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Happy New Year!

Have you thought about your priorities for this year? Do you know what's essential to you and to the life you want to live? Sometimes we're clear on what we want, we just get lost in all of the demands for our time.

Here's a perspective on that, that I've been thinking about this month, "It's not being unhelpful to the world for you to say no to something that's less important, it's not being unhelpful or selfish. Your obligation is to the highest contribution you can make." That's Essentialism Author Greg McKeown and that's what we're talking about this month - focusing on what's essential and making the highest contribution you can make....
What's Essential in 2019?
Essentialism is my 'word' for this year:

Essentialism is the discipline of determining what's essential. And then eliminating the non-essential so that you can "go big" on the area(s) that matter most to you.

Essentialism: The Discipline of Doing Less But Better by Greg McKeown inspired me to sit with a notepad to evaluate my 2018 calendar of activities. For each chunk of time, each month, I asked these questions, "Was this the most important thing I should have been be doing with my time and resources? What else could I have done with that time or money, if I didn't do this, again in 2019?" That exercise took less than an hour, and wow, what great insight it revealed! 

While I had a really good year, and there's SO MUCH that I love about how I spent my time in 2018, I realize now that I can do better, going forward. The author describes this as the Success Paradox, "When we have increased options and opportunities, which is actually code for demands upon our time and energies, it leads to diffused efforts. We get spread thinner and thinner. We become distracted from what would otherwise be our highest level of contribution. The effect of our success has been to undermine the very clarity that led to our success in the first place."

For example: I took a few projects that were not the best use of my time or expertise. I gave time to programs that served other's goals more than mine and my business. I allowed unproductive conversations take more time than I should have, it was a distraction.

In 2019 I will :
  1. CLARIFY AND STAY TRUE TO MY PRIORITIES: If I want to be the difference in the world I intend to be, I must be crystal clear around my priorities and I must put them first. With clearer priorities it'll be easier to say no to good, but non-essentional actions and requests. I won't major in minor activities. I will ask every day, "Is this the best use of my time right now?"
  2. PROTECT THE ASSET: I am 'the asset' that's 'driving around' to make a difference in the world. If I am less than 100% - mentally, emotionally and physically - my outcomes will be less than optimal. Self care and well-being will continue to stay a top priority. I choose prioritize my health and well-being every day.
  3. MANAGE THE OVERUSE OF MY STRENGTHS: Most of the time my top strengths serve me: I never meet a stranger; I'm willing to take risks; I think anything is possible; I love to help; I love to share knowledge; I'm very flexible; I like to please others. But, under stress I don't manage them as well, and I can over commit to things. My strengths then create 'pot holes' - and a bumpy ride! I will not let my strengths become time wasters and be the cause for over committing or 'forgetting' what's essential.

How about you? Have you evaluated how you spent you time last year, and was it spent on the most important things? Are there any adjustments you'd like to make for 2019? Are your priorities crystal clear? Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you continually managing the overuse of your strengths?

REFLECT: Take an hour to review your 2018 calendar and activities. Ask yourself these questions for all activities: "Was this the most important thing I should have been be doing with my time and resources? What else can I do with that time or money, if I don't do it again in 2019?"

READ: Essentialism: The Discipline of Doing Less But Better and/or listen this awesome interview with the author on the Tim Ferriss Podcast.

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An Inspiring Song - My Life by Pam Rose
In this VIDEO singer songwriter Pam Rose performs her song, My Life, with guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel.

The lyrics are powerful and are shared with the video. Here's the start of the song: "I want to know If I walk down a certain road, it was my choice And I want to know If I had something to say, I raised my voice I don't wanna wake up a little too late And say I could've done this or I should've done that When I close my eyes at night I wanna know I'm doing the best I can...."

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