The first snow fell in NH last night. That immediately makes me think of where I can go that is warm and sunny. Check out this week's Highlight for a warm Caribbean destination that is great for luxuriating and being active.

I made it to and back from Orlando safely. Yes it was a bit chaotic of a week and last minute changes had to be made to accommodate the weather. But in the end almost all of my colleagues and partners arrived. I loved spending time with old friends and meeting new ones.

I thought you would enjoy learning about a few new things I learned about, so I'll sprinkle in that information below and throughout future newsletters. I'll have more to share about my conference next week.

Today I am off to London. It's the start of a slightly crazy travel schedule for me. I come home Sunday and go back to London again the following Saturday. With travel to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving in between. Lots of work and lots of fun. The reason for this first trip to London is for a celebratory gala and I'll share more next week. But the reason I'm most excited to go to London is that my daughter, Jessie, is flying up from Sevilla to join me! We have a big weekend planned including Christmas shopping, an ABBA tribute concert and champagne in a capsule on the London Eye. And since I have 25 clients who will be in London throughout the holidays, I will be fitting in site visits at their hotels and a few others.

This week's Q&A is a question that is tangentially related to travel. (I get asked a wide variety of questions!). I'm sharing it here because if you have teenagers and are thinking about college, it's a great resource.

Some fun experiences I learned about last week...


It's possible to rent a car and drive the Road to Hana on your own. Or you can enjoy going with a native Hawaiian guide who takes you to his friends' and family's homes along the way. His grandma bakes you their family's banana bread recipe. He takes you to ancient temples not open to the public. He introduces you to the mayor of Hana and then you helicopter back. A much richer experience!


Fans of Bridgerton can immerse themselves in the experience through a special Bridgerton tea at the Lanesborough.


If you are considering the Galapagos in luxury, Silversea is a top choice. Their rooms are all suites and have floor to ceiling windows and verandas. They offer five activities a day, and their all-inclusive concept truly is - in addition to food and drinks they include shore excursions, gratuities and strong wifi. When I book it for you there are even more perks. And for those of you with three kids, even adult kids, they have rooms that accommodate three. But plan ahead they sell out for prime dates over a year in advance.


Explore the hidden craft workshops that have produced goods for countless generations of kings, queens, gentlemen and noblewomen. Florentine leatherworkers, silversmiths, shoemakers and milliners continue to practice their crafts building upon methods passed down through generations. The neighborhood is virtually carpeted with a maze of small, private workshops on tiny side streets, representing some of the most historic enterprises in the city. See these craftsmen at work, observing their meticulous practices and the tools of their trades. But don't plan to do it in August and most of them, like the rest of Europe, are on vacation.

Notable new hotel openings:


One & Only is opening Aeshetisis, 30 minutes from Athens and Kea Island, both in 2023.


One & Only Moonlight Basin in 2024/2025.


Oetker Collection is opening Hotel La Palma in Capri in 2023.

I leave for the airport this afternoon and I have yet to pack, so I'm off to get that done.

Enjoy your week!




  • This week's highlight - Dive & Dine in Nevis
  • Where to Next? Jameirah Al Qasr
  • Favorite Articles


Head out on a two-tank dive to explore a secret dive site to catch your very own lobster

with a divemaster.


You lasso your own lobsters!


Bring your catch of the day back to the resort for a beachside lunch in one

of the luxury beach cabanas where the chef will give you a lesson

in grilling and preparing the lobster and other catches.

You then enjoy a relaxing seaside barbecue.

If you'd like, take your turn at the grill and make a complementary glaze sauce using locally grown ingredients - mango, passion fruit or papayas. 

This can be done at the Four Seasons Nevis.

It is old world Caribbean style with so much more to do than just laying in a lounge chair

(although we suggest that too)

Enjoy a unique driving range.

With a small patch of turf on the sand, hit eco golf balls into the sea.

Within 72 hours of being submerged, the balls dissolve into fish food.

Enjoy a game of tennis on your choice of courts with three different surface types.

Learn a whole new sport - foot golf!

Kick a soccer ball instead of hitting a golf ball (the holes are made bigger) on the course.

Kayak around the turquoise waters.

Take advantage of the topography of the island and hike up

the 3,232 Nevis peak, a dormant volcano.

For those of you used to climbing higher mountains, don't be fooled.

It can be tricky and challenging and there are parts where you’ll need to

haul yourself up using pre-rigged ropes.

The views from the top are sensational.

Celebrate your accomplishment with a rum punch from a bar on Pinney’s Beach later that night. You've earned it. 

If you are looking for something a bit milder, you can take an easier hike by waterfalls.

For younger families - kids and kids at heart can learn about the local kite flying traditions,

build a kite and then take it to the skies.

Four Seasons Nevis hosts one of the most comprehensive sea turtle programs in the Caribbean.

If you visit from June 1 to October 31 there are night-time turtle walks on moonlit beaches.

You might count eggs, help measure the turtles or, if you’re lucky, see fresh hatchlings.

(our family released baby turtles when the kids were younger and they smiled the whole time!)

Also partake in...

Rum tasting

A meal at the Chef's Counter at EsQuilina

Watching a local tree climber scale the Resort’s 125-foot palm trees to harvest the coconuts

Fun facts:

Nevis is the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton,

the first hotel in the Caribbean and the first integrated church.

And, as with all Four Seasons, VIP perks when I book it for you.

📷 Four Seasons Nevis

📷 Jameirah Al Qasr

Where to Next? 


🌟 Our fortunate clients are traveling to Doha for the World Cup next week. They will first fly into Dubai to tour the city and will be staying at the stunning Jumeirah Al Qasr. 


Why is the Jumeirah Al Qasr so special?

  • Opulent and lavish Arabian palace-style hotel
  • Set amid picturesque waterways and manicured gardens
  • Features one of the region's largest swimming pools
  • Rooms are luxurious and have waterway or sea views, many include views of the nearby iconic Jumeirah Burj Al Arab


Do as much or as little as you like:

  • Spend a morning at the world-class spa and state-of-the-art fitness facilities
  • Enjoy the mile-long private golden sand beach with daybeds and water sports
  • Nearby is TopGolf Dubai - fun for the whole family (Our family loves TopGolf! We are going to one in the US over Thanksgiving)
  • Venture out to enjoy a relaxing dinner overlooking the nighttime light show at the Dubai fountain
  • Go wake surfing with the Burj Al Arab in the background


‼️ Don’t miss…  booking a desert safari in a vintage Land Rover. You will observe nature, watch the falcon show against an Arabian sunset backdrop, enjoy a traditional dinner and partake in an interactive Emirati drumming and Yola performance.

📷 Desert Safaris


Our high school daughter is curious about schools in Europe. Do you have any ideas on where we should start our research?


I have the perfect resource for you! I used to listen to the podcast Beyond the States when we were thinking of colleges for our daughter. 

You can find prior episodes here.

I think you will love it! It's full of free resources and guidance but also you can get more personalized service if that’s what you end up wanting. 


The Future of Travel: Longer, More Meaningful Trips that Uplift Local Communities, AFAR

Beyond the Beach: Exploring the Caribbean’s Backroads and Countryside, AFAR

How Much Should I Tip My Guide? We Asked Guides How Much to Give., Outside

I give clients country appropriate guidelines, as it does vary.

Would You Visit These Top Underrated Destinations In 2023?, Travel Off Path

These European Countries Are Offering Free Public Transport to Help Combat Air Pollution, Condé Nast

Want to Hold Onto Elite Status With Your Airline? It’s Going to Cost You, NYT

(If you aren't able to access an NYT, WSJ, Washington Post or Outside Magazine article, send me a note and I'll send it to you in a PDF.)


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