We the People Convention Endorses JR Majewski for Congress in Ohio 9th - Calls for Riedel to Drop Out after Damning Anti-Trump Tape Released!

For Immediate Release: Sunday, December 10, 2023

Contact: Tom Zawistowski, [email protected]

Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio based National TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, announced today his organization's endorsement of J.R. Majewski in the Republican Primary for Congress in the Ohio 9th District. Zawistowski also called for Majewski's opponent, Craig Riedel, to drop out of the race after a damning audio tape of Riedel trashing Donald Trump was released by Turning Point Action on Friday.

Zawistowski said, "The We the People Convention, and our tens of thousands of members in Ohio, proudly endorse a real Patriot and America First Champion, J.R. Majewski for Congress in the Republican Primary on March 17, 2024 in the Northwest Ohio 9th District. Over the past two years our organization has gotten to know JR Majewski very well and what we have found is a person who is driven to restore our nation to greatness. He is committed to restoring Northwest Ohio to economic prosperity. He is committed to restoring American values, like Freedom of Speech and Public Safety, by defeating the anti-American Marxist Left in our Government and our Institutions. His Loyalty to President Trump and our Make America Great Again (MAGA) Agenda is unquestionable. For these reasons and more, our organization asks ALL Republican Voters in the Ohio 9th District to volunteer for, donate to, and vote for JR Majewski for Congress."


Full Disclosure: The We the People Convention is a Donor to Turning Point USA (Click to Donate)

Zawistowski went on to say, "While we did endorse Craig Riedel in the 2022 Primary before supporting J.R. Majewski in that General Election, our organization cannot and will not support Riedel this time, particularly after his ignorant and appalling comments about how he views President Trump that just came to light on Friday. (Click Here to Hear the Audio). We call on Craig Riedel to immediately drop out of the Republican Primary and not file to run on December 20th. The goal is to replace the Biden Tool, Dem. Marcie Kaptur, and any money wasted on an already decided Republican Primary would take away resources needed for the General Election."

The We the People Convention has also Endorsed Reggie Stoltzfus for Congress in the Ohio 6th District along the Eastern side of the state in the open race to replace Bill Johnson. Additional Congressional endorsements will be made both before and after the December 20, 2023 Ohio filing Deadline. As an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation, the We the People Convention has the legal authority to endorse candidates in federal elections based on the Citizens United case was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States on January 21, 2010.


Matt Gaetz Endorses JR Majewski for Congress in the Ohio 9th!

All Ohio Patriots should be Excited about Matt Gaetz's Endorsement of JR Majewski to throw out Left Wing Biden sycophant Marcy Kaptur in the Ohio 9th Congressional District up by Toledo. Majewski is MAGA all the way and I expect that he will get President Trump's Endorsement again in 2024. He deserves your support in the Primary and in the General Election and I encourage MAGA supporters in Ohio and Across the Nation to get behind his campaign!

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