May 2018
WTS SW Idaho 
Chapter Newsletter
Issue No. 32
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Record Turnout for Adopt-a-Highway Litter Pick-up!

Thank you all for coming out to help with the WTS Adopt-a-Highway Litter Pick-up Saturday morning, April 28th! We had a record number of helpers (at least for as long as I've been helping with it).  15 people! So thank you.
Thanks also to the additional help from Amy's husband Dave, Liisa's husband Mike, Dyan's husband Dustin and Paul's daughter. 
There was a lot of litter to pick up, since it was the first time for this year.  We collected 20 bags of litter, plus several piles of other trash too big for the bags.  Well done everyone, and even with that much trash, we were done in less than 2 hours. Proves the ole saying, Many hands make the work go faster! 
So thank you again, everyone!
Next Litter Pick-up will be June 9 th
We might start at 8:30am that day, depending on the weather.

Thank you to Amy Luft for this photo. Starting from Left to right:
Christy Brooks, ITD
Crystal Grasmick, ITD
Amy Luft and her husband Dave, COMPASS
Liisa Itkonen's husband Mike
Liisa Itkonen, COMPASS
Mac McOmber, AECOM
Participants not pictured are:
Dyan Bevins and her husband Dustin, ACHD
Megan McNeese, WHPacific
Meagan Duneman, Terracon
Regina Cunningham, ACHD
Paul Wasser and his daughter Grace, Strata
Dave Butzier, AECOM

April Lunch & Learn

On April 24th, the WTS SW Idaho chapter hosted a Lunch & Learn with Susan Buxton,
a well-known local attorney who currently serves as the Administrator of the Idaho Division of Human Resources, an Executive Office of the Governor.

The Lunch and Learn was held in the Idaho State Capital Building. Ms. Buxton presented on the topic of Respectful Workplaces.  

Thirty-five WTS members and non-members attended this event. We hope to hear from Ms. Buxton again in the future.
If you have a topic suggestion or want to contribute an article for our next newsletter, please contact Cristina Brischler
On April 2, 2018, the Valley Regional Transit Board approved the final version of the ValleyConnect 2.0 plan. The weblink to the final plan is:

March Lunch & Learn

Twenty-nine people attended the WTS March 22nd Lunch and Learn to welcome the new Dean of Engineering at BSU, JoAnn Lighty.  She joined BSU in July 2017 and talked about current programs and plans for the College of Engineering.

For more on Corporate & Event Partnerships contact Donn Carnahan