We offer a simple welcoming gesture, but it is one that lasts a lifetime.
Summertime at WTAP!

THANK YOU to all the volunteers who have come out to pack, sort, organize and welcome families this summer! Our warehouse is busy in the summer heat!

A few reminders for the summer:

  • Saturday furniture pick ups are sporadic in the summer. Due to heat constraints, our first priorities are welcomes/deliveries. You can drop furniture at the warehouse during our donation hours - T/W/Sa from 8 - 11 am.
  • Donation drop offs are the normal schedule: T/W/Sa from 8 - 11 am at the WTAP Warehouse.
  • Please consider making a monetary donation or donate an item for our Warehouse Wishes (below) to help us keep our services and programs going during the summer months.

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From January to June, WTAP in-service volunteers have contributed over 2890 hours of service to WTAP! Thank you!

Always remember to sign in so we can see our volunteer hours grow!
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