Kindness in Action

This past month, WTAP had two community partnerships come through in a HUGE way to help accelerate employment opportunities for refugees.

P.F. Chang's Bistro @pfchangs donated over 50 laptops and desktops to share with refugees. As a result of their generous donation, we have shared dozens of computers in the past two weeks with refugees. For our bike program, Jacob Appel helped collect 30 bicycles for refugees on December 5th. Jacob is a senior at Desert Vista High School and a member of Boys Team Charity - Ahwatukee (BTC) @btcaahwatukee.
For his "Above and Beyond" BTC project, Jacob recruited volunteers from BTC, DVHS and the ASU Men's Gymnastics Team @asumensgym to help collect 30 bicycles. We are working to repair these bikes and share them with refugees in the next few weeks.

Are you feeling ready to make an impact like P.F. Chang's and Jacob? Ask your employer if you have old computers to donate. Ask friends and neighbors if they have old bikes to donate. What sits in your office and in your garage stands to change a life!

For more information or to make a donation please contact Melissa Mahon.
Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Arizona provides a tax credit for individuals who make contributions to a Qualifying Charitable Organizations (QCO). Individuals can give up to $800 if married and filing jointly, or up to $400 as an individual. The tax credit reduces the state taxes owed, dollar-for-dollar as a credit. 

Taxpayers should use the QCO Code 20247 for WTAP on Form 321 when filing state taxes.

To claim the Arizona Tax Credit for the year 2020, you must make your donation on the earlier of the day you file your Arizona Tax Return or by April 15, 2021.

Click here for more information on contributions to QCOs.

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We Welcome to Foster Understanding


ASU/WTAP Learn English Now Facilitators . . . Do you or someone you know want to help teach English to refugees (virtually)? All teaching will take place on-line. And you need not speak another language.

The Welcome to America Project (WTAP) and Arizona State University (ASU) are piloting an Arizona-focused partnership under ASU’s Education for Humanity initiative. Anyone 18+ can volunteer, not just ASU students and not just AZ residents. E4H works globally, in collaboration with on-the-ground partners, to improve access to education for refugees through provision of a variety of on-line programs ranging from English language training to entrepreneurship to academic coursework. WTAP and E4H will offer a blended learning model that combines digital learning tools with in-person (virtual) support through our many volunteers. The initial objective of our program is to support the current English-language learning efforts in the refugee and refugee resettlement community. Our approach is designed to be inclusive; refugees, resettlement agencies, ethnic community based organizations, faith-based entities, language-learning organizations, schools, etc. are all eligible to enroll participants as a supplement to existing programs or independent of such programs. We strongly believe that everything we can do to accelerate language skills will ultimately enhance refugee integration and success.

To learn more about the program and the role of volunteer facilitators, please email your name and phone number to We are all a part of the welcome. Let’s help refugees to talk about it. 
The Welcome to America Project
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