August 2019
WTS SW Idaho 
Chapter Newsletter
Issue No. 37
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Final Transportation Series Event 2019

All summer long, the Southwest Idaho chapter of Women in Transportation Seminars, the Urban Land Institute of Idaho, ACHD Commuteride and the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) have been exploring the changing challenges and opportunities in store for the Treasure Valley's transportation future. What are the trends and technologies coming our way? How should we build a city for tomorrow? How do we turn vision into reality? And what will mobility look like in the future?
The series of in-depth conversations ends with a City Club of Boise forum featuring a member of each group who have attended all the discussions through their lenses as business or civic leaders. They will sort through what they have learned, what we can expect, and what both excites and maybe scares them about our valley's future. The panelists will be Dyan Bevins, ACHD Capital Projects Manager; Kâren Sander with HDR engineers; Angie Gribble with the St. Lukes system; and Nichoel Baird Spencer, City of Eagle.
When: Wednesday, Sept. 18th 11:45 am - 1:15 pm
Where: The Grove Hotel, 245 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702 Ballroom 2nd floor
$24 City Club Member price
$34 Non-member price
$5 Pre-registration Listen Only price
$10 Day-of Listen Only price
$350 per Table of ten ppl

July 30th Breakfast & Learn - 
On July 30, 2019, we were pleased to host Connie Miller, President & CEO of Icon Credit Union, for a Breakfast & Learn on leadership. Connie was honored as one of Idaho's six  CEOs of Influence in 2014 by the Idaho Business Review for her leadership, integrity, vision, commitment to excellence, diversity, and influence. Connie Miller graduated from Boise State University with a bachelor's in business administration in accountancy. She also recently published her first book: Don't Sabotage Your Career - 11 Power-Filled Steps to Succeed.
Connie talked about a topic we can all relate to if we work in an office - office drama! She gave us some great techniques to shut down the drama zone. There are three "players" that create office drama - the persecutor, the victim, and the rescuer. Believe it or not, the rescuer causes the most office drama so we need to be on the lookout for rescuer tendencies in ourselves and those we lead. Some techniques to work on shutting down the drama of a victim:
  • Get the victim to own the problem and solve it themselves
  • Offer questions instead of advice - What can YOU...?
  • If they say "I don't know" keep asking simpler questions
One last leadership nugget from Connie: Be mission focused vs. outcome focused. Mission focus will naturally produce the desired outcome.

If you have a topic suggestion or want to contribute an article for our next newsletter, please contact Cristina Brischler

Adopt-A-Highway Litter Event August 24, 2019

We had ten on our crew, and picked up 14 bags of trash, plus some other items too big to go into the bags. Thank goodness for family members helping out on Saturday. We had six WTS members and four family members helping out.
In the photo, from left to right are:
Dave Luft, Amy's husband,
Donn Carnahan, Keller Associates
Larry Tisdale, Toni's husband
Toni Tisdale, COMPASS
Liisa Itkonen, COMPASS
Liisa's daughter Miia
Not pictured are Regina Cunningham, ACHD, and her husband Avery, and Dave Butzier, AECOM.

Our next pick-up will be in October, date to be determined. Hopefully we will get a little better participation with the cooler temperatures.

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Upcoming WTS SW Idaho Chapter Events

September 18 Let's Talk Transportation Forum (registration link provided above)

Reception with ACHD Commissioners

Bob Thompson, ITD will discuss Value Capture Funding for Transportation FHWA and ITD. The presentation will cover how to capture the increased value of property to fund transportation. 

The last Adopt-A-Highway Litter Event for 2019!

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