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Vol. #08, Issue#91
July 2016

This month's Newsletter is focused on making sure you know how to Focus on Fit when interviewing so that you ALWAYS hire superior performers.

This month I want to share with you how one of my awesome clients, TPI Hospitality, has been using the TriMetrix Assessment as part of their process for finding fit in promotion and hiring decisions, and when coaching leaders and teams. (You can also access this info by reviewing this PDF or on my website.)

Also in this newsletter, don't miss: four Podcasts on this topic and a Just for Fun video for a good laugh!

You can also access this information by reviewing this PDF or on my website .

  • "Complacency can set in," TPI Hospitality** COO Mitch Peterson said about TriMetrix. "More and more, it's helped shape a lot of our philosophies and how we view human capital."  (**TPI Hospitality has 40 properties, seven in development and 2,000 employees. They are the largest employee-owned hospitality company in America.)
  • More from COO Mitch about TriMetrix and our work, "It's become part of our DNA.  We're slowly starting to see an org shift toward a really clear cut understanding of leadership and personal responsibility of each person's development and growth."
You can also access this information by reviewing this PDF or on my website

Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast Episodes:
LISTEN TO FOUR Wake Up Eager Workforce podcasts all designed to help you Focus on Fit and put the right people in the right seats!

PODCAST PRODUCTION UPDATE: I'm working on three new podcasts and plan to have them available soon. One is about the concept in leadership coaching of high support/high challenge, another on how to build your Practical Thinking scores and another on of five book summaries of books I think every leader should have on his/her shelf and in their heart.

See the Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast Directory, here.
Episode #3 The Three Biggest Interview Mistakes Podcast - And How to Avoid Them... In this Episode I cover:
  How to Avoid the Top Three Biggest Interview Mistakes; How to Look for Two Superior Performance Skills;
    Interview Questions You Should Use;  One Thing You Can Begin Doing Right Away!
  Listen and Read the Show Notes, Now!
 Episode #18  Demystifying and Understanding TriMetrix: What, Why and How to Use it for Hiring and Coaching
In this Episode I cover:
What TriMetrix Is and How to Use It; All About the Rich History of TriMetrix and the Science of Axiology; How to Read and Understand the Dimensional Balance Page.
 Listen and Read the Show Notes, Now!

   Episode #15  Top Trends in Employee Selection and Retention with Talent Connections Founder Tom Darrow. Find out about: The top two trends Tom shares on how corporations manage talent acquisition; Actions leaders should be taking right now; Top trends in employee retention and what actions you can implement immediately;
  Listen and Read the Show Notes, Now! 
 Episode #12  Getting Your Interview Team Ready in Five Steps
In this Episode I cover:
Five Reasons Why Having an Interview Team is Better Than It Going Alone; Free Top Thirteen Hiring Manager/Interview Mistakes Quiz
Selection Criteria for Picking Interviewers; Get Your Interview Team Ready in Five Steps.
Listen and Read the Show Notes, Now!

justforfunThis Month - A Just for Fun Video
Who Hired This Guy? This month's topic is focused on finding the right fit when promoting and hiring.  

Be sure to use all of my tips and the process I outline in my book, How To Hire Superior Performers, so that you NEVER hire someone like this dentist. 

I've seen this video at least twenty times and it cracks me up, every time! What he does just gets goofier and funnier. Enjoy, as this IS 'Just for Fun'!
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