February 2019
WTS SW Idaho 
Chapter Newsletter
Issue No. 34
In This Issue
WTS SW Idaho Chapter issued a total of three scholarships in late 2018. 

S haron D. Banks Memorial Scholarship - 
Mariah Owsley

Leadership Legacy Scholarship - 

Fatma Madkour

Molitoris Leadership Scholarship/Precision Engineering Scholarship - 

Caitlin Williams 

Congratulations to these three young women!
Upcoming March Meet & Greet
Please join Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Bert Brackett and House Transportation Committee Chairman Joe Palmer and members of the their Senate and House Transportation Committees for a Meet and Greet Reception on March 12 th at Lucky Fins Downtown on the Grove. This year we have invited the entire Legislature to join us for this Reception, so there will be other members of the Legislature there as well.
This WTS Meet and Greet Reception is a great opportunity for WTS members and guests to get to know the Legislative Members important to the transportation future of Idaho.
Lucky Fins Downtown
5:00 to 7:00pm
801 W. Main Street, Unit 107
Register for this event here
Check out the pictures from the WTS SW Idaho Chapter 2018 Awards Gala held on Thursday, February 21st, 2019, using this link.

Honorary Member Spotlight - Cynthia Gibson

Cynthia Gibson
, Executive Director, 
Idaho Walk Bike Alliance
"Cynthia has lived in Boise for the last twenty-plus years after leaving the east coast congestion behind. She has loved every single moment in Idaho and now considers this vast state her home.
Cynthia is passionate about being outdoors, whether she is travelling to work or recreating in Idaho's wilderness. Working for Idaho Walk Bike Alliance allows her to share her love to move more and drive less, which she relishes every day. Now that she has landed her dream job, she enjoys connecting with all the amazing advocates throughout the state to make their communities safer, healthier, and more liveable.
Prior to this position, she worked in media sales in Boise. She liked that job too, but it required daily driving. When she isn't working, you can find Cynthia in the foothills with her dogs, Maggie and Olive."

(Bio information for Cynthia is from Idaho Walk Bike Alliance's website)
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Adopt-A-Highway Litter Events for 2019

Our Adopt-A-Highway litter events will occur in April, June, August, and October this year. Watch for an email later this month for the April date and registration details.  

Sponsor Feature - Kittelson & Associates

Upcoming WTS SW Idaho Chapter Events

March 12th - Meet & Greet with House and Senate Transportation Committee
April TBD - Autonomous Vehicles - Jeff Marker and panel
April TBD - Boise Bicycle Project - Jimmy Halliburton
April TBD - Adopt-A-Highway Litter Pickup
May TBD - Emergency Management  System  

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