June 2017 
WTS SW Idaho 
Chapter Newsletter
Issue No. 28
WTS's Transportation YOU program allows chapters to make a difference in the lives of young girls by offering programs and activities that will spark their interest in all modes of transportation. The goal of this mentorship program is to encourage children to pursue courses in math, science, and technology, which are the stepping stones to exciting careers that can change the face of the transportation industry.   
WTS & Transportation YOU
So far this year, WTS's Southwest Idaho Chapter Transportation YOU program has participated in Boise State's Engineering & Science Festival and  the Silver Sage Girl Scouts STEM Day.

At both events, Transportation YOU of WTS SW Idaho provided a really fun transportation related activity that challenged kids to build their own highway interchanges. 

Highway sections cut from foamcore and wooden blocks were used to create an intersection with one road passing over the other. Our members gave the kids posterboard and instructed them to create whatever on- or off-ramps they thought would move traffic from one level of the interchange to the next.
We were inspired to  see what this next generation of engineers created. And it was so engaging to watch the kids embrace this activity. We helped guide them through the "road construction" process, then posed questions to challenge their critical thinking skills, helping them push their design to a higher level. 
We had many of WTS Chapter member helpers at both events. Thank you to Sarah Ringling, Karie Davidson, Dyan Bevins, Melissa Hennessy and Madison Charier who volunteered at the Girl Scouts STEM Day. Thank you to Sarah Ringling, Karie Davidson, Madison Charier, Laura Bond, Crystal Grasmick, and Kara Veit who volunteered at the BSU Engineering & Science Festival. 

In This Issue
RECAP: WTS Lunch & Learns with I-WIL and COMPASS

WTS always strives to support engaging programs by partnering with a variety of community, local and government organizations. The goal of our monthly Lunch & Learn program is to provide a forum where transportation professionals across the spectrum can learn real-world skills and stay updated on local public affairs. Below is an overview of our recent Lunch & Learns. 

The Idaho Women in Leadership (I-WIL) program was the keynote guest for our April 6th Lunch & Learn. I-WIL encourages women to get involved in leadership and run for elected positions in Idaho. Idaho's First Lady Lori Otter currently serves as the CEO for Idaho Women in Leadership (I-WIL). Ms. Otter was unable to make the presentation, but the Executive Director of I-WIL Debbie Field filled in for her very well, giving the more than 40 attendees a great presentation on the I-WIL program.

At our April 25, 2017, about 35 WTS of SW Idaho members and friends got a briefing from fellow WTS Member Liisa Itkonen, the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho's (COMPASS)  Project Manager on the status and process COMPASS is using to update the Communities In Motion, called Communities in Motion 2.0.  
Liisa Itkonen gave us an update on Communities in Motion 2.0, the long range transportation plan for Ada and Canyon counties. She also recapped the recent Idaho Legislative Session and explained how Senate Bill 1206 will impact the Communities in Motion plan.

At all our events this year, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to our "$10 for 10 years jar. Proceeds go toward WTS's scholarship fund. 
UPCOMING: Save the Date!

June 29: Boise Airport Director Rebecca Hupp will give us an update on the Boise Airport Master Plan currently being developed.  The meeting will be held in the Salmon River Room on the third floor of the Boise Airport Terminal Bldg., from noon to 1:00 p.m.

July 25: Steve Greene, Transit Consultant will present a discussion on the Utah Transit Experience and how it can apply to the Treasure Valley. Mr. Greene was the Project Manager on several Light Rail Segments in the Salt Lake City area and has also worked at Utah Transit Authority during the development of the transit system in the Wasatch Front in Utah. The location for this noon meeting is still to be determined.

Boise State e-Girls Camp on June 10th
WTS Litter Pick Up on June 17th

You'll receive email updates with more details for these events as the dates get closer. 
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WTS Sponsor Spotlight

Founded by Gilbert Horrocks in 1968, Horrocks Engineers Inc. has a long history and reputation as one of the western United States' leading full-service civil engineering firms. The company is committed to planning and designing sustainable communities. Our staff of seasoned employees work on projects of varying sizes, scopes and complexities. Horrocks Engineers has approximately 320 employees in 11 offices. Of those employees, there are a total of 82 women. Horrocks has two female executive principals and 19 women in senior level positions. Horrocks is always encouraging the advancement of more women throughout the company and is a major proponent for what WTS stands for. Currently there are two female Horrocks Engineers employees that are active in the SW Idaho WTS chapter, and both serve as a Board or Committee Chair member.
Horrrocks Engineers has worked on and continues to work on a variety of project types and complexities. Recently, Horrocks' SH-55 Gold Fork River Bridge Design-Build project in Valley County was selected to receive First Place for Category C, Structural Systems for the 2016 Engineering Excellence award. SH-55 Gold Fork River Bridge was a design-build project completed for the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). Horrocks partnered with Concrete Placing Company to design and build this 151' single span bridge, which replaced the two-span bridge over the Gold Fork River. This project was needed due to significant scour problems due to the original bridge's center pier. Design began in April of 2016 and construction was substantially complete in November of 2016.

WTS Sponsor Spotlight

T-O Engineers is a leading multi-disciplined consulting, planning and engineering firm serving clients throughout the Northwest.  T-O Engineers offers a full suite of services and expertise in aviation, transportation, land development, landscape architecture, water and wastewater systems, surveying, and environmental services.
Recently, T-O Engineers acquired Pharmer Engineering, a Boise based consulting firm specializing in water and wastewater treatment systems.  This acquisition grows T-O Engineers staff to more than 80 employees throughout five offices within Idaho and Washington.
T-O Engineers is a proud sponsor of the WTS SW Idaho Chapter and looks forward to the continuing opportunities to support our WTS Chapter. Learn more at  http://to-engineers.com/

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