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Vol. #07, Issue#84
November, 2015

In elementary school I spent many nights at my friend Tammy's house, and through 'the magic' of Facebook Tammy and I reconnected recently. She shared, "My Dad use to say - I sure do like Suzie, but man that little girl can talk!" When I see this Volvo commercial I imagine little Suzie at that age and it makes me laugh:

Little Suzie
Little Suzie

As a kid that was just me being me. Over time several experiences helped me understand how my verbal strengths can become a blind spot.  (A blind spot is something everyone else can see, but you miss it. It's something that could get in your way or 'cause a wreck.') 

I remember the first time I realized that talking so much was a problem. I was 16 and 'going with' John. We met at Red Wing Roller Rink in Columbia, S.C.  I thought he was so cool! Our 'dates' included couple skating and McDonald's. 

One day as we were walking out the front door of the skating rink down the steps toward the parking lot, I was as you can probably guess, talking! John turned to me and sarcastically quipped, "You sure do complain a lot."

His snarky comment silenced my chatter. I was embarrassed. And kind of mad! I realized two things in that moment: one - he was jerk, and two, he was right. I was talking about everything, especially anything in the moment that bothered me.  I WAS complaining too much. We stopped going together, but his snarky comment stayed with me. And from that day forward there was a shift and awareness that continues 30+ years later.   

At about that same time, Mr. Smith, the teacher in charge of Student Council at my High School shared in one of his many motivational talks, "Complaining is not conversation!"  He handed out affirmation cards with inspiring quotes and reminders. The card that helped me the most was "Count Your Blessings." I carried  that card in my wallet and placed it on my desks in college dorm rooms and in my first professional job, as a reminder to look for the good.

Other things that have helped me learn to talk and complain less, and listen and look for the good more, include: journaling (because I talk to think, writing helps me think!), teaching listening skills and using my listening aggressively formula, learning about ALL of my strengths and blind spots by using the Talent Assessments that I use with clients - on myself, taking Tune In Time (15 minutes) every day to focus my energy and line up my day, and learning the power of appreciation through Gallup research, as shared in this simple book: How Full Is Your Bucket.

This holiday season (and every day, really) is the perfect time to count your blessings. Here is a simple exercise that orients my focus and therefore my conversations, and it's something I do every day: At night before going to sleep I count my blessings. I make a mental list of what went well and of everything and everyone I appreciate. It's the perfect way to end the day, and I find that the more I appreciate, the more there is to appreciate.  This season don't let Thanksgiving just be a day off and lots of turkey, count your blessings.

And from me:
  • John, from Red Wing Roller Rink, maybe you were a little bit of a jerk back then, but man do I give thanks for your influence! (I've used it for good.)
  • To my clients and colleagues - what a blessing it is every day to have the honor of working for and with you. Your presence in my life, and in this work, truly makes my life happy and full.  Thank you for being you.
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This Month's Video...  Inspiring!
This month's focus/topic area is about how I am continually learning how to complain less and appreciate more.  An appropriate topic at this time of year - a time of giving thanks.

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