on our premises. Many volunteers have. So as you gather round your tables this holiday season, please remember the good work that you’ve done to share with refugees in 2019 and the long-term positive effects of helping to make a house a home.
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