Priceless Professional Development:
Volume 6, Issue 73                                             December 2014
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When you're in the "Wake Up Eager Zone" you're confident, interested, ready, energized and committed. You take pride in your work and in the company. Your performance is consistent and reliable.  

It just feels good to be "in the zone" and, as a leader, you want the people on your team to be "in the zone" too.   But what do you do when you have a person on your team who's obviously not there?  What would you do if Jim were on your team? 


Jim's Fallen Out of the Wake Up Eager Zone...
Jim's Story: Jim's been with the company for a long time. He's a good guy and he's worked for you for the past four years.  While he's never been one of your top performers, he has in the past demonstrated energy and commitment on the job. He use to do quality work, but lately his performance has slipped. A LOT.

He's missed deadlines and he's making mistakes. In meetings he seems distracted. And, to top it off, today an internal customer complained to you about his work.  You know you need to talk to Jim, and that you need to take action.  


But what do you do first?  How can you make sure that you're honest and direct, without being too easy or too harsh?  Exactly what do you say that will give him the best shot at improving? How do you make sure that you're handling the situation correctly in case more serious discipline actions are needed?

Is it possible to manage Jim back into the Wake Up Eager Zone? It might be. Here are three specific actions you need to take if you have "a Jim" on your team...  Continue Reading.     



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- HOW I TURNED MY CRANKY CHRISTMAS MOOD AROUND...  One year I had a really bad holiday season. If you're struggling with your Christmas 'mood' - or you know someone else who is, here's lots of tips from me and WUE readers. This article is a long time Holiday favorite.  Get That Happy Mood Back
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Suzie Price as a Holiday Elf
This month's article is about giving yourself and "Jim" the best gift ever - honest and transparent conversations around performance expectations.  This is a GIFT because it gives "Jim" a chance to improve (or he might get fired) AND because you're doing your duty as a leader in an honorable way.

Now that you've done all that good work - it's time for a little Holiday Cheer and dancing. Let's get this Holiday Party started!

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