Being careful and socially distanced, we’ve recently welcomed newly arrived refugees from Syria, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, El Salvador and Iran. We’ve supported Clothing Closets at school districts and resettlement agencies, with Phantom Cyclist  @phantom_cyclist shared 100 bicycles in single day, collected computers at multiple high schools, taken in instruments for HeartBEATS @heartbeatsaz, found a communications partner with MyAreaVibe and spent every day exploring ways to welcome and foster refugee wellbeing during this unprecedented time. WTAP is also on an Arizona Department of Economic Security Office of Refugee Resettlement community collective to introspect current approaches to refugee integration and ascension in our community. 

Yes, we are all a part of the welcomes, thankful to be part of such a welcoming community. Think of WTAP as a conduit to your kindness. Funds, furnishing, time or talent - what role will you play?

Thank you, donors, volunteers and partners for consistently caring and acting on your kind hearts!

Mike Sullivan
Agency Director